Tips to optimize your beauty sleep


We’ve all heard or read about how sleep is the cheapest and easiest anti-aging treatment available but apparently, beauty sleep isn’t just about getting enough nocturnal rest and there are some strategies involved.  Here, I’ll just cover three tips on how to optimize your beauty sleep which I have found to be interesting.

Sleep between 11pm and 3am
I wrote about the optimum time to sleep is between 11 pm and 3 am as that’s the best time for the body to rejuvenate when your system recharges and recovers.  I personally vouch for this.   If I sleep anytime later, I look tired no matter how much hours I sleep.   In addition, you might like to know that deep sleep is what we should be aiming for, as this is when cells are repaired and the human growth hormone which slows ageing is released. 

Sleep on your back
A few books I’ve read encourage us to sleep on our backs claiming that this is the best position to help preserve a youthful looking complexion.  The reason given is that persistently pressing our faces into a pillow can encourage facial crinkling and over time, aggravated by the friction of a cotton pillowcase, can create permanent creases as our collagen breaks down.  In addition, the weight of our own faces impairs circulation to the part we have pressed into the pillow and this compromises the skin’s regenerative abilities.

While I can’t say this is definitely true, but I’m wondering about the deeper wrinkle lines on the left side of my face which I usually sleep on!

Sleep on a satin pillowcase
For those who cannot sleep on their backs, then the best option is to sleep on a satin pillowcase which is said to be good for the skin as it helps to prevent facial creases caused by the face laying in the same position for an extended time and takes off unnecessary pressure compared to cotton pillowcases which have a rougher surface.   Satin also does not absorb so much moisture and hence, your night cream on your face will stay on better.  

Similarly, hair will not dry out as much due to the loss of moisture with satin pillowcases.  And since satin is more slippery than cotton, your hair get less friction and static plus is less proned to breakage as they just kind of slide across the pillow instead of getting all knotted.

Well, call me naive but I’m rather keen on the idea of a satin pillowcase right now!


  1. Shryh says:

    Actually, there is a line of “beauty” silk pillowcases that are supposed to combat the issues you brought up. It’s called Branche, but they’re crazy expensive at US$75 for a single pillowcases. If not, I think any pure silk pillow cases would work — I read somewhere that it repelled dust mites and won’t crease lines into our faces. ?

    Shryh: Ouch! That’s too costly! Yeah, I believe silk pillow cases should work too, given their soft qualities.

  2. Amy says:

    HI, I also keen in getting them.. any idea where i could get cheap n good silk pillow cases?

    Amy: I need to find out. I haven’t got round to that.

  3. freyenator says:

    .. so true.. did u know that they say each hour before midnight counts as twice!

    read my blog about green tea.. and other fab stuff. ?

  4. tahn says:

    Sleeping on a satin pillow is something that I would like. On another note (which is actually irrelevant), sleeping on a satin bed sheet is quite nice but sheet tends to tangle itself with legs while sleeping. ?

    tahn: Haha…I can just picture that! ?

  5. Viv says:

    It’s silk charmeuse pillowcases that are recommended by doctors because of their sheen you glide on the pillowcase while asleep thus preventing wrinkles and split ends

    £22 at

  6. amy says:

    This is the most ridiculously vain post i have ever read, though a pro-ana site that recommended getting cancer as a good way to lose weight is a close second.

    Thanks for wasting my time, and good luck experiencing real life when all you can think about are those hideous lines on your face.

    amy: Oh really? But obviously you enjoy wasting time to not only read but write non-constructive comments too.

  7. Lip care says:

    Yes ……..Good quality sleeps make us rested and reflects on our look.
    We spend so much on beauty care products to enhance our look…yet we forget the most basic requirement which is a good night’s sleep.Yes the important tip to avoid facial wrinkle is trying to sleep on our back.And make sure the room is well ventilated.

  8. inas says:

    i liked the tip number one .. i will try to sleep between thouse hours and i hope it workes for me

  9. Kaye says:

    Thanks for the wonderful and helpful infos. thanks for sharing!

  10. Rachel says:

    Silk pillowcases are the ultimate secret to healthy, beautiful hair & skin.

  11. sesame says:

    Yeah, they seem like a good solution but I wish they don’t cost so much.

  12. Judy says:

    Tried silk and yes it’s true! No more face creases, and my hair is much more easy to manage. Bought mine here, and reasonably priced. Excellent quality. Fashion Tape as well!

  13. Blovetbeauty says:

    I keep trying to sleep on my back but it’s so dfficult! I shall try to though to prevent early aging ?

  14. sesame says:

    Got to train…it will take awhile but you can get there.

  15. Karen says:

    Where to buy here in SG?

  16. picaram says:

    These tips are so simple to follow. Thank you for sharing! The only problem is it’s hard for me to sleep before 11 pm ? Maybe the last time I went to bed before 11 pm was a very long long time ago :p

  17. Sesame says:

    I understand your challenge…I can’t sleep so early myself these days. ?

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