Share: would you cut your own bangs or fringe?

I have short hair and so I tend to visit my hairstylist pretty frequently. However, I usually go to him every two to three months. Depending on the haircut he has given me, my bangs or fringe sometimes grow too fast and I find myself having to visit him after just a month even though the rest of the hair looks fine. But since his charges aren’t that cheap, I usually drag it out much longer. And sometimes, when it gets all unbearable, I’ll trim my own fringe.

Cutting my own hair
Actually, I used to cut my own hair when I was younger. It was hilarious. I had long hair and once I got hit by insanity and chop it all off on my own with the aid of a mirror in hand and another mirror on the wall. It didn’t turn out too badly. I was also cutting my fringe pretty frequently. But as I grew older, I became more conscious of my hairstyle and became less bold in that department. I would still cut them occasionally but I did so with much trepidation.

Observe and learn
I’ve learned to cut my fringe by observing how my hairstylist does it over time and I’ve never had a disaster. It’s not too difficult as long as you proceed cautiously. Anyway, there are tons of videos to teach you how and I’ve got one embedded here if you’re interested to learn. The best way to cut is to use a pair of scissors and a comb. I know some people use razors but that’s not too good for your hair as it can cause split ends later.

Your say
Cutting your own bangs or fringe helps you save some money especially if you don’t really need a full haircut. However, the question is, would you do it? Or have you tried it?


  1. Joyce September says:

    I tried to thin out my hair before. Though it looked fine to me and in pictures, my stylist kept shaking his head when I went in for a trim lol. To be honest, I only visit a “professional” only when necessary because charges for below-shoulder length can be costly.

  2. EcoBeauty says:

    I tried once but was not very successful at it. My hair is a bit wavy so it’s a bit unpredictable–no way of telling whether it’s too short, lol. I go to my stylist every 5-6 months for a trim and re-shaping. ?

  3. claire says:

    I cut my bangs all the time ? I actually trust myself more than the hairdresser. Usually, they always end up cutting it too short or just not the way I like it. My bangs tend to pouf in the centre and do this weird curvy wavy thing when my hair is not blown dried. so hairstylists always seem to overlook that point. so I always end up infront of the bathroom mirror with the sink covered with newspaper. a comb and a scissors and at least 15 mins to get things right. I usually start cutting the center and then work outwards. I snip a little at a time in case anything goes wrong. Just try going very slowly and snip a tiny bit at a time or best get a fellow family member if you trust the person to help you with the cut!

  4. Angel says:

    I always cut my own bangs. ? I just think it’s a waste of time and money to go to the salon to get a little bit of hair off. It’s super easy!

  5. savennia says:

    I always cut my bang and I think it’s pretty easy after I got used to do it. My hair grows quite fast so after like 2 weeks I would need a cut for my bang. And I don’t want to visit the hairdresser too often. But I always cut my bang right before I wash my hair. Then after I wash and dry it, I may give it some modification (eg. when there are some strands that haven’t been cut)

  6. fwy says:

    My mum cut my hair for me when I was young but I don’t enjoy the experience as I had to sit thru’ an hour or more as she is not a hairdresser & thus takes a longer time to make sure that the length of both sides of my hair & bangs are the same & she doesn’t cut or poke me with her scissors. Right now, I am trying to keep my fringe long so I will just leave imy bangs alone until it reaches my desired length.

  7. sesame says:

    Oh, I had to pretend when my hairstylist ask me too! They know! Haha…

  8. sormui says:

    I cut my fringe and trim my hair all the time and Ive never had any disasters yet!

  9. sesame says:

    It’s probably difficult if it’s wavy cos it’s easier to wet it and cut and when you finally cut and dry it, it becomes too short. It happened to me when I had curly hair.

  10. sesame says:

    Oh wow, you’re a pro at this! Kind of disappointing that hairstylist that you pay can’t get it right…I thought they should know better. But yes, snipping little by little helps to prevent disaster!

  11. sesame says:

    Yeah, not too difficult but I don’t know why I’ve been less bold cutting them now compared to years ago. The thing is when it’s trimmed, I can stretch my haircut longer and I won’t have to visit him so soon.

  12. sesame says:

    That’s a nice idea…cutting before you wash it. I usually do it after. It’s also easier to cut when the hair is straight.

  13. sesame says:

    You’re fortunate to have a mom who cuts your hair. My mom did too but she used to use a razor and that’s not good cos I had split ends then. But yeah, it’s a chore to sit through the whole haircut. Even now when I visit my hairstylist! Good thing we’re friends and so we can chat and catch up and so it’s not so boring and painful.

  14. sesame says:

    I guess once we get the hang of it. it’s pretty easy and if we trim bit by bit, there shouldn’t be any disaster.

  15. Helen says:

    Hey thanks for sharing. This video is entertaining and it looks pretty simple to follow. I wish I’ve seen this video back in those days when I used to cut my bang. I always did it badly. Now my hair is long and I don’t really keep a bang. I’m tempted to cut and change my image. Pondering…should I cut or should not…

  16. Pollya says:

    When I used to have a fringe — don’t have anymore — I would cut it myself all the time. I even have that kind of “toothed” scissors that hairstylists use to layer hair. Think I bought it from a provision shop, it’s not expensive at all. So with that and a pair of good sharp scissors (this is very important, the scissors must be super sharp) I was very good at giving myself a layered, wispy-kind of fringe — no one could tell it was a home-made job! ?
    I’ve even cut the back of my hair before, holding a mirror and facing another mirror on the wall. But this is not that easy and would be obvious if not well done, so eventually I decided to let the hairstylist get my business on this ?
    Now that I don’t have bangs anymore, I cut my sisters’ bangs every now and then. Hmmm, now that the economy is so bad, maybe I should think of charging them a nominal fee… ke ke.

  17. Nikki says:

    I do cut my own fringe / bangs! Well it doesn’t hurt that I studied haircutting! hahahah But you’re right about saving up a lot of money when you can cut it your own! ?

  18. Lil Khor says:

    I do it all the time, for my kids as well. You are right, the key is to “go slow”

  19. Nika says:

    I cut my bangs every time on my own. I’ve actually checked that Kandee’s video some time ago and but I don’t do it like that. It is important to cut a little at a time. It is better to live bangs longer. Anyway, I am not a master of cutting because my hairdresser always knows that I did it on my own.

  20. Sara says:

    Some saloon, mine included, allow you to go back to cut your bangs for free. I have what my friends called ‘Cleopatra hair’. My fringe grows too long in merely 2 weeks! As I was overseas and my fringe irritated my eyes, I had no choice but to cut my own hair (with the little scissors in my Swiss knife!). Its not as good a the professional of course, but it looks rather ok. But given a choice, I’ll always leave the job to my hairstylist.

  21. sesame says:

    It’s nice to do a change but maybe ask others around you for opinion too cos it takes awhile to keep your hair long.

  22. sesame says:

    Oh yes, the wispy fringe! I did that too when I was in college. Very easy to cut! And I agree, it’s good to have a pair of good scissors. I think I’m hesitating now is probably cos I’m not using a proper pair of scissors. I used to have one when I was staying with my mom. Maybe I should get one of them!

  23. sesame says:

    Ah you have an advantage! Haha…but totally cost saving!

  24. sesame says:

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never cut my boy’s hair so far. Only shaved it once when he was a baby. ?

  25. sesame says:

    Oh the hairstylist always know right? Hee…I think cos they can tell that the fringe should be longer according to the length of the hair so even when it’s well done, we can’t fool them.

  26. sesame says:

    I know what you mean. If given a choice, and if it’s free, yes, I rather go back to my hairstylist cos he can make it look better. But no choice leh.

  27. Donna Belle says:

    I tried to trim my bangs last Sunday…..and after that, I said to myself, “WHAT DID I DO????????” It’s not a total disaster but I really regretted it. =)

  28. Donna Belle says:

    I love your site, by the way. =)

  29. sesame says:

    Never mind…it’ll grow so don’t beat yourself for that.

  30. sesame says:

    Thank you! Come back often! ?

  31. aibicon says:

    I trim my fringe myself!#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk sometimes when my sis came back form school, she notice my ugly fringe immediately and knew I cut it myself again.. hahaha! I only visit the hair salon like once a year=X

  32. xin says:

    i used to trim my fringe when i was studying, but not anymore. actually i am very aspired to try the entire head, but no one would be my model ? not even my husband

  33. Issa says:

    yes! i do cut my bangs if I don’t need a full haircut. It’s not that bad. I actually want to try to do a full haircut on myself but I don’t have the guts yet… ?

  34. Audris says:

    Yup yup, I did trim my own bangs when I had them. More like to make them wispy at the edge instead of blunt. Wish I had this video then for more inspiration!

  35. sesame says:

    Haha…how about using a doll since no one is willing to sacrifice their hair? ?

  36. Miss Vinny says:

    Oh heck no… lol! I tried once and it was disastrous… lol. My hair was all lopsided and I looked like the victim of some hair-eating monster. My grip is not very steady and I’m a bit cock-eyed so the end result was quite bad. =P

    Sure, my hair grows quite fast and depending on the cut, I may have to return within 1 to 2 months. I can stretch it to 3 months but after that, I’d look like a cave woman!

    I’ve improvised by going to home salons instead of putting up with looking like a hairy monkey. ? It’s cheaper and I also no longer have to listen to hairdressers trying to sell me products, even when I tell them “no”.

    Btw, I think I’ll opt for argan oil or meadowfoam oil or one of the many other oils instead of trying to order from Garden of Wisdom, as it’s currently out of stock. Something for use under a drying sunscreen and for someone with combination skin(oily dry, and normal) and eczema.

  37. sesame says:

    Interesting what you said about home salons. When I was younger, I went to those cos of my mom’s connection but I no longer know of any reliable ones now. And haha…your description of looking like a cave woman and hairy monkey totally tickled me!

  38. Corinna Foong says:

    Yes, I would. I do it all the time since I don’t visit the hair salon often. I started since secondary school. Sometimes I do cut it too short and end up looking a bit silly, but hey, it’s only hair, within a week it’s all settled down. I’ve even got the comb like scissors to thin it so my fringe doesn’t look too heavy. I’ve cut my daughter’s fringe too.
    I even cut my son’s hair after he turned 1 and while at the PD, someone referred to him as mei mei, and that was it, cut cut cut! Haha! And guess what, no one knew it was done by me!

  39. Miss Vinny says:

    Oh haha. Well I go to TaoMoTiam at hougang. She’s quite good. I think there are others and you could check out the home salon thread at cozycot. Sorry if my typing seems wonky. We’re moving and the internet is already down at the old house. So handphone it is.

    Btw the oils I mentioned are okay for using under sunscreen, right?

  40. sesame says:

    I see…okay, I’ll go and check out the forum.

    The oils you mentioned are fine under sunscreen…but I’ve not used them so not sure if they’re too rich for combination skin type. But a drop or two on a damp face should suffice.

  41. sesame says:

    Haha…your comment reminded me of my son. When he was young, he was often mistaken for a girl cos of his haircut. It was short but the style was probably girlie…

  42. Miss Vinny says:

    All right, wish me luck! ?

  43. Carla says:

    I’ve been cutting my own hair for two years now. It’s so easy once you get the hang of it. Takes about 20 minutes to do all my hair (medium long hair). I save time, money and can be creative about it. I love being able to cut my own hair but don’t recommend it if you don’t have a steady hand. LOL.

  44. sesame says:

    Yeah, if it’s a straight bang, you definitely need a steady hand. I have side swept bangs so it’s easier to manage.

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