Calamansi Juice: detox drink for beauty and health

If you’re in South East Asia, you’re most probably very familiar with calamansi or golden lime. You’ll find it served with many Asian dishes and it’s particularly popular in Philippines. Over in Singapore, it’s sold as small lime and it shares many similar properties as lemon. For a start, it is part of the citrus family and is packed with loads of vitamin C. However, I like that it tastes better than lemon or the bigger, greener lime. Also, it’s easier to squeeze juice out of a calamansi.

If you run a search on the web, you’ll find lots of recommendations about drinking pure calamansi—28 pieces to be exact, without adding water or sugar. According to those who recommend it, calamansi is alkaline when taken pure and has tremendous healing benefits on the body. Well, I’ve tried taking calamansi neat and geez, one is already awfully sour! I don’t know how these people can stomach 28 of them all at once!

Acidic according to pH test strips
Anyway, I ran a simple test using pH test strips and guess what? The strip turned a bright orange when pure calamansi juice was squeezed on it. The same thing happened when I diluted the calamansi juice with water. So to me, there is not much difference drinking calamansi juice with or without water. Perhaps something changes when the calamansi juice enter our bodies but I don’t know for sure.

Helps produce collagen
Anyway, I add warm water and honey to my calamansi juice. There are lots of people who drink it this way too and swear by its benefits. First off, there are lots of vitamin C to be reaped in drinking calamansi juice and we know vitamin C strengthens our immune system, heal our wounds and also, produce collagen in or bodies.

Personally, I can vouch that a glass of warm water with calamansi juice and a teaspoonful of honey is an ideal remedy for cold and dry cough. How do I know? Well, I was actually sick a day before my trip. Although I was on meds, I was still having a runny nose, sore throat and a slight cough right up to the point I reached HK. With the cold temperature, my condition could have turned worse.

Helps relieve cold and flu
The first thing I did was to pray for a speedy recovery and interestingly, I found this calamansi drink being served in a HK restaurant on the first night. I said it’s interesting because I thought calamansi is more popular in South East Asia and not North Asia. Well, I could be wrong. But anyway, the drink called out to me and I ordered it, thinking it might help my condition and indeed it did! I was quite well by the next morning! My son also enjoyed the drink and so we had it almost every night and we’re still hooked on calamansi juice now!

Helps with weight loss, skin tone and bowel movement
Besides the benefits I’ve listed, calamansi is also known to help with weight loss. Apparently, regular consumption also helps to lighten up the skin tone. I’ve also discovered that it helps relieve constipation and promotes a better bowel movement. This is why I am promoting it as a detox juice.

But despite loving this drink and having read all the raves about calamansi juice, I would recommend you to drink this in moderation if you’re keen to try. Right now, I take this juice like twice or thrice a week. Also, because it’s acidic, I highly recommend that you gargle your mouth after drinking this stuff. That, or drink it with a straw.

If you love calamansi too, do share with us how you’re taking it and what it has done for you.


  1. kay says:

    I love kalamansi juice. I drink it to lose weight.

  2. Sesame says:

    It’s a lovely drink. I like the taste more than lemon juice.

  3. Kay says:

    That’s a great idea. I drink lemon water a couple of times a week if I feel “greasy” or if I haven’t been having bowel movements regularly, but I don’t like the plain taste of just lemon. I should try getting calamansi and try it next time! Thank you for the tip and info!

  4. Nora Gouma says:

    Love to visit this great blog. Amazing !!!


  5. Sesame says:

    Yes, give it a try…you’ll like it! ?

  6. David Foster says:

    Detox always helps you to remove all the toxic or unhealthy elements from your body. Besides this Vitamin C is very useful for skin tone as well. As kalamansi juice is combine of these two this is enhance your skin glow and make you healthy. I appreciate your work.

    Thanks ?

  7. Sesame says:

    Yes it’s supposed to make the skin glow too but I think it might take a few more drinks to see those effects.

  8. Eva says:

    I love calamansi! I grew up with a calamansi tree in my backyard when I was a little girl. Sometimes I squeeze some in my green tea. Something my mom used to do is make calamansi-ade (instead of lemonade).
    Eva last post is: REVIEW: Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream

  9. Sesame says:

    Oh with green tea? Sounds interesting! I’ll give it a try next time…thanks for the tip! ?

  10. ajiewp says:

    wow …nice info

    I will try ….!!
    ajiewp last post is: meja dan kursi lipat yang menghemat ruangan

  11. Sesame says:

    Hope you’ll like it too.

  12. Arlene says:

    Drinking 28 PCs of calamansi is also good to those who have rhinitis

  13. Nesha says:

    Hi. I would like to ask if which is better time for drinking it? Early morning (before having my breakfast) or night (after my dinner)? ?

  14. Sesame says:

    Both are fine but morning is good for detox. ?

  15. Sesame says:

    Oh? Very interesting. Had no idea. Do you know why it has to be 28?

  16. Johanna says:

    I have a daily ration of 20 pieces of calamansi, and I pour the juice in half a cup of warm water. 2 weeks later, my skin is looking very healthy and I look younger. It also helps me to lose weight. Avoid sugar, rice, sodas. Your body will thank you for drinking calamansi juice on a daily basis. Drink the juice early in the morning, before anything else.

  17. maiti says:

    just wanna ask if ilang pcs ung need per glass in the morning. mas okay po ba if pure siya?
    thank you!

  18. Pato Duck says:

    Hi. I would like to ask if how many pieces do I have to use and the amount of water per intake… thanks a lot. ✌

  19. Sesame says:

    Depends on how sour you like your drink. About 5 to 8 to a cup…

  20. tedjean says:

    Super nice. It helps a lot, and I wanna try this, I’m gonna make it one of my daily beauty style, and calamasi juice has lots of benefits, thanks sesame ?

  21. tedjean says:

    Super nice. It really helps, and I wanna try this, I make it one of my daily beauty style, and calamansi juice has lots of benefits, thanks sesame, and god bless

  22. Imee says:

    I used calamansi in different ways…it’s a fast remedy when you catch cold…better than cold medicine..I used it to clean my face and under keep it glow/white…smoother skin..thank you

  23. melneth senining says:

    hi..would like to ask if its okay to serve a warm calamansi juice as my water everyday??? hoping for your response..thank you..

  24. Sesame says:

    Should be fine but maybe cut down on number of lime used per drink.

  25. mylen says:

    i will try to drink calamansi to lose my weight, and the desease

  26. erwin says:

    Is this good for hearth burn or acid reflux?

  27. Michelle says:

    Hi. I want to try calamansi juice for detox. Is there a required time after drinking a glass of the said juice before I could eat my breakfast?

  28. nylana says:

    yes its true,pure calamansi no need to add water. .no need to add sugar. .to avoid acid ,you do it before breakfast

  29. jennifer says:

    Hi,im i am already thin can i take lemon water afraid i might become more thin if i drink lemon water..tnx

  30. Jingle says:

    Hi just wanna ask if it realy effctive as skin whitening?

  31. Sesame says:

    I know of a nephew who was a lot fairer after taking this for a period of time…but he drank calamansi without honey.

  32. mary says:

    I’m actually taking ginger tea but adding golden lime will be a great idea! I hope it helps me when it comes to vowel movement.

  33. Sesame says:

    It should…

  34. Sav says:

    Calamnsi Juice was introduce to me by my gf which is an Adventist. They were thought that it should be drink on an empty stomache specially every morning after you woke up or an hour before your meal. It’s acidic but once consumed it’s alkaline. You should drink it immediately after squeezing so it wont turn to acid when drinking. I’ve been into this and it really helps me alot specially in my vowel movement and boosting my immune system..

  35. Sav says:

    Calamnsi Juice was introduce to me by my gf which is an Adventist. They were thought that it should be drink on an empty stomache specially every morning after you woke up or an hour before your meal. It’s acidic but once consumed it’s alkaline. You should drink it immediately after squeezing so it wont turn to acid when drinking. I’ve been into this and it really helps me alot specially in my vowel movement and boosting my immune system..

  36. Jingkay F says:

    Had a cough ongoing for weeks now.. Started drinking plain calamansi juice (no water), maybe about 8-10 pcs every time I wake up on an empty stomach then follow it with a tablespoon of honey.. Frankly was scared to try it at first thinking I’ll get some stomach pains because they said it is acidic but they are wrong.. once you swallow it it’s as if nothing happens (especially with honey after drinking it) except of course I fell better the whole day.. and my cough seems to get better even without medication..

  37. Sesame says:

    Glad it works well for your cough. It has loads of vitamin C so it’s great to control flu and related symptoms.

  38. Eduardo Eu Milloren says:

    Miss Sesame,

    I think the significance of having calamansi juice prepared in 28 pcs has to do with its measurement/value enough to make the process effective. thats only my analysis but has to find the specific answer soon.

  39. trixie says:

    Before eating breakfast?

  40. joseph aguilar says:


  41. Ale says:

    Helo mam sesame..tanong lang po ako ma’s Okey po ba ang purely calamari juice without mixing water.? Hindi po ba tayo maka damage ng kidney natin..
    Thanks po..hopefully your reply my messages..

  42. Ale says:

    Much better purely calamansi no add water? Don’t put the sugar purely drink in every morning with empty stomach..I used 15 or 20 pcs of calamansi every ang ginawa kapa yung calamansi na wala ng Laman hindi ko tinapon..nilagay ko sa isang balde at my tubig yun ang ginawa maganda ang pakiramdam kapag ang tubig na panligo mo..nilagyan muna ng empty pcs of calamansi bago mo itapon.. Gamitin muna pang ligo.. I see the results in a week nag glow ang skin ko..Lalo na syang naglighten..with a good smell and fresh breath..

  43. lady says:

    i love calamansi so i keep on reading blogs about it
    im using it as dark marks remover cause by acne’s
    after 3days they all gone.

  44. millet says:

    Taking calamansu 18pcs. When I got a got a cough and runny nose colds every morning 30 minutes before meal cured my illness in just 2days. What a great relief and a miracle healing. So I let my children take also and so we are all fine.

  45. Rezel arida says:

    Wow, all you guys feedback are great! Actually i just started drinking calamnsi juice over a week now and i am feeling the effect. I got no constipations and it seems like im loosing weight already..

    I guess maam Sesame proved it right!!

    Worth a try guys!😀

  46. Nelly says:

    I get calamansi right off my tree — I squeeze one or two into my water every now and then and it has helped boost my defense against colds and cough even when those around me are sick. I recommend it to them. I also mix it with chili sauce, soy sauce or vinegar to add zest to meat or fish during meals. I like it better than lemon.

  47. panget mo says:

    tama ka dyan, pano pag umabot sa kidney naten?

  48. panget mo says:

    it’s all in your mind

  49. Iya says:

    3 weeks pa lng mula ng uminom ako ng calamansi juice on an empty stomach every morning.. 28pcs pure calamnsi juice (no water and no sugar)..The result is amazing! Malaki tlaga nabawas sa timbang ko from 66 kgs to 60 kgs in just 3 weeks.. Sabi ng mga kapitbahay namin pumayat daw ako pro di ako naniwala sa kanila pro nung sinuot ko yung pants ko na di na kasya sakin saka lng ako naniwala kasi kasyang kasya sa sakin ngayon.. Effective tlaga sya pampapayat.. PROMISE!

  50. Josefa Samson says:

    Calamasi for detox in 28 days
    With an empty stomach every morning.
    1st day you will take only 8 pcs of calamansi without water and sugar. Get rid of the seeds by the use of fork and drink it purely.
    Note: Cut the calamansi on the part beside the stalkpart just to avoid cutting the seeds. Seeds produce also another elements that could turn it into acidic.
    2nd day 9 pcs of calamasi same thing on the first day. You take it purely after getting rid of the seeds.
    3rd day 10
    4th day 11
    5th day 12
    And so on until it reaches 28 pcs. After consuming the 28 pcs. You will now then take 8 pcs daily to maintain a healthy and fit body.
    #calamansi without water and sugar is alkaline but it will be acidic to the stomach if water or sugar will be added on it. It is not good to be acidic since you take it with empty stomach.
    #the amount of taking calamansi must be in gradual amount so that your stomach can slowly adjust on it.
    #i got this info from my friend who attended a nutrition seminar that talks about avoiding or preventing cancer.
    #just sharing this info since it is very effective and useful on me. I had an operation on my right ovary and it really heal fast the wound I had.
    #love to share this good info. I hope it could help especially to those who would like to be detoxified and be healthy.
    #have a great day always!!! 😊😊😊

  51. Ann says:

    Hi! I just wanna share I am also drinking calamansi with warm water alone before bed time, I get easily fall asleep unlike before im having a hard time to get my sleep. And also regular intake makes my skin fairer and glowing. No room for dull skin 24/7 😊😊

  52. Kelly says:

    An amazing idea to use Calamansi, I have been coping to lose weight. Your suggestions are very effective especially about avoiding unnatural sweeteners. Thanks!

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