The necklace, the husband & the spiked collar dog

spikey necklace

My husband says the most unkind words to me when it comes to what I wear. Actually downright mean and exasperating most of the time but he has a way of making it sound so funny, I usually can’t help but laugh out loud. Like when he saw this spikes necklace, the first thing he said was that it reminded him of a bulldog cartoon. And you know what? It occurred to me that he was…right. (o_O)

Anyhow, bulldog or not, I’m still wearing the necklace. I just have to make sure I don’t wear it when I’m out with him. That, is the art of staying married. Heh.

And I don’t think I look anywhere close to a bulldog with this spikes necklace. Perhaps I should be adventurous and try wearing a spikes collar next time. (~_~)

Oh, for those interested, I got the necklace from here.


  1. Marla says:

    A lot of men just don’t get fashion. I have a similar necklace and love it.

  2. Scott says:

    You are lucky here I think..would not suit too many women..but looks really nice on you.

  3. Sanne says:

    Hahah, he’s right but it suits you ?

  4. Yak Man says:

    I think it looks cool haha :).

  5. Sesame says:

    Yes, true but that doesn’t stop them from trying to be critics. ?

  6. Sesame says:

    I think it depends on the outfits…should be able to suit most if the combination is right.

  7. Sesame says:

    That’s why I thought it was funny cos when he pointed that out, I thought it was so true. ?

  8. Sesame says:

    Yeah, it does but now I can’t get rid of the bulldog image too. Haha…

  9. Jyoan says:

    hahaha, you’re so cute.
    Jyoan last post is: Bellabox Singapore December and November

  10. Agnes says:

    I have to side with your husband on the necklace. I think he’s right about it. Still, I think you should wear it if you like it. Even if he doesn’t.
    Agnes last post is: Led Lichttherapie tegen rosacea?

  11. Sesame says:

    Haha…yes, he’s right like I said too. It didn’t occurred to me when I saw it on the website but it was hilarious when he pointed out to me after I’ve received the item.

  12. Hazel says:

    You really out to make a note of his comments along with pictures of the outfit that he is commenting on. Will make a great anniversary gift when compiled into a lil’ book (“,)
    Hazel last post is: Labelling and organising my nail stash at 2am

  13. Sesame says:

    Haha…I used to do that on my personal blog. He actually enjoys reading such posts.

  14. xin says:

    i think spikey necklaces are really cool! it can totally jazz up any plain top. well….men don’t get nails either…
    xin last post is: How I survived months without facial and feeling better than ever + December skincare routine

  15. Audris says:

    It’s edgy and looks mighty fine on you!

    I agree with your point on the art of staying married ?
    Audris last post is: Update on my Novalash extensions by Lolita

  16. Sesame says:

    Yeah, I think they’re edgy and interesting for a change.

  17. Sesame says:

    Yay…thank you!

  18. Aylwin says:

    Speaking as a guy, I thought the necklace was ok.

    I honestly won’t have thought of bulldog till you mentioned the association.

  19. Sesame says:

    Thanks Aylwin! I’m glad you see it as a fine accessory. ?

  20. Dee says:

    Men always have something to say about our fashion choices, don’t they? That is a nice necklace. When I saw the first image, I actually thought it was a bracelet until I read the entry, haha. Hope you’re doing well Sesame!
    Dee last post is: ELF Little Black Beauty Book – Review & EOTDs

  21. Sesame says:

    Hey Dee…nice to hear from you again! I’m doing well, thank you. ?

    Yeah, it looks smallish in the pic.

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