Estelle & Thild Raspberry Lip Balm review & giveaway

I have a case of occasional dry lips, and have never been able to find a lip balm that is not only organic and safe, but also effective in moisturizing. I used to rely on vaseline based lip balms and had no idea they were further drying my lips and making me reliant on their products. And when I found out, I tried organic brands, but they often left a powdery texture on my lips after a while, and still, I see flakes of skin chapped from my lips. So I sort of admitted defeat and settled for drinking lots of water to hydrate them from inside out instead. And then…Estelle & Thild lip balm came along!

Uses natural ingredients of highest quality
Estelle & Thild was created from what sounded like sheer frustration – due to the lack of safe ingredients in products, while looking for products for her daughters. Pernilla Ronnberg, founder and CEO of Estelle & Thild, believes that what we put on our skin is as important as our health. Your skin will absorb some 60% of what is put on it and there are, on the average, 25 different synthetic chemicals in just one product, making it almost impossible to avoid anything potentially irritable. So the company uses natural ingredients of highest quality with the help of dermatologists and toxicologists.

Minimize plant extracts to lower risk of irritation
Estelle & Thild does not mix too many plant extracts to lower the risk of irritability for those with sensitive skin. The ingredients they use are based on vitamin rich oils and plant extracts that aims to preserve the skin’s natural balance, benefiting the skin and making it safe for people with sensitive skin. This company is certified organic by Ecocert, uses organic and natural ingredients that are free from parabens, mineral oils, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, silicone, urea, DEA, TEA, synthetic emulsifiers, PEG and dyes. Their products are also not tested on animals and are environmentally certified Nordic productions that uses recyclable packaging.

A moisturizing formula that works
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this product to work, especially from the looks of the pretty package and the lovely tint of it. I was judging based on past experience of lip balms that look so promising but still fall short of expectations. So on a day that I wasn’t heading out, I tried it and applied some on my husband for the fun of it. After about an hour of chores and stuff, I forgot I still had the lip balm on until my husband mentioned that this lip balm is actually moisturizing. I was impressed! I didn’t even notice I had it on after a while, and this product actually does moisturize. It didn’t leave my lips flaky or powdery; it was close to perfect.

A sweet candy scent that is barely there
This Estelle & Thild raspberry lip balm seriously got my attention and I applied a little bit more so I can study the tint of it. It doesn’t exactly leave a tint on my lips, but it made me look more ‘alive’, giving my lips a natural flush and the hydration helps too. The scent of the lip balm when I was opening it from the package smelt like candy, and I was thinking “Oh no…another one with a strong scent!” But oddly enough, when applied on my lips, there was barely any smell. I even had to take another whiff at the tube to be sure. If you can’t stand the overwhelming smell of candy in lip balms, this product is definitely not one of them.The only down side of this product, is the application of it. This balm is made with a slanted tip, and I have to use my fingers to apply. It would be troublesome if I were outside and my hands were dirty. Should this product be in the form of a twist cap with a build in brush applicator (like mascara), it would have been the perfect lip balm.

Price & availability
The one I got is a complimentary product given for review by natureLOVA. You can get this from their online store based in Singapore. The price of this lip balm is S$30. Yes, a little pricey than your average lip balm, but given its ingredients and the fact that this actually works, I’d say it’s worth it. Besides, this tube will probably last you around 3-4 months or so, even if you use this daily. And if you buy it on Earth Day on 22 April, you’ll get 15% off by using the promo code earthday2012.

Personal rating
Out of 5 hearts? I’d give this lip balm 4.5 hearts! I deducted 0.5 hearts because of the application method. Would I buy this for myself when it’s finished? Definitely. I might even try the beige one next.

Giveaway for Viva Woman Readers
And for now, three of you can each receive a tube of this really pretty Estelle & Thild Raspberry Lip Balm by entering into this giveaway! Just answer two questions in the comments section:

  1. If you were given a chance to create a new Estelle & Thild Lip Balm, what flavor would you pick and why?
  2. Visit the natureLOVA webite & tell me one other product in the Estelle & Thild range that you like to try.

This giveaway is open to readers in Singapore. It will close next Friday, 27 April 2012 at 12 midnight. The three winners will be picked by the team at natureLOVA and announced on the Viva Woman Facebook Page. So enter right away to win one of these lovely Estelle & Thild Raspberry Lip Balm! Note: color sent will be determined by the company.


  1. EcoBeauty says:

    I think I mentioned once that I used to be a vaseline-addict/dependent. I couldn’t use any other night lip balm that wouldn’t leave my lips feeling dry and tight the next morning. So it was actually one of the last products to go for me when I switched to natural ones. Currently, the a honey-based lip balm as my night lip balm and it’s been working really well for me–but it’s too heavy and inconvenient for day use. I’m still on the lookout for a day lip balm that’s convenient to bring around and has a very, very subtle tint. ?
    1. If I were to create a new Estelle and Thild Lip Balm, I’ll probably make a Cherry flavor. It sounds very uncreative and common for a lip balm but I’ve always found Cherry-flavored and tinted lip balms quite suitable for me. Another flavor I could think of is Soda-Mint. Due to the hot weather in Singapore, I think a flavor with a bit of kick will be refreshingly welcome.
    2. The Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil! Not that I’m pregnant but I’ve got stretch marks on my hips and I want to prevent them from getting worse. This is one the things that scares me about being pregnant in the future, ’cause I’m very prone to stretch marks. ?
    EcoBeauty last post is: Share: Silly Tell-Tale Signs Your Period is Coming Very, Very Soon

  2. fwy says:

    1) Flavour: Cranberry. I just love the smell and taste.
    2) I would like to try the fragrance free facial cleansing gel. I had been using facial foam for a while & realised lately that it actually dries my skin.

  3. Janette says:

    A red grape flavor would be nice – it has the color, the aroma, the taste and contains antioxidants and vitamin properties too #k8SjZc9Dxk_#k8SjZc9Dxk

    The one product that I really want to try from Estelle & Thild range would be their Fragrance Free Facial Oil 30ml coz my already dry, patchy and damaged skin is at its worst state and desperately needs product that is ultra rich and nourishing.

  4. Jyoan says:

    Burt’s Bees Pomengranate lip balm is really good!
    Jyoan last post is: Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner

  5. Sagorika Dasgupta says:

    If I were to create a flavour, it would probably be Chocolate with rich organic cocoa beans infused in all the good base oils/ butters that make Estelle & Thild Lip Balm. Just imagine…rich, pure chocolate on your lips..all the time ?
    Another product from the Estelle and Thild Rose Otto Facial Serum which is supposedly for mature and dry skin. Since moving to Singapore, and having the skin exposed to aircons most of the time, I find my skin dehydrated than it used to be. I try drinking a lot of water, but I guess a facial serum should help. Also, benefits of rose oils for skin have been known since ages. I am sure this product will deliver as it promises!

  6. chui munn says:

    1. Flavour – Cocoa butter and vanilla beans flavour. Just love this combo. Makes me feel like I’m eating cake.

    2. The one product I’d like to try is the Neroli Night Cream. My face has undergone some bad times due to my hypothyrodism. So am looking for a good face cream to bring back that glow.

  7. Rena says:

    I know what you mean, the brush or roll-on seems easier to apply but I read that the wedge applicator (slanted tip) is the most hygienic way to use and store your lip balm or lip stick. Use the wedge to contour around your lips, you’ll get skilful with it.

  8. Nia Nasyitah says:

    -My flavor would be…… Dark chocolate and mint! Such an irresistible combination ? mint for the refreshing feeling and the dark chocolate would just be the tantalizing temptation right on your lips! How can you resist chocolate on your lips?!

    -I would like to try the Neroli Eye Balm! I’ve a serious case of dark eye circles due to stress and sleep debt. Needless to say, I went on an eye cream rampage. However, none of the eye creams I’ve tried gave significant results or the effects hardly last. So I’m open to trying new eye creams. This will also be a good intro for me to the brand as well since I’ve never tried it. Another plus point would be that it is organic. I’m always open to organic options and have been trying to get organic alternatives lately. Getting more cautious hehehe #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

  9. Mandy says:

    I would want to create a balm with grapefruit flavour, I just love the zest with a tinge of sweetness.
    I would love to try Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Facial Toner, cos I am looking for a toner and it being fragrance free means a low chance of getting skin irritation.

  10. Sally says:

    Earl Grey flavour would my choice – I love Earl Grey everything, Teas, Chocolates, Cakes etc! And the next question is simple as I did spot this brand at Takashimaya a while ago and had wanted to try the Rose Otto facial oil but didn’t get to it.

  11. lisabelle says:

    1. Matcha Flavour would be refreshingly delightful! It would be super cool to have lip balm that is aromatic and rich-flavoured like matcha. Yummy! Plus it would be super rare and unique. Besides, matcha has antioxidant properties that would be an alluring plus-point to consider! ( i am not too sure about green lip-balm though, haha!)

    2.I would love to try the Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Cleansing Milk for it is said to be for sensitive and allergy-prone skin like mine! I really like the classic-looking white packaging. Furthermore, I have always love using cleansing milk for that fact that it is greatly nourishing yet natural. Fragrance Free Cleansing Milk simply sounds that a heavenly product to use every evening~

  12. Cassie says:

    I haven’t actually tried any of the Burt’s Bees range. Will check their lip balms soon. ?
    Cassie last post is: Are we so superficial that even foods have to look a certain way to be sold?

  13. Cassie says:

    Is your honey based lip balm the one you recently mentioned on your blog? I also have stretch marks even though I am not, and have never been pregnant before! ?
    Cassie last post is: Are we so superficial that even foods have to look a certain way to be sold?

  14. Cassie says:

    But what happens after applying it directly to my lips using the wedge applicator? I usually need a tissue to wipe the applicator before putting the cap back. If not I’ll get paranoid that it will start breeding bacteria. :X
    Cassie last post is: Are we so superficial that even foods have to look a certain way to be sold?

  15. Cassie says:

    Earl Grey flavored lip balm, that’s a first! Sounds really good too!
    Cassie last post is: Are we so superficial that even foods have to look a certain way to be sold?

  16. EcoBeauty says:

    oh, it’s not the lip mask recipe on my blog. it’s a real lip balm and by an actual brand, mukti. ? Won it from sesame’s green beauty giveaway. I hate my stretch marks, I’ve had them since I was a kid and back then, I thought they looked nice and that they were my “unique” body prints!

  17. Audris says:

    1. I see that Estelle & Thild is Swedish but has a global market. In that case, I’d select a tropical fruit that’s underrated and often overlooked in skincare. The guava. Even the shade of the pink inside of a guava (for certain varieties) can be considered for the lip balm – Guava Pink! The guava is packed with carotenoids and polyphenols, with relatively high potential antioxidant value. In addition to these properties, guava parts (leaves, bark) or the extract is said to have medicinal value with antimicrobial properties. Last but not least, it smells heavenly and organic guava is pretty easily available ?

    2. I’d pick the Rose Otto facial serum. Because I need the anti-ageing properties, because rose otto is a highly prized and sought after skincare ingredient and proven to work and the serum contains rose geranium oil, a favourite scent of mine ?

  18. 8westwood says:

    If I could create a new Estelle and Thild lip balm, I’d go with coconut. It smells great, and coconut oil has amazing moisturizing properties.

    I would love to try the Rose Otto Facial Serum.

  19. Jamie Ang says:

    If it were up to me, I’d go ahead with Strawberries and whipped cream! Create one with a tinge of creamy pink and the taste of strawberries and creamy milk!

    I’d love to try out Estelle & Thild Rose Otto Cleansing Milk 150ml, just the name sounds divine!
    Jamie Ang last post is: P_jamie: Worried about everything.

  20. Krystal says:

    1. I’ll like to create a minty rich cocca butter lipbalm, it very surprising how cocca butter works for my lower limbs and hope it does wonders to my too-many-lines lip. Something along the texture of Palmer’s Choco Mint lip butter ?

    2. I’d like to try out Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Eye Balm as I’ve not tried other brands for eye cream other than Clinque. Would like to step out of my comfort zone to try out something for sensitive eyes:)
    Krystal last post is: Blog Sale- Skincare and Makeup

  21. Sally says:

    Haha! you are indeed paranoid. You dont wipe your rounded tip or brush lip balm after use, do you?

  22. Raine says:

    1. I can’t decide between avocado and peanut butter! Yum!
    2. I would love to try the night cream or the night serum. Organic goodness that works wonders while I’m asleep!

  23. Cassie says:

    Sometimes I do.. :p

  24. Catherine Ong says:

    If possible, would like lip balm of chocolate cheesecake or tiramisu. Good enough to finish the balm on its own. Yummy-licious.

    I would love to try Estelle & Rose Otto Cleansing milk

  25. Elaine l. says:

    If you were given a chance to create a new Estelle & Thild Lip Balm, I would choose… Neroli flavor.. as it has a slight citrus flavor, not to overpowering sweet, yet has a very aromatic and soothing effect.
    I’ll like to try Estelle & Thild Neroli Eye Balm and Estelle & Thild Rose Otto Facial Serum! From the description itself, i could literally smell and feel the neroli and rose scent on my face. It would be so luxurious on my skin..

  26. sos says:

    1. I would create a chocolate mint flavor!! It is fresh and it tastes good. I use a moituriser of the same flavor and it is great
    2. Wanna try Estelle & Thild Baby/Child Delicate Body Wash

  27. Lyela says:

    I will pick caramel as a Estelle & Thild Lip Balm flavor and secondly, I would like to try the Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Eye Balm as I experience discoloration around my eyes and that is incredibly unattractive )=

  28. Hansani says:

    1) I’d go for a chocolate flavor because i LOVE chocolate and the next best thing is chocolate flavored lip balm!
    2) I’d also like to try the “Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Face Cream”


  29. c. walker says:

    A sweet caramel coffee flavor

    Estelle & Thild Rose Otto Cleansing Milk 150ml

  30. Sing Tsai says:

    If I could invent a new flavor, my goal would be something Kissable so that I can pucker up…Haha…I will go for Coke flavor. Hehe. Everyone loves coke, don’t they?

    Horse Power Nail Fertilizer. It has a really attractive name. Definitely want to test out how much power it has to repair my badly chomped up nails. =)

  31. Sing Tsai says:

    If I could invent a new flavor, my goal would be something Kissable so that I can pucker up…Haha…I will go for Coke flavor. Hehe. Everyone loves coke, don’t they?

    Horse Power Nail Fertilizer. It has a really attractive name. Definitely want to test out how much power it has to repair my badly chomped up nails. Lol =)

  32. KL says:

    I’d love a Pink Lemonade lip balm! Zesty to perk me up, with a gentle pink colour to bring out the au-naturel colours of lips! ?

    The Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Eye Balm looks interesting and I’d love to try that if I have the opportunity! ? Long-term struggle with puffy eyes and eyebags and I have not found my solution thus far! :/

  33. NewsColumn says:

    I love strawberry flavor so much .. it makes me active all day long…

  34. MarcieMom says:

    Finally, something for Singapore readers! Yay! Been blogging on eczema for a year plus, and it’s the first time I’ve come across something that I want and I can particpate because I’m in Singapore!
    1. I’d choose lemon! It’s refreshing and a busy mom like me, working and managing home (without maid/part-time cleaner) simply needs to have refreshment at my lips!
    2. I’d love to try Baby/Child Gentle Shampoo. Marcie always scratches after shampoo and I don’t know what’s wrong with her scalp. She had cradle cap when very young but I don’t see that on her scalp anymore.

    If natureLOVA is reading this and would like to work with me to contribute to the first eczema fund that’s initiated by my donation, please contact me ?
    MarcieMom last post is: Eczema Herpeticum – What is it and is it dangerous?

  35. Deebz says:

    I like citrus-y scents, so I will opt for anything lemon/orange/lime for that zest.

    Estelle & Thild Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil. I do have some stretch marks, not caused by pregnancy but by weight fluctuations, so I would love to give this a try. Hopefully this is potent enough to remove my stubborn unsightly stretch marks! ?
    Deebz last post is: Asience Inner Rich Haircare Range

  36. Min says:


    I would pick peach flavour because it has a good source of anti oxidants, smells great and tastes yummy!

    One other product I would like to try from Estelle & Thild is Fragrance Free Facial Toner.


  37. thian says:

    1.) I will pick orange flavour for a new Estelle & Thild Lip Balm
    2.) I would like to try the Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Eye Balm


  38. Edna says:

    1) i would probably come up with a red wine and wild rose flavoured lippy.
    For one, the red wine would add more circulation to your lips and add a lovely tinge? And thats makes the lips look more kissable!

    2) i would love to try their otto rose eye cream since im actually on the look out for a natural eye cream that actually works~

  39. Pei Chwen says:

    1. I would pick mango & acai berry as a flavor because the taste & smell of mangoes are delightful and the acai berry is well-known to be a super fruit!
    2. I’d like to try the Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Gel.

  40. Chin Ming says:

    1) Lemon with cranberry, because it will be unique & refreshing!
    2) I will like to try the Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Eye Balm.

  41. Linda Szetiz says:

    A little while ago I had a severe reaction to some other lip balm I had been using, and I looked for a product had more of a natural feel and a friend recommended Lipice Strawberry Touch. It has worked wonders for me. Truly amazing. A big thank you to Multibrands.

  42. baipidi pelele says:

    This sound like a nice product that would work for me!! So do I buy it!! I’ve tried so many products to no avail!! So please wher do I buy this amazing product??

  43. Sesame says:

    Check out the website link provided in the entry.

  44. Sanna says:

    I personally can’t recommend Estelle & Thild Rasberry Lip Balm. I’m prone to get allergic reactions from cosmetic products and thought this product would be “safe” for me to use. Wrong! I got a nasty blister-like rash around my mouth after one days use. So be careful, even though it seems (according to blogs and other reliable internet sources ;)) these products fit most allergic people. Maybe it’s the color ingredients or fragnance that made my skin react to this lib balm, but still – these are not 100% allergy-proof products.

    And what made me even more upset is the fact that several weeks ago I send customer feedback about this to Estelle & Thild, and have not got any reply?

  45. Sesame says:

    Oh dear…sorry to hear about your allergy with this lip balm. You’re probably right that perhaps the color ingredients or maybe something else triggered the allergy for you. My writer, Cassie, has sensitive skin and this worked well for her though.

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