Eco-friendly organic cotton rounds: better for your skin

organic cotton rounds
Even though I like the idea of using 100% soft organic facial cotton on my skin, I don’t use a lot of them for three reasons. Reason one is because they don’t come cheap. Reason two is because the only brand I know that sells organic cotton rounds here is a brand I’ve blacklisted. And reason three is because I don’t use a lot of cotton rounds or puffs to begin with. But thanks to iHerb, I may soon increase my consumption of cotton rounds because I’ve found some great organic cotton rounds from the brand Maxim.

So what’s the big deal about organic cotton rounds and why should we pay more for something that is to be used and discarded? Well, to begin with, they are not conventionally cultivated and are supposed to be better for our skin. Hence, they are ideal for babies or those with very sensitive skin. For those new to organic cotton rounds, the following are some benefits to give you a better idea of why a higher price tag is justifiable.


Made with organic cotton that is hypoallergenic
You may not be aware but what looks like cotton in other cosmetic cotton rounds or balls is not always 100% cotton. It can be a blend of synthetics, like rayon and viscose that can cause allergy, irritation and discomfort for sensitive skin. Cotton is a more naturally breathable fiber that’s better for your skin and of course, better if it’s truly organic. That’s because organic cotton is pesticide free, which means our bodies, the environment and the farmers growing the cotton aren’t being exposed to the needless chemical used on regular cotton.

Biodegradable for less waste
Also, cotton’s entire product life cycle, being renewable and biodegradable, makes it one of the most environmentally-oriented fibers. Compare that to most synthetic, or chemical fibers, which are petroleum based, either made from nonrenewable resources, or less renewable, like tree-based wood fluff pulp. So these biodegradable cotton cosmetic accessories decompose easily for less waste.

Not chlorine bleached and treated
This is probably a very good reason to switch to organic cotton rounds because even some of the premium quality 100% non-organic soft and absorbent facial cotton pads are commercially chlorine bleached and treated.

No toxic residue left on skin
The purpose of bleaching is to disinfect and whiten the color of these materials. So unless you know for sure they’re not bleached, what you are using could actually be leaving some bleach residues, namely dioxin, on your skin. Dioxin is a chemical substance or resulting residue of the chlorine bleaching process. It is toxic and can stay within the fluff fibers of the product materials that come in contact with your body. Instead of chlorine, organic cotton rounds are bleached through a safer process which uses hydrogen-peroxide, a natural and safe alternative to chlorine.

Certified as 100% organic
Most organic cotton products are certified organic. For example, these cotton rounds from Maxim are USDA organic certified, which means they have been approved by strict inspection agencies for using safe, non-toxic methods and materials that protect the environment and our health.

Better weave quality
Usually organic cotton rounds have better weave quality and are well textured with cotton interlace double sides for added absorbent power and fiber strength. Definitely a better choice than those low grade facial cotton with loose fibers that shred and come apart.

Not tested by animals
Genuine organic rounds are not tested by animals because this goes against the values of most organic brands.

organic cottom rounds

Price and availability
So are you sold on using organic facial cotton now? Would you mind paying a bit more for them? Anyway, I found the Maxim Cotton Rounds great during facial wash as they can double up for exfoliation. These Maxim Cotton Rounds come in resealable zip-locked closure bag. Each pack contains 80 rounds and are available at iHerb for US$2.93. I got them because of the good reviews—nearly 200 of them rated this product 4.1 out of 5.



  1. reANNfi says:

    Dear Sesame,
    Would you recommend me about organic store in Singapore. So if one day i visit Singapore i won’t confused. Thank you so much..

  2. Sesame says:

    Bud Cosmetics. Perhaps I should run a feature on some of the stores…

  3. Joy says:

    Hi, may i know if body shop organic cotton pads is better or this?

  4. Sesame says:

    This is cheaper if I calculate correctly and it’s as good.

  5. Niveda says:

    Hi! How do you know if this brand is cruelty free?

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