Share: do you buy beauty items as X’mas gifts?

X’mas is just round the corner and I wanted to get something for a group of ladies I will be meeting on X’mas Day. Because they’re not close friends, I don’t want to get anything out of place. And being a beauty blogger, my first thoughts naturally turned to beauty items. As most of them do not wear makeup, I thought a lip balm might be suitable. But on second thoughts, perhaps I’ll settle for a cake, considering some women won’t even use a lip balm.

I guess it would be easier if I know all their preferences personally but I don’t. However, even in times when I don’t know people’s preferences, I have gifted them beauty items. An example was preparing a present for my son’s teacher on Teacher’s Day. I have never met her but I learnt from my son that his teacher is pretty young and I thought, surely she will use something like a hand cream no?

So since you all look at quite a bit of beauty products, do you purchase beauty items for your friends or loved ones during X’mas? Is it something that’s on your shopping list even for other occasions? If it’s not beauty items, then what do you usually get them? Come and share your thoughts…your comments may just come in handy for someone who is considering what to get for her girlfriend.


  1. fwy says:

    Handcreams are a good choice especially those giftsets from Crabtree & Evelyn.

  2. claire says:

    I like receiving such presents! But I’m more picky nowadays. I get paranoid sometimes looking at the ingredient list. Turning into a all natural purist :/ Anyway, I love gifting friends or family w skin products! Hand cream is great. I do that too. It’s multi purpose too. can be used as a lotion or a emergency lipbalm(if it’s natural of course) I don’ use hand creams or lotions very often. But it’s so versatile to use. Dry hands or greasing my feet before wearing new shoes.. I used to buy lots of body shop shower gels for friends’ birthdays and all. However, personal skincare would be very tricky unless you know the person very very well. I tend to give stuff for the body so it shouldn’t go wrong.

  3. Jyoan says:

    Strangely, beauty items have never quite been on list.

    But yes, I remember 2 years ago, after I started blogging, I bought C&E La Source handcream for people, because that’s my all-time favourite.

    This year, I am thinking of LUSH, and I’ve already shortlisted those people who can receive a Lush soap bar or a body wash. That includes my brother, because I know he like people to gift him Body Shop.

    So yes, because we all bathe everyday, I do supposed that gifting bath items can be good because some day, one will finish up the present one and need to open a new hody wash. Hopefully they will remember the gift then. =D

    Personally, beauty items is not on my xmas wishlist… maybe that’s why I don’t really buy them for other people too. Will get something more, how do I say it, physical? =P

  4. Tammi Cherise Tan says:

    I think hand creams are a great gift if you have an idea of what kind of scent the person likes (some people favour floral fragrances over fruity ones, for example). I’m getting my grandmother a Crabtree & Evelyn gift set for Christmas, and it’s in Nantucket, which has this delightful powdery smell that I know she adores.

    On another note, I think most women would appreciate almost any beauty product as long as the packaging is appealing, ha!

    I personally try to avoid buying cosmetics as gifts because I know most people can be quite picky about the products they keep in their make-up pouch. Even nail polish makes me hesitant because 1) I’m not sure if she will like the colour and 2) I don’t know if she already owns vanish in that hue.

    Although, now that I think about it, I’m probably being way too paranoid and too eager to please, hahaha.

  5. Karin Yong says:

    No, personally I do not buy any cosmetic, skincare or any beauty products as people might not like or they have personal prefernce. Usually, I buy pratical gifts like toy for kids, chocolate for friends, bags, wallets, accesories, gadgets for loves ones and close friend. No perfume for others as they might think I am hinting that they are smelly.

  6. Paris B says:

    I do ? I think beauty gifts are a nice way to spoil people because they may not buy it for themselves e.g. a nice hand cream or bath product. Then again I only gift close friends as I don’t really celebrate Christmas in the true sense ?

  7. Miss Vinny says:

    I agree about not giving cosmetics or even skincare ‘cos what if she has an allergy reaction or it doesn’t work well on her face? I’d rather give something much more functional like a brush or a nice storage container that she can use to store her cosmetics and skincare items or something else. Otherwise, if she can’t use it, it’ll just sit there and collect dust. Then again, can just give some nice green tea or tea blend ‘cos cake is oh so fattening, even the so-called “low fat” or “healthy” versions.

  8. Jyoan says:

    Hey, yes! If I know of a great brush, and for a close friend with higher budget, I think this is a great idea (if that person puts makeup regularly)!

    True about the health thing in Singapore. I actually want to not give chocolates this year, but look for something that’s less fattening.

  9. Joyce September says:

    I normally buy beauty products for my girlfriends, but strictly makeup. Choosing the right color can be frustrating, but most of the time I get it right after “observation.” Body products are also a good idea, but getting the appropriate scent makes me pout too!

  10. Destiny says:

    This year I bought several friends a health gift, an accupressure mat. One friend opened it already and its sparked a lot of humor and conversation. In a few days he reported his back had improved, too.

  11. Rola says:

    I have a confession. I tend to stock up on beauty products and find myself to be overloaded with stuff. I do from time to time gift these new beauty products to friends, Mom, and relatives. They can range from skincare products to makeup items such as blushes to lip products. I choose the items based on what I know about the person. I have gifted my Mom many of my foundations and powders that did not work for me, i.e. wrong color. She does not mind opened items. Thank goodness, stuff do not get wasted around here.

  12. sesame says:

    Oh those are nice…I like the Gardener’s Therapy and La Source.

  13. sesame says:

    Yeah, personal skincare is tricky. I only gave my mom and my bestie such items. Even for my mom, it’s usually perfume.

  14. sesame says:

    LUSH is a great idea! And the smell would totally get them! But you know what, I haven’t visited the store as yet. Maybe I’ll go check it out cos think bath and body products can’t go too wrong. I mean, if there are people who won’t use it, they can always pass it on.

  15. sesame says:

    I know what you mean…I have never considered giving cosmetics. Color, brand, etc is a headache unless you know it’s something the person wants. I’ve gotten nail polishes though…usually by observing what they typically wear.

  16. sesame says:

    Haha…perfume cos they might think you’re hinting they’re smelly? That’s funny! I only gave perfume to my mom, cos she likes it but I have reservations about giving others perfume cos there’s some old wives’ tale that the friendship will fade away. I give my mom only cos I kept giving her perfume all the time so I wasn’t worried.

  17. sesame says:

    I have seen some of the presents you get so I am not surprised you give beauty items too. ? I don’t celebrate Christmas with friends but with family. However, this year, we have a Church event and the team I’m with will be there and so it’ll be nice to get something for them…yet not something that will overwhelm them. Maybe LUSH!

  18. sesame says:

    Agree that body products are a good idea. I suppose for a close friend, the scent would be easily figured out. As for makeup, I’ll go for nail polishes, lipsticks, lip balms, mascara, which I think should be quite safe. The first two based on observation and what I think would flatter them.

  19. sesame says:

    Oh that sounds so interesting! I wonder if my hubby would like something like that. But I don’t see it commonly available here.

  20. sesame says:

    Your mom is like mine. She didn’t mind using some of the foundation that did not work for my skin tone. But I usually get her perfume cos she loves them and she would definitely use them.

  21. sesame says:

    Miss Vinny: That’s a good point about skin allergies and that reminds me of a time I gave my helper a set of skincare and she developed allergies after using it. That was way before I started blogging and I had no idea about sensitive skin. Thereafter, I bought her a watch. Tea is also a brilliant idea! I used to give that to my son’s Kindergarten teachers.

  22. Nika says:

    I am the same. Everything that turn out to be a miss for me, I give it to my mom. She excepts all. Since my skin is very sensitive, and she can put anything on her skin without any reaction, usually my skin care fails are just passed to her. And she is happy.

  23. sesame says:

    What can I say…our moms are/were accepting.

  24. aibicon says:

    actually i also thought of buying lip balms for my girlfriends. I saw some cute ones that comes in cupcakes and pie looking packaging. However, the flavors are abit funny so I dare not buy as a gift.

  25. Caitie says:

    I usually won’t give a whole gift of beauty items, unless it’s something I know they’ll really want and appreciate, but I do often toss in something small like a lip balm alongside whatever else that isn’t beauty related ?

  26. sesame says:

    That’s a nice combination…I do that too. Was considering a lipbalm and a small book.

  27. sesame says:

    Try ChopSaver Original Lip Balm that I reviewed here: It’s not cute but it’s a great lip balm.

  28. Germaine says:

    Every year me & my friends have difficulties in buying gifts for one another because most of the things we can buy it on our own. so sometimes we end up giving the same gift which we have already given one or two years back. I think lip balm & bodycare products can be great gifts for friend, provided you know what are your friends’ likes or dislikes. I received a lovely makeup set as a Christmas gift from one of my very good friend recently. it’s from Etude House, a Korean brand. the gift set contains a sample size bb cream, a lipstick, a lip gloss, an eyeshadow palette & a blusher. she didn’t know that I have switched to organic products. but I really like the lipstick & the lip gloss. i don’t dare to use the bb cream because i do not know whether does it suit my skin colour & whether will it cause irritation to my skin… and i don’t put eyeshadow at all so i think i will give the palette to someone who does. For me, because i have no idea what i should give her, so I ended up giving her $20 Takashimaya vouchers. at least she can use them to buy what she likes or want. ?

  29. Ct says:

    It would be handcream. I guess every woman needs to take care of their hands. It’s a safe gift thou it lack of the creativity. Another item I would give its shiseido cotton pads. I reckon most ladies need to use them. Just get them a couple packs which will last them a few months. 😊

  30. Jasmine says:

    I’m from the school of thought that gifts are things that people don’t normally buy themselves – how about gifts that (for a lady interested in beauty) come from an exotic or lesser-heard brand? Or even bath equipment like a nice body brush or cactus mitt or or wooden massage bar? The best thing about this is that she could still pass it on if she doesn’t fancy it.

    I think lifestyle items are great as gifts, for example – posters, designer clocks, etc …

  31. Tammi Cherise Tan says:

    LOL! “No perfume for others as they might think I am hinting that they are smelly.” Reminds me something a guy friend of mine once said. He said that if he was a girl and was given make-up as a gift, he would feel insulted, hahaha!

  32. Carol says:

    For people I don’t know well I normally just give them chocolate. Even if they don’t like chocolate, they can give it to someone who likes it. I have given body lotion, shower gel, hand sanitizer, and hand soap from Bath and Body Works.

  33. Destiny says:

    I don’t see it in stores but amazon has several to choose from in a variety of colors and designs. The one I bought was just twenty dollars. Dr. Oz recommended them last spring for weight loss.

  34. Paris B says:

    Lush is a good idea – its new in town and may be something not everyone will buy for themselves ? I only really like Happy Hippy. It smells lovely, and not too strong so will probably make lots of people happy too ?

  35. xin says:

    Also for company’s events like gift exchange! You have no idea who is getting which so it’s really tricky. i have tried – Ferraro rochers and bodyshop shower gel since I figured everyone gotta take a bath ?

  36. Issa says:

    yes, i buy beauty items for gifts such as lipstick or lip balm. Shower gel and body lotion would be nice too, these are nice presents for girls ?

  37. sesame says:

    Vouchers are handy too but I haven’t given anyone vouchers before. I will give it to friends, but probably not close friends. Still prefer to buy them gifts for the personal touch.

  38. sesame says:

    Shiseido cotton pads? So interesting! Definitely not something I’ve thought of but it’s useful and they are likely to need it.

  39. sesame says:

    Your comments reminded me of the aromatherapy charm…that’ll make an interesting gift.

  40. sesame says:

    Yes, chocolate is one of the stuff I give to people who are not so close too. But I recently switched to giving tea, because it is healthier.

  41. sesame says:

    Yeah, LUSH is definitely something most of the ladies in the group will not buy for themselves.

  42. sesame says:

    Haha…everyone gotta take a bath! That’s right! ?

  43. sesame says:

    Sounds like body products are a big hit. I remember receiving quite a bit of them for X’mas too.

  44. Juliana says:

    I gave my girlfriends lip glosses and make up pouches (if you consider those part of the beauty family.)

    As for the guys, I give them shavers and cologne. ?

  45. sesame says:

    Oh lip glosses are nice…they look pretty and your girlfriends must be happy to receive them.

  46. Ryoko Lim says:

    I think EYE MAJIC Instant Eyeshadow is a good presents for girls expecially non eyeshadow user. It is Fun, fast and easy to apply. =)

  47. sesame says:

    Never heard of that brand though.

  48. Miss Vinny says:

    Ah well, to be honest, I thought that up on the spot. That’s ‘cos none of my friends really celebrate Xmas and the most they’ll do, is to eat yummy food. They won’t really exchange gifts though.

    Meh, Singaporeans really eat wayyy too much. And even though it’s true that small boxes of chocolates are healthier ‘cos the serving sizes are smaller, I think quite a few people will give a much larger box as that’s far more economical. Those are just like gigantic and ugh, the fat and sugar. I think healthier choices could even include… lol… unrefined noodles, unusual spices, health food, etc.

  49. Diane says:

    I always give skin care stuff to friends! I have a tendency to hoard skin care stuff & would gift it to friends – because they also come to me sometimes on skin care questions! I do love giving it but to those who I know will use it!

  50. RedScorpio says:

    I buy beauty items as gifts quite often. But for people I know well, so that I can pick something that they will like and would suit them.

    I think that good-quality, hand-made soaps can be a nice, useful and non-expensive gift. Who doesn’t love them? Even if the recipient does not want to use it on their face or body, they can still keep it as a hand soap, or a guest-WC soap, or even a soap you keep in the kitchen to wash your hands. Or just something pretty and divine-smelling as a mood-lifter!

  51. sesame says:

    Handmade soaps are a good idea! They smell good and so even if the person doesn’t want to use it, she can always leave it in the drawers to freshen up the smell.

  52. sesame says:

    I know what you mean…give to those who will at least appreciate them.

  53. Miss Vinny says:

    Ouch, allergies? That sounds a bit annoying. ><;;

    Yah, watch or tea is more functional.

  54. hazel says:

    hmmm… come to think of it, this year, I purchased beauty items for all gifts for females. Lipsticks, skincare set, hand creams are usually what I will get. They are however not randomly selected… hand cream is for a friend who works really hard, lipsticks are for those whom I know are eyeing that particular brand/shade. Skincare set is for one who needs a boost to her complexion ?

  55. sesame says:

    That’s nice of you…your friends will definitely love the gifts!

  56. Carol says:

    good idea!

  57. Pollya says:

    Oh yes, I always think of beauty products when I’m thinking of what gifts to give my girlfriends… and sisters, and mother, and aunties… (ok, aunties I don’t give so often).
    Sesame, actually I think it’s very ‘safe’ for you to give beauty products since you are a beauty blogger, and especially since you are into natural and organic stuff, all the more it’s your chance to tell people about all these good toxin-free products (if they don’t already read your blog) because you have ‘authority’ in this field! Spread the green love, gal!! ? But these products can be expensive, so if it’s for a group of ‘casual’ friends, could be a bit heavy on the pocket…
    Other than beauty products, I would think of stuff like accessories (chokers, ear-rings, bracelets, scarves etc — but need to know the taste of the person a bit) and aromatherapy stuff like potpourri pouches/decorations, candle/incense burners, reed diffusers etc.
    Oh, once I received an expensive Givenchy towel set from a cousin for my birthday. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the gift, but I thought it was really clever! The fact that it was branded showed me that he wasn’t stingy, but yet he didn’t want to give something that would be ‘wasted’ if the person didn’t like the design or scent or flavour etc. I mean, who wouldn’t have use for a good-quality towel set!! (and something most people would rarely splurge on themselves!) ?

  58. Justina says:

    I would def love natural bodywash/shampoo/conditioner etc for X mas gifts! Only annoying thing is as I have sensitive skin & dry hair, and my friends don’t, they think I’m turning into a weird hippy by being curious about all these! ?

  59. sesame says:

    Haha…weird hippie? That’s a compliment for a good cause! ?

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