How To Get The Dewy Korean Complexion Without Using A Cushion Compact Foundation

Haven’t tried cushion compact foundations? Curious to? Hesitant perhaps? Because you’ve tried one and were disappointed with the performance? I mean cushion foundations don’t have the greatest coverage. Also, many women have complained that they can’t tell if such foundations make their skin look glowy or greasy under our humid weather.

If you are unsure about cushion foundation or if it didn’t work well for you, let me share a makeup tip with you that’ll give you the Korean mul-kwang-pi-bu dewy finish as if you’re using cushion foundations but without actually having to use one. Er…what do I mean? I have some pictures with step-by-step instructions so you’ll soon follow as you read on.

But before I share the tip, let’s establish what a cushion foundation is and what it can do for your skin.

What’s inside cushion foundation
For those who haven’t tried a cushion foundation, you may not know that this compact comprise liquid foundation and water soaked in a cushion. From what I’ve learned and experienced, it is more watery than your typical liquid foundation or BB / CC cream but thicker than a tinted moisturizer. That’s why I say the coverage isn’t the greatest. Now when I say that, I don’t mean the coverage is lousy. Some of them are pretty decent. Typically though, cushion foundation is not as thick as your liquid foundation.

How you use cushion foundation is to use the puff that comes along with the cushion compact to gently pick up the foundation and dab onto the skin. You need a light hand to pick up the foundation from the cushion or you’ll end up with too much product. Also, you’re supposed to swipe the foundation over your face before dabbing.

Because of the water, cushion foundation is wetter and gives your face more moisture. Yet it is lightweight because the water makes it easier to build up the layers without the unnecessary caking and creasing that usual liquid foundation yields.

The appeal of using cushion foundation is that they give your skin that dewy finish–an effect especially prized amongst the Korean women. However, it doesn’t always work that well in our humid weather. You might start out looking great but end up looking like a grease ball. I suppose that’s why some women prefer their cushion foundations to produce matte coverage.

So by now, you might have figured the key ingredient differentiating a cushion foundation and your favorite liquid foundation or BB/CC cream is water. So why not incorporate this ingredient into your makeup without actually using a cushion foundation? How? Let me show you.

What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite liquid foundation or BB / CC cream
  • A makeup sponge
  • Face mist

What you do:

  • Apply your usual skin care products after cleansing
  • Spray on your makeup sponge about 5 squirts of mist (more if you want it wetter)
  • Dab the slightly damp makeup sponge lightly all over your face
  • Dot your face with your favorite liquid foundation or BB / CC cream
  • Lightly dab the foundation or BB / CC cream with the slightly damp makeup sponge until the foundation is evenly blended

What you need to take note:

  • You need to work quickly as water dries up quickly
  • You can squirt more face mist on your sponge as you dab on your foundation
  • You can build up more coverage
  • You need a light hand to dab

This is how I look using two different liquid foundation. The first is using Clé de Peau Beauté (yes, I wear conventional makeup at times). The second is using Bare Minerals Bareskin Serum Foundation. As you can see, the second look with the Bare Minerals foundation look a lot more glowy. I guess it’s also because mineral makeup tends to reflect more light.

Alright, I know what I’ve shared with you isn’t some new makeup tip. Some of you are probably already applying your foundation on damp. But what I want to highlight in this post is that adding water in the form of face mist to your makeup routine can produce the effects as if you were using a cushion foundation but better.

The coverage is greater because you get to control the amount of water used by not spraying too much mist on the sponge. Also, your skin will stay more hydrated this way because the face mist is being patted into your skin.

K-beauty at iHerb
Anyway, those who are keen to try cushion foundation but haven’t, go check out the new K-beauty page at iHerb. Yes, the online store is offering some of your favorite Korean brands like Missha, Innisfree, Laneige, Banila, and others. Unfortunately, the brands available are not in the natural or organic category. The selection is also limited.

But they do have a couple of cushion foundations from Iope, Hera, and Etude. According to a colleague, she likes Iope so I guess that might be something to check out. But I haven’t compared prices so I’m not too sure if they are priced reasonably at iHerb.  Perhaps someone who is familiar with those brands can comment?

Do you like wearing cushion compact foundations? Which is your favorite brand?

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