Share: do you ever feel unmotivated to look good?

I don’t know what has come over me but of late, I no longer feel like putting on makeup or even dress up. No, I’m not depressed at all but I just feel unmotivated in the looks department. To be honest, it’s getting to be a chore to put on even some light foundation and I realized that I haven’t been using lippies for a long time! On most days, I’m out in tees and shorts or jeans complete with a pair of FitFlop. I don’t even put on accessories like I used to anymore! The only thing I still care about is my hair; I’ll ensure that it’s at least clean and neat whenever I head out.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that I actually found it painful to have to dress up to attend a relative’s wedding recently. In the end, I just turned up in my usual working attire while everyone else was dolled up to the max! And the best part is, I wasn’t really bothered or self-conscious.

Okay, before anyone jumps to an abrupt conclusion, I just want to clarify that I DON’T look like a mess and I do put up makeup and dress up if I have to. Ah-ha – if I have to – so the whole idea of dressing up is truly bothersome to me now. Would you believe that I’ve not shopped for clothes, shoes, bags or accessories in eons? And this whole idea of getting a new pair of eyeglasses to replace contact lenses is just for me, an excuse not to have to use makeup whenever possible! o.O

What I think might have happened is that I’ve gotten quite comfortable with who I am at this stage and no longer feel like I need to spend too much time on dolling up. Plus, I really don’t have much time on most days. But I really hope this is a passing phase and I might get back on track soon. So first of all, I’m going for a makeover for my hair later this week and hopefully, I’ll emerge with a different image altogether (okay, that’s a bit of a wishful thinking because most of the time, makeovers don’t make me look THAT different). Maybe I should try doing more style posts to get myself motivated but before I do that, I’ll definitely need to get interested enough to get some new clothes.

So tell me ladies…is this something that has happened or is happening to you? How do you then motivate yourself out of the rut?


  1. EcoBeauty says:

    You know it’s happening to me! ?

    I’m soooo lazy to dress up that I’ve reduced my daily look to rubber slippers, loose tshirt and shorts for work. And my hair… it’s a mess! But I think it’s due to work stress since I currently have lots of deadlines and am transitioning to work on other projects. Recently, I haven’t been in the mood to do LOTS of things.
    EcoBeauty last post is: Mood Swings and Hair Cuts and Why They Might be a Tragic Pair

  2. Cassie says:

    This has actually been happening to me since a year ago. :/ But I didn’t think of it as being reluctant to dress up, I’ve just grown really comfortable in tank tops, cardigans and shorts with flip flops. And like you mentioned, unless necessary, I will never ‘dress up’ per se. Haha!
    Cassie last post is: Cooking attempt #1

  3. Mimi says:

    Yea, it is happening to me now too. I just don’t feel motivate enough to really dress up myself on non-dating days. Maybe the longer you been with someone, your true self will slowly expose and you just don’t want to make yourself look good for someone else. I hope to change that about me in the future!
    Mimi last post is: NOTD: Essie "In Stitches"

  4. kay says:

    I’ve always been like this since young, never liked to dress up nicely or look really good. To me, as long as I think I look presentable enough for different occasions I’m satisfied. Usually I go to town in a shirt, nice shorts, sandals w a big tote or sling and light makeup which consists of tinted moisturizer and blush. I hardly wear makeup to work because I teach sports as a career, at least I keep my skin good enough to go to work barefaced. It’s best to gauge the minimal requirement of dressing up w your personal opinion. For me, as long as I feel good, I look good.

  5. The Holistic Chick says:

    Its funny, once I started using healthy bath and body products I don’t use cosmetics as much as I used to, back when I was using not-so-healthy products. Honestly, my skin doesn’t need all the goop on it anymore, I’ve got nothing to cover up. Back in the day, I was always dealing with rashes and breakouts and blotches, but not any more! I still love cosmetics, and I still buy them, but I find myself wearing something on my lips only simply for the chapped issue. Then again, I was never one of those people who had to be completely made up simply to leave the house. I feel, as long as I smell good, the rest is just well, whatever. ?
    The Holistic Chick last post is: I Turned Down a Product Review and Mango Butter is Awesome

  6. Swati says:

    in a sense this is good Sesame, if you are speaking from a confidence point of view and I can completely understand what you mean by everything becomes a painful chore….even I hate dressing up and frankly, even I don’t mind going somewhere in a jeans and a top and most of the time, I forget to put on even a lip balm ? but, I guess that happens when we get too lazy or something!!
    Swati last post is: How to start caring for your hair? {Hair Care}

  7. Sesame says:

    I remember you mentioned this! I was looking forward to your ‘what you wear’ posts.

  8. Sesame says:

    Yeah, it’s more like being comfortable in the current state…

  9. Sesame says:

    Haha…it does happen over time when you get too comfortable with your partner. But it’ll be good to dress up on some days to surprise him. ?

  10. Sesame says:

    For what you do, I would think no makeup is good because like what you’ve mentioned, it’s good to get the skin to breathe while working out. Actually I used to be a casual dresser – tees, shorts and sandals in Orchard Road – until my friends refused to be seen with me. Haha…Then sometimes I overdress!

  11. Sesame says:

    What you’ve said describes my state of mind. I think the whole “natural” lifestyle and skincare routine is affecting the way I want to be seen. Or maybe it’s just a phase. But I certainly don’t want to spend so much time putting on makeup if I can….I still need my foundation to even out my skin tone!

  12. Sesame says:

    I don’t know if it’s confidence or sheer laziness or both. Haha…but I think more of laziness cos I will still want to wear some makeup when I work. But certainly not the full works of blush, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick and all. I am even lazy to paint my nails now. ?

  13. Lee Ying says:

    I dress according to moods. Some times I cannot be bothered but sometimes I will make some effort if going out with friends or family for dinner. It can be fun to dress up nicely. ?

  14. Lisa says:

    Getting dressed up is a part of the fun of going out. So I enjoy doing it. Also, going out with my friends gets me to do all my other maintenance things like do my nails and wax my legs. And once you’re out and looking good it is really worth all that effort. So to sum up it makes me feel special and good. So maybe you could have a special girly night out with your friends and go to a bar you like and hang out talk and feel really glamorous :). (Also, wearing a new dress to debut it adds to the fun, or wearing your favorite one.)

  15. Heglaé says:

    Until 2010, I has no vanity at all. I didn’t care about skincare, haircare, clothes, whatever…then, suddenly, I discovered beauty blogs and I became nuts! I want all the top brands, all the nice clothes, etc…then I watched the Story of Cosmetics video and I saw the quantity of crap I was putting in my face. So I come back to the roots and now I have the basics and I’m happy with it. I have 3 or 4 products for skincare, 3 for haircare…I still have and buy a lot of makeup, but now from natural/organic companies and I barely use it, only in special events or night out. As I’m working at home, my daily wear is loose dresses and flip flops. To go to grocery shop, some loose shirt, shorts and flipflops and, when I remember, some lipbalm. And I feel good and confortable with this.

  16. Sesame says:

    Very interesting! It sounds like going natural has some effects on the way we makeup and dress too. I was also like that…used to use little makeup and then suddenly a surge in interest due to reading other beauty blogs and then now this current state.

  17. Sesame says:

    It’s true that having some girls’ night adds some fun and will make you want to dress up. I truly haven’t done that in ages! I guess it also doesn’t help that my hubby is not too encouraging whenever I get adventurous with fashion and so that’s a major contributing factor to not bother these days. I should try to buy some new clothes again! ?

  18. Sesame says:

    True…dressing up and being seen being dressed up can be fun. ?

  19. pf1123 says:

    Hello! Sometimes I don’t feel like dressing up as well. So, off and on I would go out bare faced so that my friends would get used to my low maintenance days.

  20. Jyoan says:

    oh yes, i do feel unmotivated to look good at times. i think it’s normal.
    Jyoan last post is: fresh eau de parfum in Hesperides

  21. Sesame says:

    Hi! It’s nice to hear from you again and it’s nice to be able to go bare faced…I haven’t really gone bare faced with friends. Still need to use at least loose powder.

  22. Sesame says:

    Phases I guess… ?

  23. Lanie says:

    hi sesame,
    actually the reason why I am frequenting your blog in the last few days is because I want to be motivated again to look good..

    in the last 3 days, I’ve been following your DIY milk cleansers

    Day 1: milk with calamansi
    Day 2: milk with calamansi and honey (and orange juice as toner)
    Day 3: milk with calamansi, honey and turmeric followed by a bentonite clay mask and vitamin C water as toner (1/4 tsp vit c powder dissolved in 1 pint distilled water – kept the rest in the fridge)..
    Lanie last post is: Moringa cuttings for sale Trial Price: 10 sgd

  24. Sesame says:

    Haha…hope this post didn’t make you feel unmotivated…but I am still very motivated to take care of my skin!

    How are the DIY formulas working for you?

  25. L says:

    Yes definitely feel that sometimes…. in a way i felt like i have no one to impress at work (guys*) haha… as long as i look presentable at work i’m good to go…. minimal coverage & ok clothes… i see people who are all out full makeup & lipstick with dresses…. i think personally where i work there is no cute guys to impress… in my work & the building in general…

  26. Sesame says:

    Haha…for cute guys! ? But I admire those who bother to go all the way. Know of some ladies who wakes up at like 3am or 4am to put on makeup, which takes them like 1.5 hours!

  27. Carlie says:

    Chasing after 2 small children and running a business, gives me no time to really wear makeup. I do make sure my hair is neat and tidy if I go out. If we have to go out to a wedding etc I will dress up really nice. I think my hubby would like me to dress up and wear makeup a little more often. I feel that I don’t need to or it takes to much effort, especially if you have a 6 month old baby to look after. I use beautiful body care products, because they are easy to use and they make me smell pretty. But I can’t even really be bothered with a good face care regime. I used to wear makeup and get dressed up ready for work, but now I wear jeans and t-shirt and wear my hair in a pony tail.

  28. Sesame says:

    This happened to me when I just had my baby too! It’s okay to cut out makeup if you can’t find time but we should take good care of our face. I’ll still spend time on that.

  29. Lanie says:

    hi sesame,

    the DIY cleansers do work!! 1. to bring my spirits up (am finally doing something for myself) 2. remove clogged pores specially annoying blackheads and whiteheads (even asked my daughter to touch my face, she said,, oh a bit smooth! but not very smooth)..i think what she meant is it is working.. keep doing it :)… 3.) inspired to get out of my rut..

    am a single mother of a 6 year old and taking care of a mother who have breast cancer while maintaining a full time work.. I dont feel the need to look good to impress men as am ok being single.. but with my job and with a vain daughter like my daughter.. I need to do some catching up in the skin and hair care department.. and probably even in dressing up.. I do slip on foundation, lipstick and eye makeup from Jill Lowe…but thats about it.. my skin care regime have been quite bad (ive been using an organic soap that is very bare and quite drying to the skin..).. but with all the natural DIY cleansers and moisturizers you have here.. am so up for it…
    Lanie last post is: Moringa cuttings for sale Trial Price: 10 sgd

  30. Sesame says:

    That’s great! Also try using yogurt with oat flour if you can once or twice a week…it’ll improve your skin’s texture and tone too. Never mind the other people, I think it’s good to care for your skin for yourself as well as your daughter. ?

  31. The Hooting Post says:

    Guess we do get this feeling at some points of our lives.
    Our hectic lifestyles (blame work!) and other commitments take up most of our energies… It’s natural to wanna “take shortcuts” for certain stuff (lk spending too much time dolling up).
    I’m sure you’re so comfortable being “you”, natural beauty equals confidence too! Now that’s something not everyone can do! :p
    Have a good weekend ?
    The Hooting Post last post is: Laura Mercier Hits Singapore

  32. Sesame says:

    Yeah, very true…hectic lifestyles tend to make us want to keep things simple. I’m trying to keep things simple and hope to be able to do so with some chic and style too. ?

    You have a great weekend too!

  33. Audris says:

    It’s ok. Everyone gets into that kind of funk now and then. I think you have to give yourself a reason to look good sometimes, like a new hairstyle, colour, for those slightly plump, working out more in the gym, etc. etc.

    The more hectic work for me is, the less motivated I am to look good. Which is about now, really. I reckon I’ll need to wait till my beach holiday next month, get a nice slight tan and then change my makeup shades to motivate myself again.

  34. Sesame says:

    I just changed my hairstyle…not drastically but kept away from the usual classic type of bob so hopefully that motivates me. ?

  35. sam says:

    yea ive become content with myself i dont feel the need to impress anyone if i wanna dress up i do and if not i dont

  36. Fashion is for the Weak says:

    I’m glad you and countless others are finally waking up to the lies the beauty “industry” and its mindless followers and enforcers.

    Women, it’s not a competition. Makeup and appearance effort only say to everyone that you’re insecure with how you naturally look and that you only thrive with others approval.

    It’s the last remains of a women-are-slaves mentality.

    I’m glad you’ve found freedom. I hope you “stay on track” with it and have guts to actually fight against social lies rather than giving in to false guilt.

  37. Kamy says:

    Oh my god this is meee , just me. I get disturbed when someone tell me that i can make my hair better as they have seen my old pics and they compare. Even at work i don’t feel like doing much at all. Not sure if i need a stylist or i am happy with minimal effort.

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