Getting the Kimia glow raved by Victoria Beckham

I received an invitation to try the Kimia Facial System back in December, but only found time to try it out last week. I hardly go for facials these days because they’re too time consuming, but was interested enough to try this one out only because one, the products are in the natural category and two, I read that Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have testified to the brilliance of Kimia’s Facial System. Yes, I not only fall for pretty packaging, I fall for celebrity endorsements too!

Excellent treatment for anti-aging
Okay, I admit I was also very curious about the “Kimia glow” that this facial offers because I’ve tried the product samples, and wasn’t that impressed with the results. But perhaps the facial has something else to offer that will be different? According to the marketing claims, Kimia works by stimulating the rejuvenation of skin cells and leaving the cells nourished. As a result, skin feels velvety smooth because of the removal of dead cells on the skin’s surface. This treatment is excellent for those with drier skin type as it minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, Kimia’s Facial System has also been shown to relieve redness (rosacea) on the skin.

Available at Medical Aesthetics Spa
I had the Kimia Facial System at Medical Aesthetics Spa over at Palais Renaissance. The salon, which used to offer medical aesthetic treatments, is now only offering spa treatments based on a couple of unique skin care brands, including a snail cream. Kimia is their latest anti-aging range that they’re introducing to suitable customers above 25 years of age.

Choice of 60-min or 90-min treatment
Because of the location, this is an upmarket establishment but the staff were all friendly and personable right from the moment I stepped into the salon. The treatment room was spacious and comfortable, and I was offered a 90-minute treatment that included a 30 minutes pampering back massage prior to the facial. The therapist that worked on me goes by the name of Xiao Ting, and I like how she handled both my back and my face during the entire treatment.

Not using just Kimia products
When it came to my face, it was a combination of aromatherapy and lymphathic massage. The treatment did not come with any steaming but there was extraction. While Kimia products were the key focus, but they did not constitute the large part of the treatment process. Instead, Sampar products, which I understand have a high concentration of natural ingredients, were used during the cleansing and exfoliation process. I can’t quite remember if Sampar products were used as masks on my face, but they were definitely not from Kimia.

About Kimia Facial System
Actually the Kimia Facial System only consist of two products – the Kimia Exquisite All Natural Face Oil, and the Kimia Hydra-activator. The ingredients are all fairly natural, such as calendula oil, rose oil, clary sage oil, rosehip oil, cranberry seed oil, neroli, and grapeseed oil. When I used the sample on my skin prior to the facial, I did not see much of a difference. However, I did notice that my face had a slight radiance the day after the facial and I suppose that’s the “Kimia glow”! I also noticed the skin tone on my neck becoming fairer after the facial but I don’t believe that’s due to Kimia at all.

20% discount for all first-time customers
I had expected more from the facial based on the raves by Victoria Beckham. However, if you’ve got dry skin that needs some nourishment and glow, I would recommend you to try the Kimia Facial System. However, just get your expectations right that this is not a full Kimia facial, as in they do not use only Kima products. A 60-minute facial only session will cost S$160 while a 90-minute facial plus back massage session will cost S$220. The good news is that for all new customers, a 20% discount will be extended. I was also assured that they do not engage in hardsell tactics although they do offer packages of 10 or 15 sessions that allow customers to save substantial amount with 40 to 50% off the retail prices.

Location and contacts
The Kimia Facial System is available at #03-10/11 Palais Renaissance (Tel: 6884 4993) and you can visit their website for more information about Kimia.


  1. Audris says:

    I wonder how thorough the extractions are (which is really what I look for first and foremost in my facials). The package price seems reasonable if it’s 40 – 50% off.

  2. sesame says:

    It wasn’t painful…in fact, I don’t remember her extracting much on my face cos she said I had little stuff to get rid of. But I’m sure I have stuff on my nose…didn’t remember he spending much time there.

  3. CT says:

    I love facial but after each facial , i get backache.

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