Why I rather buy Fitflop than Crocs

Fitflops for workout

It’s been almost three months since I started wearing Fitflop and it’s about time I gave my review on the footwear. On the whole, I like my Electra but no, I am certain it did not tone my legs at all as I can still feel the flabs on my bum!  Perhaps it might do some good if I use them daily but really I can’t tell since I only wear these during the weekends.  

Extra cushion in the heel to reduce shock
One thing I can vouch on this pair of Electra is that it is extremely comfortable to walk on.  The added cushion in the heel helps to reduce shock by 22% and I suppose that’s the doing of its patent-pending microwobbleboard midsole technology.   I understand that Fitflop has got the Seal of Acceptance conferred by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), which means wearing this is beneficial for foot health.  However, it’s very important you get your Fitflop in the correct size or the reverse could be true!


Important for your Fitflops to fit
I received this pair of Fitflops compliments from the company. I had given my usual size but I did find it larger especially for my right foot. Now, when getting your Fitflop, it’s important to get the fitting size or you might end up with sore toes because your toes would constantly be gripping onto the strap. I found this was a problem for my right foot, especially after walking a longer distance. My left foot was perfectly fine though because the Fitflop fitted well.  So the next time I want to pick up another pair, I must pick one size smaller!

Fitflop is more stylish than Crocs
Other than that, I’m happy with my Electra, which is part of the Spring/Summer 09 Collection.  But I do need to wear it with care as the sequins may drop off if I’m not careful.  Well, so far, that has not happened as I don’t wear them for trekking anyway. But honestly, I was checking out Crocs yesterday because there’s a sale at Metro but decided that my money is better spent buying the Walkstar from Fitflop. Yes, Fitflop footwear are far more stylish looking than Crocs and at least, wearing my Electra makes me feel very Wondergirls!  HA!

If you’ve not tried Fitflops and are keen to try, I suggest you head down to one of the stores to try them out first. For a list of the stores, check out their website.


  1. Jyoan says:

    It’s really much more stylish. =) But after reading so many articles, I will still choose a slippers that has heel straps, like Havaianas (the one with heel strap, because the normal flip flops may even induce claw feet (toes)after long term wear, as we keep trying grip the slipper, especially while running (catch bus etc).

    It’s not common though, because most people still spend time wearing other sort of shoes.

  2. Blovet Beauty says:

    ohhh..Definitely more stylish than crocs~~~ ur feet looks so pretty in them!

  3. rinaz says:

    Oh boy maybe I should not have opened this page because, now I’m lemming for a mukluk boot ?

  4. stella says:

    i’ve a similar pair of black electras and while my calves hurt after 2 hours walking in the first wear, there’s no such effect anymore. in any case, i still wear them when i can in hope that it helps me with some exercise heh; my colleague wears them around the office when she’s off her heels tho. that said, i have a pair of gold crocs prima and silver malindis, they’re pretty cute~

    thing about these podiatrically correct (or whatever) footwear is that they’re mostly ugly (imo anyway) – all but the electras for fitflops and all but a few models for crocs… oh well

  5. loveless says:

    I own a pair of Walkstar I and I love them to bits. It is super comfy and I find myself walking more often and longer distances as well. I agree that it’s important to get the right fit because it will feel very uncomfy and difficult to walk in if they are too big or not enough support in the right areas if they are too small. I don’t think they will give you claw feet unless you get the wrong fit. They really fit quite snugly on my feet but it’ll be nice for back straps to prevent ankle injuries. The fall/winter collection has boots but I’m hoping that they will come up with a fitness/walking shoe. I know there’s the Gogh mule but I haven’t seen it in S’pore yet.

  6. Soos says:

    Nice pedi, sesame. I’m going to look at the Fitflop website now…

  7. pf1123 says:

    That brand is kind pricey, isn’t it?

  8. sesame says:

    Yeah, I learnt about claw toes from Loveless who left a comment in my preview. I didn’t know about that. But you’re right about the lack of support although personally, I don’t mind wearing them cos I don’t run *heavy bum*. I guess I’m just lazy and want the convenience to slip on and go.

  9. sesame says:

    Thanks! I saw a pregnant lady in Walkstar yesterday and I thought it looked very nice too.

  10. sesame says:


  11. sesame says:

    I find the range under Fitflops bearable…for those under Crocs, I saw a few designs that I did consider but in the end, I decided I didn’t like the rubbery material.

  12. sesame says:

    So you got a Walkstar in the end? When I gave you my comments about Fitflop two months back, I didn’t get this sore toe problem. It’s really not good if the size doesn’t fit well. I must go to the store to test for the correct size.

  13. sesame says:

    Thanks Soos…I had glitters added to the nail polish. ?

  14. sesame says:

    Price starts from $89.90 when I last checked. It’s comparable to Birkenstock and I find Fitflop more comfortable for walking. However, of course Birkies are prettier in terms of the varied design. I also have Ipanema flipflops which are cheaper but those are good for short distance. The cushioning is not so good really. So I think the price justify the comfort level if you like to wear flip flops. But then again, some pple may find that it’s too much to pay for a pair of flip flops.

  15. loveless says:

    When I first got my Walkstar, I had slight fitting problems for my right foot coz usually one feet is bigger than the other. After I seasoned the flip flops, it got better. Actually the later versions like Walkstar III and the Electra have a better fit than the Walkstar I currently own. A lady at the shoe store told me than your heel should always fit within the shoe rim and not be hanging out or at the exact edge of your slip-ons. This has to do with heel support and cushioning. The pair I got was on discount so I couldn’t resist. I’m actually now looking out for offers on the Gogh II and Walkstar III.
    BTW, your feet look really nice and it’s not just the pedi. A lot of women neglect their feet like me.

  16. pf1123 says:

    Yes. Its rather pricey for a pair of flipflops. But I’m willing to spend for comfort. Just need to be convinced. ?

  17. chenyze says:

    ooooh you should check out Vivo Barefoot! I have been harking after them since last summer but it was just too expensive to ship it over from US/UK. They recently opened a store at ION though and while I’m still saving up (the life of a poor student!) the shoes are so light it feels like walking on air! Plus they’ve got some pretty styles (=

  18. sesame says:

    My feet fits within the shoe rim but I think it maybe slightly large for my right foot. I need to test another smaller size at the store to see if it’ll fit.

    Oh thanks for your nice words about my feet. There are two things I used to be kind of proud of – my shoulder and my feet. Heheh. But since being pregnant, my feet isn’t as nice as before cos the skin has wrinkled up slightly after the swelling.

  19. sesame says:

    I’ve not heard of this brand but I took a look at the website. Seems their designs are for shoes and nothing on flip flops or sandals? Er…I don’t wear shoes. ? But I’ll remember to take a look at them at ION next time.

  20. kaiping says:

    Hi, just want to ask where can I get fitflops? I saw one outlet at holland road shopping centre, but not sure if it’s authentic. Is there any outlets in orchard? I’m heading over there tomorrow for shopping ? or should do they have sales during mid-year?

  21. sesame says:

    Isetan at Scotts & Wisma! They have the biggest selection. But they’re also available at Tangs and Metro. FitFlop rarely offers discount; if they do it’s for selected old models.

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