Unfrumping the boho-chic Free People Rad for Plaid Dress

Free People Rad For Plaid Dress
My husband can never get his head around some of my fashion choices. He thinks they’re too odd. Well, I can never get my head around some of his boring preferences either. The thing is, he doesn’t get bohemian. He doesn’t see the charm and chic in looking uniquely eccentric that’s totally de jour. I, on the other hand, love to dress like I don’t give a hoot about fashion on certain days and this is why clothes of an unrestricted, flowing style with interesting details and print particularly appeal to me. Like this Rad For Plaid Dress from Free People.

I so love it at first sight. But I also know that I can look fat, pregnant, sloppy or worse, all three. Plus I was leery that high-low skirts and dresses may not look good on me. Still, I decided to throw caution to the wind and ordered the dress anyway.

Free People Rad For Plaid Dress Tiered
This pure cotton tartan dress is unflatteringly roomy. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you even think it looks like some frumpy sleepwear, if not for the high-low hem and flowing stepped hem in front. That asymmetrical hem line alone turned the girly plaid dress around and gave it a more undated look.

Free People Rad For Plaid
However, it was the embroidery and crochet trim that caught my eye. I love such details but I admit it can also be another frumpy trigger on its own. Then there is the unexpected half-moon cutout at the back that most certainly freshened the overall look, drawing attention away from any trace of frumpiness. Definitely breaks the girly feel somewhat without coming across as too suggestive.

Free People Rad For Plaid Dress
I guess not many people will like this design. It doesn’t bother me one bit because that means not many people will wear the same dress as me. I definitely feel comfortable in it without feeling frumpy. And at least it doesn’t accentuate my figure and draw unnecessary attention to my bulges and fats—that would have been frumpy looking, dress or no dress, plaid or no plaid.

Outfit details
Free People Rad for Plaid Dress from Shopbop.
Marc By Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Natasha Bag from Shopbop.
Boots from Pedal Works.

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  1. Bee kwan says:

    Oh dear i am not sure whether i should leave a comment here since this post is about freedom to wear what u like & not bother by what others think ?. However being your reader for a long time, i noe you are quite a open minded person who is not easily offended. The design is actually quite nice but I am not a fan of cut-out holes design unless it’s for the neck, arms & legs to go thru ?. Er would one size smaller make a better fit for u since you u actually quite slim? Cheers to your willingness to try out different style of clothing.
    P.S: HFDLGB?

  2. Sesame says:

    This is in XS already…LOL. The fit is actually good going by the shoulders but yes, it’s a very loose fit. Boho designs usually make one look like they have no figure…hahaha.

    I had to google what is HFDLGB. Yes, I’m highly favored, deeply loved and greatly blessed. So are you! ?

  3. Bee Kwan says:

    This is already XS? Wow then finally i think i can fit into a M size! ? My dream size. Google is good isn’t it, i alway refer to it for all kinds of stuff.

  4. Sesame says:

    Clothes from this brand, Free People, are rather large even in size XS and S. I have a few tops that look like size L! Oh, forgot to mention that I wasn’t offended by your earlier comment. Style is something personal and I totally understand that not everyone appreciates boho chic. Some days my dress sense is also very offbeat. ?

  5. Audris says:

    I like the cutout at the back with the embroidery across it. Very tasteful and subtly positioned. Unlike cutouts at the waist or right in front where it’d show too much skin.

    Agree it’s a tad hard to carry off and it does look somewhat too roomy on your small frame. I think some might feel it looks out of place in Singapore, but if you were to wear it in some temperate country, say the UK, it’d be totally right at home!

  6. Sesame says:

    I actually wore this to a wedding, believe it or not. LOL. I’ve got odd taste in clothes…sometimes. Come to think of it, this dress reminds me of a cheap, roomy gown I used to wear eons ago. Funny I can remember it so clearly.

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