Beauty Kitchen: salmon for a nutritional facelift

Does this picture make you hungry? Well, it did for me and that’s because this is really yummy! I mentioned before that I’m not a fan of cooked salmon but I’m loving this one though because the combination of baked salmon on cooked pasta is just nice. While I did write that eating salmon twice a day can keep wrinkles at bay according Dr Perricone’s anti-inflammatory diet, but I only eat this at most twice a week.

Great skin food
Salmon is good for the omega-3 fatty acids, which play a major role in skin care. The essential fats, namely DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) play a key role in skin care. This includes:
– protecting the skin from sun exposure.
– providing anti-inflammatory properties.
– acting as an antioxidant to combat free radicals.
– inhibiting the production of androgens–hormones that results in oily skin.

Wild salmon is preferred
Do note that Dr Perricone’s diet recommends wild salmon. If you are eating farm salmon, then it’s best not to eat them that often. Personally, I would still recommend going for a supplement in place of eating salmon regularly because it’s a bit hard to track the source even if the fish comes with a label. And anyway, Dr Perricone’s diet requires white foods like rice, bread, and pasta to be cut out so if you’re really going for his 3-day diet, this recipe won’t work for you. But you can still bake the salmon in the same style that I do here and serve with some vegetables and fruits. Personally, I just need the variety.

But if you like what you see here, here’s what you need:
– fresh salmon
– pasta (serving for two)
– chopped garlic
– cut capsicums
– worcestershire sauce
– garlic salt
– Italian herbs

How to prepare
The fresh salmon is marinated with herbs and garlic salt before it goes into the freezer. So each time, I just thaw the salmon to bake. While the salmon is being baked, I boil the pasta with some salt in a pot. Next, I’ll fry the chopped garlic, cut capsicums, and sometimes, ham. When the pasta is ready, I’ll stir fry them with the fried ingredients, add 2 tbs of worcestershire sauce, a sprinkle of garlic salt & Italian herbs for a short time on low heat. It’s a simple meal, but it’ll take about an hour all in all, including preparation time.

The salmon is a good skin food but I cook this because my son loves it. Me, I love to chew on the crispy skin of the baked salmon!


  1. xin says:

    i love salmon! esp the skin after its fried ? ? in fact i think fish is generally a great food for skin for its omega and protein.

  2. sesame says:

    I like it baked or grilled but that’s about it. I’m not really a fan of the raw ones. But you’re right, fish is generally a good skin food.

  3. Audris says:

    Yummy, looks really good. I like mine panfried in its own oil – crispy skin is the best!

  4. sesame says:

    I’ve not tried panfriends…always cooked them in the oven…save washing the frying pan and cleaning the stove. ?

  5. Swati says:

    i feel like eating it even though I am a eggeatarian only!!! its looking so delicious ?

  6. sesame says:

    It is delicious. ?

  7. Karin Yong says:

    My son loves salmon too. Normally, I put some black pepper, teriyaki sauce and spring onion, wrapped it in aluminium foil and toast it. Super nice and easy.

  8. aibicon says:

    This dish looks nice! I would like to try it myself one day#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk I prefer fried pasta with lotsa of garlic#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

  9. sesame says:

    Oh teriyaki! Have tried that too but did not try your method…just attempt it one day. Thanks for sharing! ?

  10. sesame says:

    Yes, lotsa garlic! I love stuff fried with garlic but just learned from a colleague that eating too much of it would cause body odor.

  11. Germaine says:

    I’ve never heard that eating lots of garlic would cause body odor.. but it would cause bad breathe i suppose..

  12. sesame says:

    I sort of heard about it vaguely but my colleague sounded very sure. I need to go check it up because I do have an odor issue although it might not be due to eating garlic. ?

  13. Soos says:

    Is that a boiled egg on top of the pasta? I give my husband the skin!

  14. Swati says:

    actually its true that eating lots of garlic and onions causes body odor…it is from ayurvedic point of view too!!!

  15. sesame says:

    Oh it’s true? It’s Ayuverdic…no wonder! Cos my colleague is an Indian and she must know these things quite well.

  16. sesame says:

    Yes, it is half a hard boiled egg. You mean you give your husband the skin of the fish? My hubby gives me his…haha.

  17. Miss Vinny says:

    Ooh I love salmon and fish in general. When well prepared, it can taste really nice. My family tends to steam our fish with slices of ginger and chilli to kill the smell plus some sesame oil, water and rice wine for gravy. Takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

    On another note: does anyone know good silicone-free creams for hand and body, with ingredients that can help to regenerate super-thin skin? I’m tired of seeing the doctors and getting prescribed dermatological stuff which gives only mediocre results. I might have asked this question before but I probably forgot, sorry. ?

  18. Caitie says:

    Looks delicious! I can’t imagine many people would eat salmon twice a day for long enough to impact wrinkles though! And I tend to think a more varied diet is healthier than eating the same thing every day anyways:) Like you said, I’d rather take a supplement…I did notice my skin looking healthier when I started taking omegas ?

  19. Miss Vinny says:

    Also, you can always substitute refined pasta with unrefined whole-grain pasta. I think they sell them in Shop and Save and possibly, NTUC or Cold Storage as well.

  20. Miss Vinny says:

    Forgot to mention it’s for my hands and the body as well. Must be good for dry, normal and oily skin ‘cos my skin condition tends to fluctuate a lot and I’m very forgetful at remembering what type of cream to use.

  21. Destiny says:

    I first saw the Perricone face lift diet demonstrated on a morning tv show almost 20 years ago I think! I was amazed at the difference the diet made in three days…the dieter had a lifted, glowing face! This is a short term diet when you are attending a special event and want a big difference. Yes, you eat a lot of salmon, berries and green tea for three days! My favorite Perricone salmon treatment is coriander crusted salmon. Roll salmon filet in ground coriander, fry for just a minute or two, then finish in the oven.

  22. sesame says:

    Wow 20 years ago and you can remember so clearly then it must have made an impression! It’s very interesting how diet can make a difference to our skin but eating mostly salmon for 3 days just sound too much for me. I guess it would be easier say if I live alone and don’t have to cook for others too.

  23. sesame says:

    I have never tried steam salmon…sounds a little strange to me. I steam other types of fish though.

    As for hand and body cream, I know Pai is good but it’s not available here. You gotta order from UK. One brand available here is Natralia Nourish Naturals which I reviewed before I recall the ingredients of the body oil looks quite good. You can always use a body oil and top with a cream if you’re concerned that it’ll be too oily.

  24. Jyoan says:

    I am reading The Perricone Prescription right now! And I wanted to ask if you’ve ever tried to do the 3-day diet or the 28-days one. Have you?

    Personally, I did not stick fully to the plan, but am using it as a guideline, like eating salmons at least 3 times a week, taking good proteins at every food intake, including snacks.

    I have been doing it for about 3 weeks now, and I must say, my skin is amazing! Laughlines fading, very clear skin etc.

    Sometimes, I am not sure if it is the new products I am using, new face massage method, the Perricone prescription, or a big combination of all these.

    But yes, I absolutely swear by good diet to keep skin healthy.

  25. Jyoan says:

    How true! I seem to be at the correct point in life, living away from parents, only needing to take care of my own food… …

    Thankfully, I love salmon, and I don’t mind having it everyday, or more frequently. Mackerel is a great substitute.

  26. sesame says:

    No, never tried that. The improvement should be a combination of factors but I believe diet plays a major role. Say about 60%? And the rest is what you use externally.

  27. sesame says:

    We were eating Mackerel for awhile…maybe time to go back to eating it cos there are lesser issues of wild vs farm. Cod fish is also good…but very ex.

  28. Miss Vinny says:

    Ah well, for steaming salmon, it’s healthier than frying but picking the blend of herbs or spices, etc. is up to personal choice to suit one’s taste. However, when steamed, it still tastes very yummy, provided you kill the fishy taste.

    Thanks for the rec! ? I hope it’ll help to regenerate a bit of skin.

  29. sesame says:

    Actually if you’re adventurous, then I would recommend you make your own. Get some active ingredients that can help regenerate skin and mix to your own products or a base cream. Maybe check out Skin Pharmacy at Nex, Parkway Parade or City Square Mall.

  30. Pollya says:

    I’ve known about the health and beauty benefits of salmon for a while, but salmon is expensive, so it’s not that easy to have it regularly, especially if you’re feeding a whole family and not eating alone, like you said.
    It’s a good point you made about wild vs farm salmon, I never realised we need to distinguish the two. But if you buy the salmon from the chilled section of a supermarket let’s say, it usually doesn’t state whether it’s wild or farm, right? But now with all the GM foods and what not, I guess it’s always better to choose “non-farmed” or free-range stuff, but then again, these are usually more expensive, sigh…

  31. Miss Vinny says:

    Wow, so this means I can add things like Ginseng extract to a cream?! Interesting leh. I might buy some cheap American ginseng powder from a medical shop and add into a small batch of body cream, as a test. Then I’ll slowly add other things as well, though… hmmm… guess I gotta do some reading up on how to hold the products together.

    And perhaps I should also look up on how much of each ingredient I need to add and what else I’ve to add in conjunction, to make it effective. Allantoin, ceramides, here I come! Also, to find out where to buy them… lol. I know milagro trading and GOW but hmmm…

  32. sesame says:

    It doesn’t. It just states Atlantic salmon at most and hence, we can’t be sure. Initially, I assumed Atlantic means wild but I’ve since changed my mind. Then there’s another type that doesn’t even say anything but just salmon!

  33. sesame says:

    Try but I haven’t ordered from them though planning to. You can mix, but just do patch test. Also need some understanding if the ingredient you mix has any reactions with some others. Eg. Retinol cannot be mixed with acids such as vitamin C or glycolic acid.

  34. Ct says:

    I’m hungry after reading this post. I love salmon too but it’s difficult finding the dish in our hawker centre

  35. sesame says:

    No, don’t see this often in hawker centre but probably some foodcourt?

  36. John says:

    wild Salmon is always a good option for diet and the taste it produces is awesome. Nice dish and great post. Thanks.

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