Indulge In Tasty Clean And Lean Bentos From Lean Bento Bistro

Lean Bento
I’m more excited about clean eating than clean beauty. Each time I stumble upon a great clean food choice, I can’t wait to share about it.

Like Lean Bento Bistro that offers an array of Japanese inspired wholesome bentos. I haven’t been to the bistro located at 43 Holland Drive but I’ve made two online orders from them. At that time, there were limited choices except to order directly from them. But delivery charges were S$10.95 for a minimum order of S$40 and above.

It was impossible to order S$40 worth of food for myself as not everyone in my family is keen to try it. So I mooted Lean Bento to my colleagues for a birthday celebration. With more people, it was definitely easier to meet the delivery requirement.

The reception to the food turned out so good, I organized another order soon after. And both times, I ordered their Honey Miso Salmon Bento because it’s simply delish!

Types of bentos
The bento comes with salmon in honey miso broth, wholegrain basmati sushi rice, scrambled eggs, cherry tomato, truffle edamame , and a small salad.

I’m not exactly a fan of salmon but this honey and miso infused salmon is so tender and flavorful, I would highly recommend.

Besides the salmon bento, you’ll find succulent chicken and scrumptious vegetarian bento cooked in a variety of seasoning. If you’re a big eater, you can also order a premium bento which consists of a mixture of salmon and chicken.

Prices for their bentos are pretty reasonable with brunch starting at S$10.95. I have to say their portions are rather generous so you don’t have to worry about not having enough to fill your tummy.

Tasty and satisfying
According to Lean Bento, clean and lean eating does not have to be tasteless or boring. That is why every bento they serve is crafted and calorie-portioned with satisfaction in mind. They believe that you can diet and still indulge the smart way.

Indeed! These healthy bentos are anything but bland. Already, I’m looking for an excuse to make another round of order soon. I just noticed they’ve expanded their menus and certainly wouldn’t mind giving their waffles, muffins and cookies a try sometime.

If you’re keen to order from Lean Bento online, remember to place your order at least a day earlier to avoid disappointments. They deliver quite promptly so you have nothing to worry about.

Anyone tried Lean Bento? Fan or foe?


  1. prashant kumar says:

    This is a nice food information, That food is looking sweet and awesome.

  2. EskiÅŸehir Lazer Epilasyon says:

    Foods are looks very tasty, but unfortunately i am vegetarian ?

    EskiÅŸehir Lazer Epilasyon
    EskiÅŸehir Lazer Epilasyon last post is: Buz Lazer Epilasyon Nedir?

  3. net worth says:

    Even the bowl looks nice. Thank you for the review!

  4. Sesame says:

    They have choices for vegan.

  5. joyce says:

    Great share! Those are looking healthy & Delicious.

  6. Sesame says:

    Yep, they are delish.

  7. Giftsg says:

    Look good, but like you say, it is difficult to order $40 of food alone. And even if you order $40 and above they are still charging for delivery.

  8. Danny Fernandes says:

    I’ve long loved the small selection of dishes I can find here in London, but the food you’ve showcased looks incredible!

  9. Sesame says:

    Yes they still charge for delivery but they won’t deliver if your order in under $40. Hence, best to share with some friends or colleagues to make the charges worth it.

  10. Acne Oh No says:

    I would love to try out once.

  11. Plus Printers says:

    This is beautiful. Thanks for the sharing

  12. Chris says:

    wow nice i will try once

  13. Chris says:

    Tasty clean and lean bentos i like it

  14. Chrisa says:

    I Love Food And i Also Love The food photography realy nice artical.

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