Hair wigs to flatter face shapes

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I was trying to write up something about hairstyles which flatter different face shapes and found some very interesting information at  There is a section within their website which covers the type of women’s wigs for different face shapes and I believe this also applies well for normal hairstyles.

Six types of face shapes were identified; namely oval, round, square, rectangular, heart and pear.  Out of which, women with oval face shapes are said to have the most choices as most hair shape works well on them.  On the other hand, women with round faces are better with wigs that add height but not width, while square faces should avoid styles that add width at the jawline.  If you’ve got a rectangular face shape, then avoid styles that add height on top while those with heart shape face should find a style that add volume to the chin and those with pear shape face should add volume above the jawline.

In fact, I was also very impressed with the styles of the different wigs and hair pieces offered by  They look almost like real hair to me (in fact some of them are) and the styles and colours available are very attractive, although not all the colours are suitable for Asians. 

So for those aspiring to achieve the versatility of a Jessica Simpson HairDo, which took the pop star from the curly red bob to her trademark waist–length blond tresses – and everywhere in between, getting a wig that suits your face shape might be the way to go.


  1. msfairface says:

    I have an oval face but I wish I have a heart face shape instead with a sharp chin and looks slim despite putting on weight. ?

    I’ve tried the fringe look but I thought it suits a heart face shape person better than an oval. hmm

    msff: Ya, I also think heart shape faces are very nice. I especially like to see the little tip on their hairline at the forehead.

  2. Nicole Fenton says:

    Thank you for your comments about I’ve been working with them for the past 6 months and continue to be impressed with their products. In fact, I just used some of their hair extensions by POP–Put on Pieces, for a wedding this past weekend. I couldn’t believe the complements I got, including one from the bride. I would be happy to send you some products to review for yourself if that would be appropriate.
    Thank you.

    Nicole: Good to know they’ve a happy customer in you. Ha…I’m based in Singapore. Sure you want to send me?

  3. perfectlocks says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I found your article on hair extremely informative… personally, hair extensions have always been a passion of mine so I really liked your take. My favorite type of hair is remy hair, I just love the texture and I think Indian hair holds up best. Thanks again, I’ll be stopping by soon!

  4. Hayashi says:

    Is using hair extension or wig an embarrassed thing? Feel like there will be people out there treat u as a laughing stock and shout out…. “You wearing fake hair?!”

  5. sesame says:

    Nah…as long as you’re comfortable.

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