DIY sushi mat earrings holder

Here’s an ingenious tip from Stef of da*xiang for those who have many hanging earrings and don’t know how or where to store them.

Use a sushi mat!

Well, what Stef did was she bought a big sushi mat, hung it up in a clip hanger and then put all her hanging earrings on it.  This way, she not only can access her earrings easily but she’s also able to place a couple more of these mats in her wardrobe without them taking much space. 

A clever idea that doesn’t cost much to implement really.  And wouldn’t you agree that Stef’s collection of earrings are so pretty?


  1. msfairface says:

    oh, innovative idea and much cheaper than getting the earring stands etc!

    I wonder is there something that we can use to hang necklaces though

    msfairface: If you don’t mind DIY, can always use those wall hangers.

  2. k says:

    i don’t think it works well with hoop earrings, or one piece earrings, other than that looks like a good idea

    K: Not for all types of earrings of course…but it does work extremely well for the hanging earrings. The picture says it all…but maybe you have some suggestion of something that works for all?

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