Qlabo Collagenerous: Time Travel For Skin In 15 Days

Many women today are going for aesthetic treatments, never mind some of them don’t even need it. Think facelift, laser, freezing and the likes. These treatments are legit of course but unfortunately are not without side effects. Have you noticed how expressionless some faces become after one too many injections and fillers?

But without these beauty treatments, what other options are there for those of us needing a facelift but want something less aggressive? Are there more natural topical creams that can deliver similar results without subjecting your face to pokes?

Here’s where products like Collagenerous from Qlabo comes in. It promises an injection free, natural facelift after 15 days, putting you light-years behind your real age. It’s a darn big claim that sounds gimmicky, just like a typical marketing spiel that is too good to be true.

But given that this is a Swiss-made product formulated to be less toxic without ingredients like phthalates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, synthetic colours and synthetic fragrances, I was game enough to give it a go.

Qlabo ingredients
15 days to restore youth
If you ask me, 15 days to get a natural facelift sounds too incredulous especially when there are no clinical studies to support the claim. This is also not one of products that offer superficial, temporary facelift but it’s supposed to work on a deeper level that actually improves the skin elasticity. I took on myself to use this product another 15 days or so before reviewing (tested back in July/August). Also to be fair, the extra days were justifiable considering I only used the cream at night.

Anyway, I also did something unusual this time. I refused to look up the full ingredient list prior to testing it. So apart from its active ingredients and what it does not contain, I didn’t know what was the top 5 ingredients. It’s a crazy thing to do but I’d a valid reason.

Well, I figured out that whatever it contains cannot be any “damaging” more than having my face injected. Since I was curious how the product would measure up, why not use it without too many preconceived notions?

Claim of clean science
By virtue of the name, Qlabo Collagenerous is an advanced youth regenerator product created to stimulate collagen and elastin production with a number of ingredients which I am unfamiliar with. One is Neodermyl to re-energise your skin’s youth factors, the other is Peptan SR for advanced collagen synthesis and finally, Trealix to illuminate and hydrate. Antileukine 6 is another ingredient included that helps skin recover from damaging effects of solar radiation as well as deeply hydrating skin to stimulate collagen production.

But all the ingredients work together to remarkably plumb lines with results akin to a single collagen injection. So in terms of ingredients, this is one backed by science. The brand calls it “clean science”.

Before I tell you about its performance, I need to qualify two things upfront. One, I have never had an aesthetic injection so I don’t really know firsthand, how a facelift looks like on me. My comparison is based on facelift pictures that are publicly available. Two, I was using a product containing retinol which helps to stimulate collagen for some two months prior to using Collagenerous. So my skin was already in an optimal state so to speak.

Qlabo Collagenerous Texture
Excellent texture
I like the texture of the cream. It is easy to apply and does moisturize my skin quite well. I didn’t notice any strong scent. And the first few times I used it, I’d noticed a glow the morning after and I had not suffered any redness, irritation, nor breakouts during the duration of my trial.

Qlabo Collagenerous can be used alone on a cleansed and toned face or used with other serums and lotions. I tried using MVA Lightening serum with the cream a few times but mostly, I used it with Qlabo’s Eauphoria, an intense hydrating treatment lotion containing Trealix, Double Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Organic Rose Damask water—quite a good hydrating lotion that comes with a reasonable price tag at S$69.

Qlabo Eauphoria
Performance and ingredients
Like I mentioned, I noticed some positive results after the first few usage. Still, after documenting my progress via photos, I could not tell a significant difference it made to my skin and that’s why I’m not posting up those pictures.

I’ll say the product didn’t do that much for me only because my skin was already primed with retinol prior to using this. Perhaps it’ll do more justice for someone who hadn’t yet used anything to boost their collagen production topically.

Qlabo Collagenerous is Swiss made and I have always thought highly of Swiss cosmetics. But I won’t purchase this product since it had little effects on my skin. Another major write-off for me is that it contains the silicone “dimethicone”. I was quite taken aback that the ingredient is second on the ingredient list. If I’d read the ingredient list earlier, I wouldn’t have tested it. But as I said, I didn’t and only found out when I was about to write this review.

Qlaba Collagenerous Ingredient List
My issue with silicones
Although the product was fine on my skin, I really prefer not to use products containing silicone in the long run. To me, this ingredient has no benefits apart from improving the texture of the product. Besides smoothening roughen texture, silicones are supposed to help keep moisture in, leaving skin hydrated for longer.

However, my concern with this ingredient is that it covers the skin which causes interference to skin’s breathability. It is also said that prolonged exposure to silicones can increase skin irritation, dryness and create a dependency on the product.

Perhaps Qlabo Collagerenous is formulated such that the silicones do not interfere with the product performance. If you ask me, I wish it is not included or at least featured less prominently on the ingredient list. But I suppose I would have no grounds to complain about it had the product done wonder for my skin.

Price and availability
If you have no issues with silicones, then you can consider this product. The science behind the formulation is commendable and I also like the no-nonsense, utilitarian packaging. The price tag is S$169—rather high—but a small price to pay if it really works as promised. Like I said, I might even overlook the dimethicone! I mean between silicone and injection, I’ll happily settle for the former if I can look years younger.

For more information about Qlabo and its range of products, check out their website here.

My apologies for not updating this blog for so long. I was busy and away for awhile and had to take time off my usual online routines. I should be back updating again in this space but bear with me if the frequency gets irregular. Thanks all for your understanding! (#k8SjZc9Dxk_#k8SjZc9Dxk)

Product highlighted is a media sample and this review is in line with my disclosure policy.

Qlabo Collagenerous

Qlabo Collagenerous





  • Interesting ingredients
  • Good texture


  • Contains lots of silicones


  1. melissasy says:

    hi, sesame. may i ask what retinol product you are using now? also, hope you could post your current skincare routine. thanks!

  2. Alyaka | Organic Skincare says:

    Nowadays, it is really important to choose the right products to use for your skin. There are lots of products out there that use harmful chemicals and before you know it, the effects are more on the negative side than have a positive outcome. Thanks for sharing that interesting and thorough review of Qlabo, Sesame. Looking forward to your future posts !

  3. The Makeup Train says:

    I agree with you about the silicone. I try to avoid it myself.
    The Makeup Train last post is: Rael Wear Jewelry Haul

  4. Michelle says:

    I agree with you completely when it comes to silicone… it just doesn’t seem like something I should be rubbing all over my skin.

    By the way, it would have been great if you posted this post today! It’s Back to the Future day, so your title would have been a cute play on that ?

  5. Sesame says:

    Sorry for the late response. I am using the product from Marie Veronique. As for routine, ok, I will try.

  6. Lisa says:

    For the record, silicones do not “suffocate” the skin. The molecular property of silicones es that the are porous. They act more like a tea-bag covering. Silicones remain on the surface of your skin and the other ingredients it’s mixed with “steep” through.

  7. Pooja says:

    Nice information shared.

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