How to store & organize your hook earrings

Mat for holding handmade earrings

I used to store my earrings in a jewelry box but found it less than ideal.  A few times, I got my earrings mixed up when I was in a hurry and ended up wearing different earrings!  So I thought I better try to get them stored in a way that I can access them quickly without any mixed up.  And I was really happy to find this good quality plastic cross stitch mat at the household section of Takashimaya which is excellent to hold all my hook earrings.  Actually, I prefer it over using sushi mats because the visual effect is better.

DIY earring holderBy securing the mat with the two clamps of a clothes hanger, I can hang this mat just about anywhere where it’s convenient and won’t take up too much space.  The mat is only S$5 and the best part is, I can hang quite a lot of earrings on them and would have no problem getting to them quickly.

No more mixing up my earrings now!


  1. Tracy says:

    this such a cool idea ?

  2. Florence says:

    Good Idea!!!!

  3. Kimchipartygal says:

    Such an awesome idea ! I have so many pairs of hook ear-rings that sometimes I look at them in despair when I need to find a match with my outfit in a hurry .. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Kimchipartygal: You’re welcome! I know your pain…rushing and not finding what you want…or worst, like me, wearing the wrong ones!

  4. Stephanie says:

    This is the best idea!!!! I am thinking of making it a little fancier and giving it to my mom for her birthday. She is a earing freak!

  5. GOV says:

    Amazing idea! Really hanging earrings is a much better idea than laying them together in a dish.. Thanks for sharing..

  6. Chantel says:

    Does anyone know where you can buy one these mats? Craft stores maybe?

  7. sesame says:

    I got it from a department store – household section – it’s actually a placemat.

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