Handmade jewelry at great discounts

Handmade jewelry

I’m quite thrilled to find some really stylish handmade jewelry from Overstock.com on sale at rather significant discounts.   Like these red coral earrings and necklaces in bali bead and sterling silver settings which are going for almost 50% discounts.  In fact, there are even many real good finds marked below US$25 and lesser.   

It appears that Overstock.com has partnerships with many leading brand-name companies and is able to procure products at significant discounts which the company is passing to customers by offering merchandises like handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings at 40-80% off all year round.  

I know some skeptics are probably going to question the quality of these products but from what I gather, these discounts are made possible because of issues like oversupply or cancelled orders, resulting in excess stocks which the makers would like to clear.  Well, exactly what the name Overstock implies isn’t it?

The only pity is that they do not ship internationally but still, those in Asia can always fall back on vPostAsia to get their hands on the discounted jewelry.

And since we’re on this topic of jewelry, you might want to know that it’s not really wise to use baking soda or toothpaste for cleaning of silver and jewelry as it might cause some fine scratches.  The best is to use a silver polish cloth.

What we need to accept is that silver oxidizes, and that is its natural state.  So we should use that fact to add to the beauty rather than expect “some bright, forever falsely shiny piece.”

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  1. Tracy says:

    there are so many nice US based websites that don’t do worldwide shipping – so upsetting!

    Tracy: Yah, I know what you mean. Lucky these days got vPost!

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