How best to lose weight to look and feel good

Many ladies are concerned about their weight and the way they look. With the media’s portrayal of the female body, it can sometimes be pressurizing to meet those stereotypical standards. While I don’t condone losing weight for superficial reasons, I am all for losing weight for health benefits. Knowing you have lost the unhealthy fats on your body not only makes you feel good physically, but also better psychologically. This will in turn make you more motivated to keep a healthy weight and lifestyle!

Why you should lose the fats
Many health complications occur when a person is over the ideal weight for their body size. However, it is not uncommon for a person to exhibit health problems even before they are overweight. When this is the case, it is important that the person becomes more health conscious before things escalate. Apart from looking good when losing weight, it is important that you are losing the unhealthy fats by being selective with what you eat, rather than counting calories or not eating.

Harmful dieting methods
Dieting methods that involve counting calories or eating lesser than what you require do not help you lose fats; it actually makes you lose muscle mass instead. I also find diet pills can be potentially harmful to your liver and kidneys in the long run because what most diet pills do is it stops your stomach from digesting certain food or fats so it doesn’t get absorbed into your body. But while it prevents your body from digesting the fats, it can also prevent you from digesting important nutrients your body needs, not to mention it can be very taxing for your liver to process the pills.

Lose weight without denying yourself your favourite food
My husband and I have an average healthy weight to start with before we were food conscious. What we did was just have fruits and vegetable smoothies every morning and made an effort to eat large portions of raw vegetables before meals whenever we can. We also avoided fast food and snacks such as chips and instant noodles. To be honest, we weren’t extremely strict with our diet as we do indulge in the occasional chocolates and ice creams. But just having the fruit and vegetable smoothie and raw salads daily, we both could see a significant change in our bodies. Both of us lost exactly 5 kg each and for me, my skin looked clearer with very little breakouts. We don’t look skinny in case you’re wondering, but it definitely did make me feel better as I was able to fit into a pair of shorts I wore when I was in my late teens.

Feeling good makes you look good
I feel that being in charge of what you put in your body and then seeing the positive results can be very empowering. By treating yourself good through the foods you eat can alter your moods very much without knowing. Certain fruits can boost your moods in general and especially when you avoid junk food, you will be able to feel your body getting better somehow. In fact, I hardly get any nasty pre-menstrual symptoms anymore – no cramps, no mood swings and hardly any bloating. Although results may vary for different people, I am sure when you will benefit from eating healthy one way or another.

Sudden weight loss is not ideal
Many ladies who are concerned about their weight tend to be anxious about seeing results, and I don’t blame them because results are the only way of knowing if your method works. But it is never a good sign for sudden weight loss even if you are looking to lose weight. For one, you might find yourself suddenly looking haggard or even having to deal with sagging skin when you lose weight drastically. With my method of choosing what I eat, it only took two weeks for me to realize I lost weight even though the main purpose of changing my diet was not to lose weight. Thus, it is very evident that what you eat will determine how you look. So for ladies who would like to lose some weight to look and feel better, why not just start by eating right?


  1. frugalistar says:

    Sesame, sometimes we have to look beyond the number on the scale. Its about the inner health too; how healthy we are on the inside. A friend who is definitely much lighter than me has a higher cholestrol level than me.

    But definitely, with proper eating habits and exercise, when we lose the pounds, hopefully the insides are getting healthier too!
    frugalistar last post is: Great Singapore Sale: M)phosis North Point 2012

  2. Aida Mustapha says:


    I wanted to loose excess weight because i often felt breathless when running/ climbing up the stairs but nothing work… For more than 10 years my weight stuck at 88 kg. When i started riding my bicycle to work about six month ago (without the aim of loosing weight) i’m gradually loosing the extra fat and i’m feeling more energetic too. I can climb the stairs breezily now too ?

  3. stella says:

    my motivations in working out to keep trim are:
    1. continue fitting into my clothes in my expansive wardrobe (honestly, there’s so much stuff, i can’t afford to replace all of them in a different size!)
    2. keep collagen production up
    3. keep skin as taut as possible now especially with age

    i’ve taken fat absorbers before (one or two bottles years ago just out of curiosity e.g. chitosan) but don’t really see the point of it all as working out is so much cheaper and good for overall wellbeing…although i don’t really care about overall health & wellbeing all that much, i’m just obsessed with skincare (coz i’ve bad skin to start with), and exercise+eating right really helps!

  4. Swati says:

    oh yes, skipping on all the white flour stuff and white rice makes me lose all my fat immediately!!! and, white rice always makes me gain belly fat tremendously so i switched to brown rice ?
    Swati last post is: Home Remedies for skin dryness {DIY}

  5. HKLights says:

    I switched to “Paleo dieting” (no grains or dairy products of any kind) three weeks ago, no other changes made to the diet, and have since lost 6 cm from my waist!

    That’s body fat I thought would be next to impossible to lose.

    I have a particular body shape in mind, and there’s still four cm to go!

    Paleo dieting is the real deal (I personally combine it with the Zone Diet food proportions), everybody should check it out.

  6. Cassie says:

    That’s good to hear! Cycling is better than running if you want to build stamina and exercise, as it doesn’t strain your joints as much.

  7. Cassie says:

    Yup, exercising and eating right alone will do great wonders already, though I should work more on the exercising part. Hehe.

  8. Cassie says:

    Rice makes me really bloated and full too, and after cutting it down my tummy did went down too. :p

  9. Cassie says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! Will check it out. ?

  10. Yen Ee says:

    Hi! One way to slim down is to get proper nutrition for your body. With appropriate nutrition from food and supplements, one will definitely loose their fats.

  11. Cassie says:

    Yup, I agree!

  12. pinkpretty says:

    I think skipping is the best exercise to lose fat. 20 minutes of skipping will help you to burns about 200 kcal.
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  13. Sesame says:

    Hmm…skipping sounds good and yes, I believe it’s a good exercise to burn out cal.

  14. Mei Mei Angeles says:

    I agree, there really are a lot of advantages from loosing weight, not only it will let you feel and look good inside and out, it also give a lot of healthy benefits! There are a lot of products in the market that can help us loose weight, but I suggest we stay away from
    artificial ones like diet pills and other slimming potions as they may have
    side effects in the future. You can try this: It’s a fat loss program that offers a very safe, effective and natural way to loose weight while still enjoying your favorite foods. After all, we should never starve ourselves just to loose those extra pounds!

  15. Jess says:

    Exercise and a good eating habits are the key to success. However, if you lose weight quickly it will give you the motivation to keep going ?
    Jess last post is: Tips On Losing Weight And Toning Up After Baby

  16. Jess says:

    I have started to have my children run with me…It keeps everybody motivated and we are all losing some weight ?
    Jess last post is: Natural 5-HTP Side Effects

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