Why I love shopping at iHerb and what I usually buy

Hihi! As promised on my Facebook page, this is a post to show you what I’ve been getting from iHerb.com. Sure I’ve been getting lots of beauty products from there but I am also buying lots of other items given that I have over 35,000 choices! In fact, I have been shopping at iHerb at least once a month since end of last year and I never run out of things to buy. If it’s not replenishing my stock, it is checking out new stuff that are regularly brought in. How many of you understand that it’s really hard to resist the low prices, wide choices and occasional free shipping promo? (#k8SjZc9DxkO#k8SjZc9Dxk)

Best sellers and best rated
Although iHerb is well-known for their supplements, I don’t buy that much of their supplements for myself. The sections I love to browse through are really the bath and beauty section and the grocery section. Given that I don’t know all the products listed, I usually head for the best sellers or best rated products to check out new stuff to try.

Beauty and kiddy supplements
Here are some beauty supplements I bought. The one that I currently like to repurchase is Madre-C, a vitamin C complex. The others are more like random one-time purchases. I do take a probiotics supplement regularly but I prefer to get my supply locally rather than from iHerb. As for kiddy supplements, it’s also not something I buy that frequently from iHerb.

Snacks galore
The bulk of my purchases are snacks like sweets, candies, biscuits and preservative-free dried fruits. Some of these are for my son. Some of them are for myself. My favorites include the drops, pops and lollipops from Yummy Earth. At one stage, I was also buying a lot of chocolate bars from Chocolove. I have since stopped buying them and moved on to buying preservative-free prunes and cranberries from St. Dalfour. However, because some of these items are too popular, I don’t always get to buy them whenever I want to because the stocks get sold out as soon as they come in!

St-Dalfour-Organic Tea
St Dalfour USDA-certified organic tea
This is what goes into my shopping cart every month! The organic tea from St Dalfour! They’re USDA certified and comes in great flavors like earl grey and strawberry, two of my favorites! I usually stock up a few boxes and sometimes get extras as gifts. Each box comes with 25 tea bags and cost slightly over US$3. I think that’s not bad considering they’re certified organic premium tea. And for those concerned about drinking tea brewed from tea bags, you may like to know that each tea bag is individually sealed in an envelope to preserve its fresh, natural flavor. In addition, the tea bags are made with eco-friendly paper, which means no chemicals touch the tea bag.

Men and sports supplement
These are supplements I get for my husband. I didn’t know I could get stuff for him initially. I learnt it from my nephew and found out that the sports supplements are so much cheaper at iHerb. These stuff are actually available locally at the pharmacies but are selling for twice or more of the prices listed at iHerb! So it definitely makes more sense to purchase them off iHerb. Good thing I don’t order these every month because most of these supplements are heavy, come in huge containers and takes up a lot of space in my carton box!

Green household products
Okay, I started ordering these green household cleansers recently. I did so only because of the free shipping deal. I probably wouldn’t order them if I have to pay for the shipping because they’re too heavy! They are most probably also cheaper than what’s available in our stores here but I haven’t verified the pricing.

Pet supplies
And finally, these are for Gracie! How can I forget her? I wish iHerb would stock up more pet supplies because at the moment, what I can get for her is rather limited.

I know a number of you like to shop at iHerb. Perhaps you can share what you like to buy there? As for those thinking of shopping at iHerb for the first time, you can use my promo code – OVO966 – to receive an instant US$10 off your first purchase of US$40 or more. For purchase less than US$40, you get US$5 off using the same code. Do know that this is a rewards program so I’ll benefit if you use it. Well, with the low exchange rate now, it’s really a good time to shop. So if you’re gear for it, check out the website. And just for those interested to know, I’ve been buying from the online store since end of last year and have never had any problems with my order or my shipping, whether it is via Singpost or via DHL.



  1. Destiny7 says:

    I have been an iherb fan for over 10 years, and I see we have bought similar items! If you liked St Dalfour teas, also consider Organic India Tulsi Rose. A friend with insomnia bought it for me, and I found it restful before bed too. Try Beauty Bursts! Dr. Oz’s youbeauty site recently ran a review/promo with before and after pic.

  2. Sesame says:

    Haha…yes, I bought a few items because of your recommendations! I spotted Beauty Bursts but they were OOS when I tried to order.

  3. Red Scorpio says:

    I have also been a huge fan of iHerb for the last 2 years. ? After 60+ orders my only “complaint” is the 4lb weight limit (but shipping over here is flat $4 so it’s not that big a deal).
    Initially I started shopping there because they carry the entire Yogi Tea line which BTW I highly recommend; their blends are truly unique and masterful (and often quite effective) and they taste amazing. My faves: Green Tea Kombucha, Green Tea Rejuvenation, Chai Rooibos and many others. Even guys like a lot many of these blends!
    And when I discovered the beauty and supplements sections I became a full addict!
    Some picks: MyChelle and Hurraw! lip balms, Thayers witch hazel toners, South of France soaps, Abra Therapeutics body scrubs, Acure Organics hair products & night cream, Frontier spices… I could go on.
    I have also found their customer service pretty good. Twice I had a product spilt inside the package, and both times they reimbursed me this product, no questions asked.
    Overall, a most positive experience.

  4. Isabelles Hudvård i Malmö says:

    Love iherb’s products, so how much time do you spend each day talking care of you skin. My bedtime routine takes about half an hour. ? Thats when I’m in a hurry.

  5. Sesame says:

    Hmm…I think it’s about half an hour max but usually about 20 minutes.

  6. Sesame says:

    Oh ok, I’ll check out Yogi Tea line…saw that it’s very well rated. I I’m glad you’ve had good experience with the customer service. I haven’t encountered a need to contact them but hope they’re as effective if I need to.

    I actually spend quite a bit of time browsing through the beauty section and reading reviews! ?

  7. lis says:


    recently shopped at iherb and tried out the wheat shampoo you recommended in one of the earlier post. It works great! Definitely going to try purchasing tea from them next time. i had no idea they stock such a wide variety! may i know if you have any moisturizers/creams from iherb to recommended? planning to get one for my mum, so one that’s suited for dry, ageing skin? thanks so much!


  8. Janice says:

    This post came at a really great time, Sesame ? I just used your promo code to purchase Happy Baby organic baby food for my boy which came highly recommended from a fellow mummy friend.
    Janice last post is: Fun Retail Therapy & Delicious Thai Food For Dinner @ Bangkok Jam With My Best Friends ?

  9. Sesame says:

    Oh thanks! Hope your boy will enjoy the food. ?

  10. Sesame says:

    You can look up Reviva Labs, Acure Organics or Madre Labs. One approach is to look under best selling and see how well the products are being rates. I hardly use moisturizers so can’t really recommend one.

  11. Hazel says:

    oh my… i only found out that you have adopted a doggie after seeing your doggie supply from iHerb.
    Back tracked on your blog and saw lil’ Gracie ?
    I had problem loading vivawoman.net on my computer for several months so that must have prevented me from seeing Gracie!
    Anyways, I still have problems loading your webpage … could it be because I am using a Mac?

  12. Sesame says:

    Hmm…I don’t know what seems to be the issue. Some other readers had mentioned too but when I did a random poll on my FB page, most said the loading is fine. I’ve viewed my site with Mac and it loads okay too.

  13. Seppo says:

    iHerb rules! It’s a blessing for someone living outside North America. I happen to live in Thailand and Amazon outright refuses to take my business – should feel blessed they at least allow me to buy Kindle books! Discovery of iHerb and their $4 international shipping has been nothing short of a blessing for me.

    I constantly look at scientific studies on acne and skincare and write about them on my blog. Of course I can never find any products here for ‘putting my money where my mouth is’. The local stores here carry nothing but overpriced, overmarketed and useless products. Not to mention that supplements here are 2 to 3 times more expensive than the US. So yeah, happy to have found iHerb.

    Sure, it takes 3 weeks for the stuff to arrive here, but this is one of those beggars and choosers type of a situation.
    Seppo last post is: New Evidence Shows Drinking Green Tea Has Direct Skin Benefits

  14. Iherb fan says:

    You can get at Iherb better vitamins than Men’s one. Search for Raw One or Vitamin Code for men. They are Raw, meaning made from real whole foods, not synthetic. A bit more expensive, but really worth it.

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