Origins No Offense Deodorant

This is the first in a series of reviews I will run on tried and tested anti-perspirants and deodorants.

I’ll kick off with this rather-expensive-but-did-nothing-for-me-sweet-smelling Origins No Offense

This is a swivel up, rub on alcohol-free clear stick type of deodorant which is supposed to eliminate offensive armpit odour.  It contains ingredients such as Cabreuva, Gaultherie and Bay Leaf to fight unwanted bacteria; Litsea Cubeba to refresh; while soothing Winterbloom and Neroli to keep user feeling cool, calm and collected. 

Perhaps I really have a more than serious problem of underarm odour, because this product didn’t do anything for me.  It had no staying power whatsoever.  A few hours after application, my armpit started to perspire and smell offensively.  The product obviously couldn’t keep my armpit glands from being active and it was particularly worst on hot sunny days.  Some sweet smelling fragrance + heavy perspiration = YUCKY ODOUR!

I was actually very annoyed for having busted S$25 for the 50g tube, which is about five times more than the anti-perspirants I’ve been buying from Marks & Spencer.  All because of a moment of folly and curiosity. 

Its only saving grace is the smell and the fact that it dries pretty quickly.  But these are obviously not enough to soothe my active glands and keep it from sitting useless on my shelf now.


  1. gabrielle says:

    So glad I found this review, and your site. I am searching (fruitlessly, it seems) for a more natural deodorant and coming up with sticky powders, sweet smelling concoctions that don’t work and just really expensive, useless products. I really appreciate your review. Thanks so much.

    PS – just took over Daily Tomorrow and I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added you to the blog roll.

    Best wishes,


    Gab: Hey, thanks for coming by and of course, I won’t mind you adding my blog to your blogroll. The thing with deodorant is that I find that natural ones might work, but sometimes it depends on the users. It’s a very tricky product to recommend.

  2. Heidi says:

    I am curious as to whether you were looking for an anti-perspirant (keeps you dry) or a deodorant (controls odor). I personally only use deodorants, because I believe it isn’t healthy to block perspiration.
    A good deodorant just works to eliminate or reduce bacteria (bacteria create odor), but even at that, sometimes a quick wash and reapply is needed. I haven’t seen this in our local stores, so I haven’t tried this. If this didn’t work for you, and if you are looking to control odor naturally, you may want to try something like the Crystal Body Deodorant stick, but bear in mind that it will not stop perspiration, just control odor. The great think about the Crystal is that it lasts forever, especially if you store it upside down (so it stays dry).

  3. sesame says:

    I’m not sure we have this here. Will keep a look out for it.

  4. Lise Michelle says:

    the No Offense deoderant was the best deoderant that I’ve ever used (and I’ve tested a lot)!!! BTW – you can’t compare deoderants to anti-perspirants. Anti-persperants block perspiration (believed to be quite dangerous long term effects and linked to cancer). That’s why I don’t use anti-perspirants anymore.
    No Offense was one of Origins’ most popular selling item in the store, so it baffles me why it’s now been discontinued. I’ve passed it onto at least 4 friends and they all loved it too.

  5. sesame says:

    I guess my BO is more serious and this didn’t work for me at all. I didn’t know they’ve discontinued.

    Yeah, I didn’t know the difference between deodorants and anti-perspirants till much later too. Currently, I use baking soda mixed with a little water to dad on and it’s been the best for my armpits.

  6. randall says:

    OK. So I’m a guy but found this article while searching for No Offense online. I swore by that deodorant: it is now discontinued. It’s not for people with a heavy battle – check the grocery store, there are tons of deodorants for that. The “No Offense” was the one-and-only-single-can’t-get-anything-else deodorant that would not irritate my sensitive skin. Really, there’s 56 varieties of extra-strengh, clinical power, smack your sweat into next week brands from each manufacturer in the deodorant isle (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration). The only sensitive you will find if your lucky is Jason brand and it was not as good and smelled worse than No Offense while still causing me underarm burn.

  7. randall says:

    @ lise: often Origins discontinues products because an ingredient becomes unavailable, or is found to not be organic/fair trade/other as advertised by their suppliers.

  8. Amna says:

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