Green Beauty: loving Marie Veronique Organics

Here is our final sponsor for the VivaBella Green Beauty Box Giveaway – Marie Veronique Organics and as most of you know, my favorite brand! I’ve been using Marie Veronique Organic Products since 2008 and have no plans to stop using them. While I may test new products from time to time, some of their products are still staples in my daily skin care routine.

Intelligent ingredients that are effective & safe
Many of you are pretty well acquainted with this brand but for the benefit of those who are new, here’s a quick introduction. What got me interested in the products from Marie Veronique Organics is that they do not contain any harmful chemicals, waxes, alcohol (not even plant alcohol), synthetic fragrances, and nut oils. Instead of water, their products use green and/or white tea as their base and if you read their labels, the ingredients used in their products are full of skin benefiting goodness. We’re not just talking about simple botanical ingredients but what the company terms as “intelligent ingredients” that are nourishing, safe and effective. I like many of their products but I’ll just name two of my fave favorites – the Anti-Aging Oil Plus and the Moisturizing Face Screen, SPF30. Actually I’m loving their Everyday Sheer Coverage a lot too!

Tell me something about MVO
So Marie Veronique Organics has provided five bottles of their Anti-Aging Body Oil to the VivaBella Green Beauty Box. I have tested this oil and gave it a pretty good rating; this is great for those who are into hydrated and well nourished skin. If you want to win these along with the other goodies that I’ve featured, then just tell me something about Marie Veronique Organics – a product you have tried or like or a product you would love to get your hands on. And while you’re at it, do “Like” their Facebook page and sign up their newsletter because that would give you access to their frequent promotions.

Giveaway closing
I’ll be publishing the finale post to the VivaBella Green Beauty Box Giveaway this Thursday. So this is almost your last chance to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already done so. Remember, the more you participate, the higher your chances! I’m targeting to announce the 5 winners who will win these $3000 of green goodies before Christmas!

Visit Viva Woman Green Beauty to participate.


  1. Tammi Cherise Tan says:

    I’m in my early 20s but I think it’s about time I started to at least look around for some good anti-aging products to consider adding to my modest skin care collection (I know I’m not going to have this skin forever if I don’t take care of it!).

    Marie Veronique’s Anti-Aging Kit looks quite promising, and I love how the steps are properly numbered out because sometimes I simply do not know what to start and finish off with when I’m going through my skin care routine!

    Another product I’d like to try is their Eye Serum. My job requires me to stare at a computer screen almost the entire day, and this hasn’t really done much good for my eyes. The Eye Serum looks like just the thing to refresh the skin around my peepers!

    Super can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed! ;D

  2. Corinna says:

    Sesame, I got to know about Marie Veronique Organics throught your blog, and I bought the anti-aging kit when there was a promo giving away the Vitamin C supplement if I bought a serum.
    Well, I didn’t use the Vit C and serum. I actually kept it in a corner in my cupboard, until last month, I had a sudden breakout! My friend expressed shock when he saw me face and I felt really upset.
    I mean, I’m not young and I shouldn’t be getting all this pimples. Then I saw that Marie Veronique Organics came out with a treatment kit, which I bought immediately.
    Then I searched your blog again to read your review on the Vit C. Needless to say, I started using it. Just 1 day, I saw that my pimple scar lighten! Ok, I thought I might be wrong so I got my friend, THE friend who commented on my face condition and he also saw a difference. I’ve been using the supplement regularly and a few weeks back he saw me again, he said my whole face has brighten up, skin tone also even. And guess what! He asked me to get the anti-aging Vit C supplement for him! HAHAHA!
    There was recent Cyber Monday 25% discount from MVO and I bought 2 anti-wrinkle duets, (1 is a gift) and my friend bought the Anti-Wrinkle Vit C and an eye serum.
    I got to know about the Cyber Monday deal as I’d already liked MVO in FB and I also shared my testimony there.
    Now I get to say thank you to you for blogging about it. My face is so much clearer now, of cos, I still get the occasional break outs, but with the Vit C supplement, sometimes, the beginnings of a pimple subsides, and the rest of the face and neck just gets better. Thank you, Sesame!

    I’ve also shared this givaway on facebook under the same name.

  3. fwy says:

    I would like to try out Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen
    I’m staying in Singapore where it’s summer all year round. The sun here is so harsh that if you are a Singaporean like me you would have developed some pigmentations by now. I actually noticed some red rashes appears on my T-zone this morning just walking to the MRT station to board the train!! I had tried numerous sunscreen and moisturiser and foundation that contains SPF but ended up with rashes or flaking on my skin. With your good feedbacks & reviews on their sunscreen, I can only place my hope with MVO products.

    I had liked their FB page & retweet your tweet for this giveaway.

  4. claire says:

    the best for the last? Haha ? couldn’t stop smiling upon seeing this post! you always rave about this brand and I can see why! the ingredient list of their products are really very simple and beneficial to our skin!

    I’m eyeing the treatment cleanser for days I have breakouts. The good thing about it is that kills bacteria, removes dead skin cells, calms the skin and yet retains moisture! It’s very important for me to hydrate my skin as I have combination skin that edges on the verge of dry/sensitive skin. and I would definitely like to try your favourites; moisturising face screen and everyday sheer coverage. I’m yet to find a sunscreen that does not irritate my skin. and when I’m done battling my random breakouts, I would love to try their skin lightening serum! I haven’t started on whitening serums since I started on all natural skincare. It helps to brighten, lighten and even skin tone with the usage of mulberry, licorice, elderberry and uva ursi extracts. And it also contains other powerful ingredients such as centrophenoxine, glucosamine and DMAE for cosmeceutical strength lightening. Sounds really quite amazing!

    so excited for the finale! I’ve shared your link on fb and liked their fb page ?

  5. Lucia says:

    This brand is truly your favorite. I’ve read your many posts on MVO products and a lot of them were featured in your daily skin care routine. The Anti Aging Oil Plus is one product i’ve been wanting so bad to try since I read about it here. I also would like to try the Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin C Supplement which is specifically for aging and damaged skin. At 33, I can tell my skin is not at its best. I have an uneven skin tone, fine lines, hyperpigmentation. (I’m actually torn between the Anit-Wrinkle Vitamin C and the Skin Lightening Vitamin C Supplement which i think would also be great for my acne scars and sun spots.) I’d like to try this with the Anti-Wrinkle Serum which increases the effectiveness of the supplements. And since my skin has been breaking out pretty bad lately, I would also want to give Marie Veronique’s Acne Relief kit a try.
    It would be nice to use products that you know are truly safe and will never contain potentially harmful ingredients. ?

  6. BT says:

    I was eying Marie-Veronique Organics for some time because of your rave of their products especially their sunscreens. However I personally don’t fond of tinted sunscreen so I’m more interested in their kid sunscreen. (“b)

    I like their products ingredient list is simple but well covered the essential benefits for skin, and they also keep up the news and research in beauty industry. In my experience, being natural isn’t enough to improve skin, it must incorporate with research, science and modern technology so that the skin is more likely to absorb the nutrient and truly benefit from junk free natural organic skin care. For eg, when my thin skin was ultra dehydrated and dry in dry season, heavy simple oil like single Olive, EPO or coconut oil failed to moisturize my skin more than few hours while a well-formulated face oil (blend with vary plant oils) can do much more with less amount. This was one of my main reason why I quite addicted to face oil and today I was still loving face oil because they simply worked amazing! I’m also interested in couple number of MVO products, namely Anti-aging oil, Redness remedy and Anti-wrinkle serum, their Anti-aging body oil must be smelling great due to rose and neroli scents. ?

  7. nami says:

    hi sesame… I think I heard about it first on your blog – no surprise there :).you have raved about MV skincare here on several occasions.I loved to see how gentle these products are, how pure therefore extremely gentle for skin.The natural products made an actual change to my skin and using them is like a ritual, which I look forward to every single day.since I explored the website, they stock such fantastic ranges are also multi-functional,. they’re packed with highly nourishing, specialized, yet safe ingredients .they understand customer’s perspective by creating this special page on their website just for conscious consumers such as myself: Intelligent Ingredients.
    The mv organics anti aging oil:) really does feel like a treat to use. … i agree the MV products are so pricey :- all i have to do now is save up big time to try the products!

  8. xueting says:

    Venture into Marie-Veronique Organics Face Screen as i wanted find something that doesnt clog my oily and acne-prone skin and this is non- greasey, sticky feeling when apply, which is great for my skin. Apparently, i like the slightly tinted coverage to cover up the slight blemishes of my skin.

  9. kay says:

    I’ve got to know about this brand and started using my heliocare sunscreen diligently after reading your blog. I would like to name my heliocare sunscreen as my holy grail sunscreen, but I hadn’t tried all the sunscreens on the market so I wouldn’t know if there is really a sunscreen out there which I love.

    I would like to get my hands on the Anti-Aging Body Oil as I like using body oils compared to lotions. Body oils penetrate into the skin better than lotions and keeps it hydrated without leaving a layer on the skin. The downside is I have to massage it in, which takes a longer time than applying body lotions. Personally I’m using a mixture of grapeseed oil with jojoba oil, with some lavender and geranium EO and I feel better after applying it because of the calming scent. Neroli and Rose EO are known for their healing and anti-aging properties but it’s not cheap to purchase the pure EOs for our own usage, so I think it’s wallet-wise to purchase this Anti-Aging Body Oil instead of getting the EOs. Moreover MVOrganics mix their products in small batches and label their manufacture dates, which is good for us to know whether the product has expired or lost its effectiveness as products with essential oils will oxidize after long periods of time.

    I’m already a fan of MVOrganics and I’ve RT-ed your tweet for this giveaway. Can’t wait!

  10. EcoBeauty says:

    Haha, I got to know about MVO from your blog, too, and although I keep trying several products, MVO is also one of my staples.
    The first product I tried was–of course–the MVO Moisturizing Face Screen. Although it was definitely not love-at-first-use, I’ve grown to appreciate it as I learned how to apply it properly on my skin and observed how well it kept my pigmentations at bay. It’s my first natural sunscreen and my positive experience with it made me more receptive to other natural beauty products. Previously, my mindset was that although there are some natural/organic products that can perform just as well as their synthetic counterparts, there are certain types of beauty “needs” that are still best left to the “more tested and proven” chemically-heavy products, sunscreens being one of them. I used to be an avid user of chemical sunscreens. So when I fell in love with MVO, I also fell more deeply in love with the idea of going natural/organic when possible.
    Later on, I learned about the (then) Anti-Aging Serum with a lighter consistency compared to MFS and I bought it, too, together with my first Anti-Aging Oil. My skin had been through a lot of ups and downs due to hormonal issues and stress ever since I started using MVO and MVO helped my skin tide through all of the changes smoothly.
    Now, thankfully, my skin is starting to go back to normal and I don’t get as many breakouts anymore. But my current challenge to is to fully repair my skin from the damages caused by my acne outbreak 6 months ago such as hyperpigmentation, uneven and sallow skin tone, scarring and a bit of fine lines. So I took advantage of the recent Cyber Monday promotions to get myself the lightening serum, the Lightening Vit C supplement and the Anti-Wrinkle Vit C Supplement. I also asked for a sample of the Everyday Sheer Coverage since you said its texture is better than the Anti-Aging Serum. I’m crossing my fingers that my skin will love these new products as much as it loved the other MVO products I’ve tried in the past.

    And oh, I tried the Everyday Sheer Coverage this morning and indeed, it glides on more smoothly on my skin. So I’m definitely getting it once my Anti-Aging Serum runs out.

  11. Lil Khor says:

    I like their Anti-Aging Body Oil. Just 2 days back, a friend called to introduce me to Aqua Cream for dry skin. She and I both have skins that are way beyond our age due to dryness and they appeared horrible especially during this dry December month. I got one from the pharmacy and have tried it twice. It is actually quite effective but I realised that the product actually contains Paraffin, Paraben and wax. After reading your blog and having some knowledge on chemicals, I am sceptical about it. My search on line also reveal that Aqua Cream will sip through the skin though in small amount. No definite harm was listed on those websites but…
    The Anti-Aging Body Oil will give me a chance to heal my scally skin and I am sure to introduce it back to my friend.

  12. Swati says:

    wow!!! I would love to get my hands on these. I have been using the MVO face screen and its awesome!!! It prevents tanning so well and the days I am not using it, my skin looks dull by evening so its awesome!!!

  13. aibicon says:

    So far I have not seen many facial products that are labeled ” vegans”.I actually thinks that its a nice word for animal testing/product free.I thought been organic also meant it is animal testing free. MVO Moisturizing Face Screen looks promising. This can be applied during the day with moisturizing and sunblock effects. We can omit applying the moisturizer and sun screen separately =X

    The Intelligent Ingredients in MVO looks really “smart” on our skin.There are a total of 85 ingredients in this Intelligent Ingredients and all are beneficial to our skin.(I went to count as I read thru the ingredients.. AMAZING!)

  14. Audris says:

    With the sun’s rays, prevention is always better than cure. No surprise that I got the Moisturizing Face Screen SPF 30 in light tint, as well as the Kid Safe Screen SPF 25 to try. They’ve been shipped to my friend in the US to compile my Black Friday purchases together before sending them on to me in Singapore ?

    I’m a believer and user of physical sunscreens mostly and the Moisturizing Face Screen with 20% zinc oxide with antioxidants and moisturising oils would be good in lieu of a foundation for work days when I’m mostly in the office and won’t perspire away my sunscreen. Plus, I do need all those added oils to minimise moisture loss from my skin thanks to the overwhelming powers of the office airconditioner!

    For watersports and weekend usage, I’m hoping to put the Kid Safe Screen to the test to see it does hold up well without having a white cast to rub in.

    In addition, I really enjoy the feel of zinc on my skin. I used to purchase SPF powders from mineral companies like the Ultra Sheer Zinc Finishing Powder from Silk Naturals for added sun protection and to soothe the skin, for zinc has skin healing properties. Good for extra zitty days as well.

  15. Stephanie/Yukaeshi says:

    Eeee! I’ve just purchased their Gentle Cleanser and Moisturizing Face Screen and am waiting for them to arrive (Perhaps after Christmas and New Year). Am so excited to try them out, especially after hearing your raves about them ? I like how even though they’re organic, they do not contain alcohol at all. I really have you to thank for introducing me to the brand, though! ?

  16. Nika says:

    Well, for some time now, I want to try MVO Moisturizing Face Screen, but I can’t get my hands on it. I am still looking for perfect sunscreen and this one has such great reviews. Zinc oxide based and moisturizing, it is just what I need.
    Anti Aging Oils look very appealing also.
    I like the fact they are using organic and fair trade ingredients.

  17. Tarry says:

    I’ve tried the face screen spf 30 and like it very much! It works as a good base before my makeup and doesn’t turn greasy. The only wish I had was that I could get it in the lightest tint as the medium shade looks a tad dark on my face.

  18. May says:

    I have purchased MVO stuff including wonderful samples past month ago after I got to know about MVO through your Viva Woman blog. Sesame is so kind and active to reply to me after I asked her about MVO stuff. I tried them for days and unbelievably, my skin keeps more glowing, radiant, smooth and healthy! My skin feels like a baby skin, really. I think Anti-Aging Oil Plus, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Eye Serum & Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin C Supplement are more powerful & effective because the dramatic results truly work. My brown freckles are now lightening by Anti-Wrinkle Vit.C supplement (I know it’s pricey). I also like Everyday Sheer Coverage, Anti-Aging Mist, Moisture Serum & Exfoliating Cleanser, they are really good! I really dig on “herbal” scent!

    Honestly, I think MVO products are my holy grail, I have to say goodbye to Obagi. ? Hope I’ll try Anti-Aging Body Oil for softening my dry legs. Unfortunately, I might not purchase my future MVO orders because customs will charge me again (yes, I never expect that they charged me). Wish I could live in States or Singapore so I’d like to purchase more, hihi!

  19. fiona says:

    i am in my early 20s… using anti aging early helps?

  20. Pollya says:

    I hate to be the odd man (or should I say woman?) out, but sadly, the MVO Moisturizing Face Screen doesn’t seem to work for me ? — it makes my face oilier after a while and my pores look accentuated. Maybe it’s cos zinc oxide can be a bit drying, but I’ve also used it over a layer of Anti-Aging Oil+, but this seems to improve only the application but doesn’t help reduce the oiliness.
    However, I’m not discouraged about using their products, and I’m actually very keen to try their latest addition, the Acne Relief Kit, and maybe the Vit C supplement as well. But… not unexpectedly, it’s the price that’s stopping me!!! Whooooo, even the travel size Acne Relief Kit comes up to a good SGD100 thereabouts!! (I’m so sad I missed the Black Fri and Cyber Mon discounts cos I was out of town and did not have proper internet access, boo hoo…)
    Anyway, I’ll just wait for future promos and see what would be useful for me to get my hands on next time. Surely SOMETHING in their store of intelligent products will work for me???

  21. Kathleen says:

    I LOVE their focus and explanations of “intelligent ingredients”. I’ve learnt some really useful skincare information on particular ingredients just by checking out their website, just now. That is always a good sign of a great company. They’ve outlined each important ingredient and what specifically it is targeted for. Amazing. I am not Vegan but it is always awesome to see companies that make vegan products, great to point some of my vegan friends to. What a tough decision as far as choosing a product I would love to try…hmmm…I think I am leaning more towards the Anti-Aging kit. I love how it includes oil as well as a day cream. The videos show each step and are super informative. Thanks again for sharing yet another great company. Decisions, Decisions. I am so glad I have turned to all natural skincare…the products are so much more luxurious and made by companies I want to support.

  22. melmok says:

    i’m dying to try their Face Screen ever since your review and other users positive reviews. Unfortunately, i still have half a bottle of my current sun screen which i hate to put to waste. Can’t wait to finish it and then start trying out Marie Veronique Organic Face Screen!

  23. N. says:

    Well of couse the Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen. You and others have raved so much about it it is impossible to not have curiosity towards it. PLUS, I’m searching for a decent facial Sunscreen. And have yet to find one! Maybe Marie Veronique Organics could be the one?

  24. Issa says:

    I’d like to try the Anti-Aging Body Oil because being in my mid-30’s, I’m on the lookout for anti-aging products and this Body Oil would be perfect for my dry skin. Hope I get the chance to try these babies because I don’t think we have that here in our country! ?

  25. Idelkys says:

    I’m only 20 years old but I took a big interest in skin care in my freshman year of high school. I quickly saw the difference on my skin because even now when i go a couple of days or even one day forgetting to put a product on, my skin rebels. i have been reading your blog for quiet some time (which i love by the way!) and i do trust your opinion. You really do love MVO and i have been looking into trying them for quiet some time! But, i am a college student with a college budget lol. I LOVE THAT THE INGREDIENTS ARENT DAMAGING!

  26. Carol says:

    I got to know about MVO through your blog. Anti-Aging Oil Plus and the Moisturizing Face Screen SPF30 were the first 2 products I tried. They are good products, but the face screen was a bit dry for my flaky skin. Recently I purchased the Acne Relief kit and I love it! The treatment cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin like other acne cleansers. The treatment oil and treatment serum help balance the oil production. After using them, my skin doesn’t feel oily even though I have oily skin. Everyday Sheer Coverage is easier to apply and not as dry as Moisturizing Face Screen. Everyday Sheer Coverage evens my skin tone and protects it from sun damage so I use it as a foundation everyday (saves me money from buying makeup!) Now my face has a nice glow and is much clearer. With the recent Cyber Monday deal, I went ahead and purchased another kit for myself. After my acne completely goes away, I would like to try the anti-aging serum and Vitamin C supplement. I even got some of my friends to try MVO products!

    I have liked their facebook page and tweeted this giveaway.

    Follow Viva Woman’s link to read about MVO products and find out how to win some:

  27. Sara says:

    So it was revealed in your previous post that looking at the computer screen causes dark eye circles! Who would have thought?! I usually blame it on genes, lack of sleep, etc. Unfortunately for me, I look at the computer all day except when I eat, bath, sleep, exercise and socializing. Work and leisure require me to use the computer…

    Since I can’t shut away the computer, I’m going to take breaks in between and find an eye cream/serum. I’ll like to try Marie Veronique Organics serum. Actually I was quite overwhelmed by the ingredients. I’ve always like shorter and easy to understand ingredients (the easy way to reduce harmful ingredients in cosmetics). I’m in for a surprise. There were so many different type of exotic oils and essential oils! There were also ingredients I like in an eye cream like green tea and gingko extract. But there were also edible snail? I’m quite puzzled. There is also niacin amide which sounds like a chemical. When I google it, I’m relief to find that it’s just a vitamin.

    All in all, the sheer amount and exotic/rare but good ingredients looks impressive and a little intimidating. What do you think?

  28. AgnesM says:

    I first heard about MVO products thru your blog and since I have always been on a never-ending quest for the perfect eye treatment product for my old haggard eyes, I am keen to try out MVO eye serum.
    And after hearing so much good things about MVO sunscreen products, I am keen to try Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen and Everyday Sheer Coverage, even though I am not an oil-based products fan.

  29. Theresa says:

    Dear Sesame,

    Thank you for raising awareness on Green Beauty products. The need to live in harmony with our environment has often been eluded in our hectic everyday lives, where commercial beauty companies market all sorts of products filled with harmful chemicals. The cost price of these products are probably very low, and yet, they are marked-up and sold at disproportionately high prices.

    Although MVO products are expensive, I believe in paying for quality, and supporting a company whose products are not harmful to the environment. It is an irony that we should pay more for not harming the environment (think carbon tax), but it is the sad truth in today’s world. Yet, with companies such as MVO, there is an alternative and way out.

    I started using MVO last year while I was studying in London. I scrimped and saved to purchase my first bottle of MFS. I must say- it was fantastic. The moment I applied the product on my skin, I felt a huge difference. My skin told me how happy it was (yes, I listened :)), and has never been happier since. Moreover, MFS proved loyal when I relocated to Bangkok after the harsh winter of London. I am now back in Singapore and have been using MFS, along with MVO’s Gentle Cleanser, Anti-Aging Mist, and Sun Protective Oil everyday. MVO products have protected my skin against my the Siberian temperatures in my office, and the cranky hot-wet weather in Singapore.

    This Christmas, I intend to pay it forward by promoting the Green Beauty products that have been “tried, tested, and true” ? . I have purchased a MFS for my best friend who is currently living in San Fran and is visiting late December. I hope she likes it.

    Thank you once again Seasame for your generosity with this giveaway. Your blog and your efforts towards promoting Green Beauty will and have gone a long way. I’d also like to take this opportunity to commend MVO for its excellent customer service team. Claire, in particular, has been exceptionally helpful. We need more social conscious companies like MVO. Cheers.

    Warmest regards,

  30. Aida Mustapha says:

    Natural and organic skin/ body care is still relatively new in Malaysia. And among the first to arrive here was Culpeper House. Unfortunately they are no longer available. I’ve never heard of Marie Veronique Organics before until I saw it in this blog and for awhile it reminded me of Culpeper House brand. And I must say the brand looks promising especially with the “intelligent ingredients” they are using.
    Since I never use them there’s nothing much I can say but I am attracted to several of their products namely the Skin Lightening Vitamin C Supplement which is said to help fight hyper pigmentation and stimulates collagen production and repairs free radical damage.
    Another product that attracts my interest is After Sun Body Oil, Lavender and Immortelle. I’ve been dying to try a product made of Immortelle, the immortal/ everlasting flower since I’d read that the golden tiny flowers’ colour and form never fade and change even when dried. Its medicinal properties are astounding and the Mediterranean people have been using it to treat skin bruising and inflammation for generations. Research have proven that Immortelle’s essential oil not only helps repair the skin on the dermal layer but also deep inside the epidermal too. I really wish to get my hands on this amazing product!
    The last product that grabs my attention is Everyday Sheer Coverage, SPF 20 Light Tint. I’ve never worn any make up before and already in my 30s. Since powder is not really good for skin that already shows some fine wrinkle, I thought this product is a perfect find. It is sheer so I’m sure I won’t look ‘fake’ and it also promise anti-aging support while regulate skin moisture for even skin tone and matte finish.
    I’m looking forward to buy and try these three products from of Marie Veronique Organics. Hopefully the brand will be available in Malaysia one day.

  31. Kitty charmy says:

    Wow ““intelligent ingredients” that are nourishing, safe and effective.” sounds really promising and i would love to give Marie Veronique Organics products a try,especially their Moisturising Face Screen.I am very lazy cum afraid of trying new products over and over again because i have sensitive skins and most of them do not suit my skin.Either ill have breakouts or the products would have no or little effect on my skin at all, hence i am very lazy and afraid to try new products.Would really love to try this sunscreen though as well as Marie Veronique Organics range of products which i found out through your blog.
    It is really heartening to know that Marie Veronique Organic Products do not contain harmful substances or artificial fragrances,meaning their products are made with ingredients as close to nature as possible ,which is good news for all of us as we all know how harmful artificial chemicals/ingredients could be harmful to our skin, hurting it ,making us age more easily and prone to skin irritations.
    Hope i can have a chance to try these wonderful Marie Veronique Organic Products !

  32. babysaffron says:

    Hi Sesame,
    I have not try any Marie Veronique product yet…. But one thing that caught my eye is the Everyday Sheer Coverage or Moisturizing Face Screen.
    I’m hoping that this product will suit my skin better compare to other product that i have used and been using… Sunscreen is the only thing that i put on religiously…. No make up. I grew up with super sensitive skin…. Can’t wear any make up so i opted for having a good skin…. Invest in a good skin care product instead of make up product. Half way thru a particular product…. I have to stopped… or try another brand…. Often times, i ended with cystic pimples, clogged pores, redness and itchiness and sometimes, sting. That’s how sensitive my skin is…. More sensitive after giving birth to 2 girls…. Everything got worst and everything is not the same anymore…..So, every product is trial and error…. And hopefully, when i did try Marie Veronique product, it will be the last one for me…

  33. Diane says:

    I learned about MVO through your blog…I tried the sunscreens but unfortunately, it did not fit well with me because of application issues and it dried my skin. I did get a free sample of the anti-aging oil then…and i love the smell and texture…I guess I’m really an oil user…I just love it! ?

  34. Caitie says:

    I’d love to try one of their tinted sunscreens. I know how important sunscreen is, but I hate how poorly so many natural ones perform. From the dreaded whitecast to leaving your skin oily or shiney, the ones I’ve tried just don’t work well on the face/under makeup, so I go without most of the time.

    Actually, this body oil sounds fantastic too. My skin has been dry and suffering a little now that the temperatures have dropped here – I bet this would help!

  35. Jeni says:

    I would love to try this out. I am always on the hunt for great skincare. My skin is super picky. I really like the fact that it is natural ingredients =)

  36. Viv. A says:

    This is a brand of products that I would really to try. I’ve read reviews here and other sites and the products are well recommended. The only thing that is kind of driving me away is the price range. It’s a little bit higher that I’m usually spend, specially in this time of economic difficulties. I understand that quality “inteligent” ingredients, organic certifications can cause the price to be high, but It would be nice if they have a “starter kit” so we can try the whole range and see if it suits our skin. I would really want to try the and anti aging kit since in the FAQ’S says it can also help with mild and moderate blemishes. It would be nice to target to skin issues with one skin care regime.

  37. RedScorpio says:

    First of all, I like their story a lot and the fact that they donate 10% of their profits to organization supporting women and children in the Third World. In an era where business strategy has an ultimate goal of giving higher dividends to the stock-holders, this says a lot IMHO.

    As for their products, I really liked the idea of the Desert Island Duet – it seems to cover all bases so you can be a low-maintenance gal! ?

  38. Vyz says:

    I’ve tried SPF 30, SPF 40 (The Skin Pharmacy, Clarins)and I realized only SPF 50 keeps the dreaded freckles at bay (not totally but better. Got comments that my skin was fairer after using non-stop) in sunny Singapore. Back to La Roche Fluid Extreme SPF 50 for me. Thinking of trying La Roche’s Uvidea but hesitant abt SPF 40). Read that Loccitane’s Brightening Shield SPF 40 has a 4.3 rating. Not sure if it’s a reliable assessment because most sites say Clarins SPF 40 worked for them but it really didn’t stop the freckles for me (La Roche performed better). Do u know of a higher-than-30 SPF sunblock that really works? Organic is better of course but there are the usual difficulties (eg too thick). I understand MV only offers SPF 30. Much appreciated!

  39. Soos says:

    Sunscreen is an important part of my routine, and the MVO sounds like a good one.

  40. Lena says:

    Seeing as how you have always gave it such a good rating,
    I have really been looking into getting it.
    However, I can’t really afford. So I’d just have to catch it when the time is right perhaps.

  41. BananerNanners says:

    Hi, Sesame! Thank you so much for including this brand in your giveaway. I really enjoyed reading and learning about it.
    I love that they have a “Learn” section in every one of their products to educate customers about what their product aims to accomplish. What really excited me was learning about how their cleanser doesn’t destroy the protective layer on our skin. Maybe I don’t discover and learn about different products enough, but this is the first time that I’ve encountered a product specifically telling me that. Because of this little bit of information, I really think I’ll buy their products and try it out, even if I don’t get to try it from the giveaway and even if it’s a little out of my budget range.
    Another feature that I love from them, is their “compare” section to let you know about their other products that can possibly work with different types of skin.
    (Just found out about this giveaway. Haven’t been on your blog for a while ? So glad you thought of it to educate your readers about green products.)

  42. Kim says:

    I first came across MVO from your website and ever since then, have been especially keen on the moisturising face screen. I’ve looked at many reviews and it highly recommended! I have sensitive skin and tend to break out easily, so I really hope the wonder MVO face screen will solve my sunscreen problem for once and all. Previous sunscreens I’ve used tend to block my pores or does not provide sufficient coverage.
    MVO keeps skincare regime simple, which is a big plus because it does not become bothersome and also I feel that using/doing too much makes my skin worse.
    One thing though, would be great if MVO products are more easily available in Singapore/Malaysia. Currently, the shipping charges deter me from ordering, especially since I’m not entirely sure if my skin will agree with their products. So I really hope for an opportunity to try their products to allay my concerns.

  43. DJ says:

    This is my first time chancing upon MVO and after reading such wonderful reviews from SOOO many people, one product that I would love to get my hands on is definitely the Moisturing Face Screen! I have freckles and pigmentation problems and have faced alot of headaches choosing a suitable sunscreen. Something too rich and my skin breaks out in little bumps that sometimes itches =( Something too light and I worry that coverage is insufficient!

    Plus, I’m one of those cynics that have sensitive skin and cannot see how applying tons of chemicals on my face day in day out will help my skin! With such positive reviews on the ‘green-ness’ of this product, I’d definitely hope to get to try it out and go on to recommend to those who are afflicted with the same headaches like me!

  44. Nadine Saubert says:

    I would love to try these products because of the fact that they are based with tea as opposed to water! Tea has some amazing benefits for the body both inside and out!

  45. Wmeng says:

    My first encounter with MVO was through viva woman post on the moisturising sunscreen . Actually I joined viva woman post about 2 years and what catches my attention is on MVO review and I was looking for a sunscreen that is not harmful. And I ordered my first experience with MVO through you. I have not regretted since then and I recommend to my friends too. I had also tried their anti ageing duo and anti ageing oil plus which I think I still have a long way to go in trying their other products. I am quite excited when they come up with anti ageing body oil which you have very positive review. Oil on body seldom cross my mind so hopefully this win will change my perspective on this . I am very grateful that vivawoman has bring the concept of organic and less harmful products to the readers. Thank you .

  46. Apple says:

    Hi Viva Woman!

    I was just randomly drifting through Facebook when I saw your Facebook page. Very frankly speaking, I just know Marie Veronique Organics today! Really like your introduction about the natural ingredients instead of synthetic components in MVO products – inspired to research more and look out for the specific ingredients next time when buying related products!

    I was intrigued to read up more on the MVO website. Although I understand that your giveaway consists of MVO anti-aging body oil, I shall be honest and follow my heart: a product I would really want to try is MVO acne relief kit! I do agree that I tend to avoid any product with the word “oil” on it, but that does not mean that acne-prone skin cannot be dry! Mine is and I am really thrilled to see that the series contains a treatment oil that balances sebum production, designed for acne problems. Treating the ROOT cause of acne is really fantastic, and heals more than physical woes!

    If I win the goodie bag (low chance but anyway), I would treat my Mum to the anti-aging body oil! She has work so hard for the family, and her skincare knowledge is really on par with mine -_-

    I am not at all savvy in beauty and skincare, so glad to learn something about MVO today through this blog! My greatest find today is to chance upon your blog through Facebook! Bookmarked and will follow your posts in future!



  47. Kelly says:

    I have tried MVO Sunscreens and they are fantastic. I would love to try their Anti Aging oil and Vit C serum. Both look wonderful. Keep up the good work MVO, I look forward to trying many more of your products.

  48. sesame says:

    You will love their anti-aging oil if you’re an oil lover…absolutely lovely.

  49. Niki says:

    I just recenetly learned of MVO products and have them on my wish list to try… especially the acne releif kit, Vit.C and lightening product, and the retinol rebuilder and the… well the list goes on and on!!

    I can’t wait to try some of her products out some day! ?

  50. Sesame says:

    Hope you’ll like them when you get to use them.

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