Storing skincare & cosmetics in the fridge?


I store most of my skin care products in my bathroom, tugged away in a shelf away from direct sunlight.  I know it’s a cool place so I have no concerns that my products will degrade that easily. Recently however, I have been keeping my TDF C Scape Serum in the fridge because it contains Vitamin C and most vitamin-based skin care products have to be kept chilled.

In addition, preservative free items need to be chilled (not frozen!) to prevent bacteria from multiplying. I remember keeping a sample of an organic product in the bathroom and it degraded within a week after it was opened. But I have no problems with my other natural and organic skincare products being left in the bathroom shelf because these do contain some form of preservatives.

I also understand that those with eczema might benefit from skin care products that are kept in the refrigerator as the cooling will enhance their itch-relieving effect.

So do you girls keep any of your skin care products or cosmetics in the fridge? I know of some beauty addicts who even go to the extend of purchasing a special cosmetic fridge just to maintain their beauty regime!

Well, I guess while there’s no need to keep most of our beauty products in the fridge, there’s obviously no harm doing so. Some have even advised to keep perfume and nail polish so that they perform better and last longer although I have kept some of my nail polishes for a very long time in my cupboard and they’re still fine.

Anyway, here’s a practical tip I found that involves the refrigerator before I go: before you sharpen your eyebrow pencil, put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. This firms up the center portion allowing you to sharpen it quickly without losing a lot of the material.


  1. Tine says:

    Yep I do. Not here, ‘cos we share a small fridge, but back in Malaysia, my skincare products take up an entire shelf. Mum’s not too happy about that :p

    Tine: An entire shelf? That means you must have put most of your skincare stuff in the fridge?

  2. Wei Leen says:

    I am so suprise and happy to read about your article today. As I am thinking of getting a mini fridge to put all my beauty stuff. When I realize (just yeaterday night)that one of my skin care product(Organic mask) had mold around the cap & a funny smell.

    As I am thinking the different temperature and condensation in the bathroom will certianly cause some effect on the skincare products.

    As I have a kid and maid at home, I feel unsafe to put all my skincare products in the common fridge.

    But my husband is not very agreedable to my suggestion (Mini fridge). ?

    Wei Leen: I share your thoughts about the hygiene factor. Right now, because I only put one item in the fridge and it’s properly sealed, I think it’s still okay. M/O, I put it in an additional bag. Actually, I have a mini fridge at home which my hub got for like $25 or something during the World Cup season. So maybe if you hunt around, you can find one that your hubby won’t mind.

  3. fenie says:

    hi, will u guys who are able to store your beatuy products in a fridge contact me as I like to know about more ways to store my beauty products

    Fenie: Hi, maybe you can let me know exactly what info you’re looking for? You can send me an email. Look under contact.

  4. fenie says:

    hi, i submitted my email to this comment column already. sorry i can’t find the contact. i can be contacted at i’m looking for the owner who post picture of those facial products in the fridge, and whoever have made their homes suitable for health and beauty wellness.

  5. vartika says:

    Should nailpaints be refrigerated?No matter what I do, nailpaints always seem to dry before i even finish using half of it… I live in India. Do u think the weather here is a problem?

    vartika: Weather could be a factor. But I’m not too sure if storing nail polish in the fridge really extend its shelf life as compared to storing in cool places, away from direct heat or sunlight. Perhaps you can try. Mine has always been in a cupboard and it last at least 5 years. Only need to put thinner.

  6. Mark says:

    I store my unopened unused skin care products in the refrigerator. By doing this do you believe that I’m prolonging their shelve life and will the product product be just as effective once I go to use it in the future?

  7. sesame says:

    Well, it depends on the product. I know some products may separate with the refrigeration. If yours is natural/organic, then it’s advisable to put them in the fridge. Apart from those that come without preservative at all, I put mine outside in a cool dry place.

  8. Mark says:

    I’m sure there are preservatives in the products but there are also a lot of natural ingredients as well so I figured that by being in the refrigerator it would preserve the product. These products are mainly Clinique and I’ve been storing them here for a while and I’ve never had them separate so far. Do you think that the product will be just as effective when I’m ready to use them?

  9. sesame says:

    It should be fine. I think those products that separate are those that are serum mixed with oil cos water and oil tend to separate if I’m not wrong. If it’s lotion or cream, I think storing in the fridge is fine.

  10. Fashion Magazine UK says:

    If your bathroom storage is getting cluttered from all of your lotions and other beauty creams, you can always begin storing cosmetics in your refrigerator. You may even be able to make some of your products last longer this way than if you were just to store them in a medicine cabinet.
    Fashion Magazine UK last post is: SUBJ1If your bathroom storage is getting cluttered from all of your lotions and other beauty creams, you can always begin storing cosmetics in your refrigerator. You may even be able to make some of your products last longer this way than if you were just to store them in a medicine cabinet.

  11. 512 Refrigeration Services says:

    Yeap. I do keep some of my cosmetics in the fridge.

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