Eyelash perming to enhance your eyes

Eyelash Perming

Want to have a China doll perm or Barbie doll perm?  Not on your hair but on your eyelashes!  It’s one of the amazing things you can do to enhance the look of your eyes with a number of beauty salons offering eyelash perming services these days.  The prices seem reasonable, in the range of S$25 – S$45 depending on where you do it.  I guess for ladies who like to have curled eyelashes everyday without using a  mechanical eyelash curler which is time consuming and can weaken or break the eyelashes,  this sounds really enticing. However, how well does it work and is it safe for everyone since we’re talking about the eyes which is such a delicate organ?

Suitable for most types of eyelashes
Eyelash perming entails permanently curling of the lashes using a chemical treatment applied to the eyelashes, which ehances the appearance of the eyes.  The perming process can take up to an hour depending on the condition of your eyelashes and the results typically last about two to three months.  According to what I’ve read, the lashes are supposed to curl up and appear longer immediately and this treatment is even suitable for those with short sparse lashes.

Skills of the aesthetician is important
However, while some have reported beautiful natural curled lashes, some have complaint that theirs turned out messy, tangled, crooked or frizzy.  From what I’ve picked out from the forums, it really depends on the skills and patience of the aesthetician who does the job.  Most reported that the process wasn’t painful although some did say there was a slight stinging effect. 

Eyelash perming is not for everyone
Additionally, you may like to know that eyelash perming is not suitable for everyone.  This treatment is not recommended for those with eye problems or disorders.  Those with hypersensitive skin should also avoid this treatment altogether.  Although a skin test is supposed to be carried out before each eyelash perming treatment, I’m not sure if they actually do it at the beauty salons.  

Allow 24 hours before other treatments to your eyelashes
In addition, you shouldn’t be wearing contact lenses and your eyelashes should not be tinted before perming or the color of the lashes will be lightened by the treatment process.  However, tinting is effective following eyelash perming.  Just allow a minimum of 24 hours following the eyelash perming service before tinting.

Video on eyelash perming
Here’s a video I found on Youtube which shows how eyelash perming is done: 

Read reviews and get recommendations
If you’re keen on eyelash perming, I suggest that you check out the beauty forum at Cozycot or others to find user reviews and comments.  Like I’ve indicated, the eyes are very delicate and even though a beauty salon may offer this service, there’s no guarantee that they can do this well.


  1. Tracy says:

    tried this before but my eyelashes are so short to begin with that it didn’t make much difference ? i hear that SaSa has a fibre wheat mascara which applied over time will lengthen the lash?

    Tracy: Are you referring to those with fibre wig? I tried but it didn’t work for me. The effects are also temporary and the fibre wig can also irritate those with sensitive eyes.

  2. miyo says:

    sorry to side track .. sesame oh dear i jus received my erth minerals but they missed out my baby kabuki brush .. :(~ and worst i couldnt email to em becos their mailbox are full.. fortunately my everyday mineral are in full condition.. yes do u have any idea to contact em? well sorry to sidetrack .. i really no choice and devastated .. but their colors are pretty love em.. thank a lot for ur recommendation

    miyo: try leaving a message in their blog. It should be available in their website.
    * I just went through my email again and found this other email which I communicated with them before. vlblink@gmail.com Try using this.

  3. Florence says:

    Eyelash perming is good, I used to do that last time, last me for 3 mth & it’s trun out very nice.Last time when I still working, I use to wear mascara, so find it troubsome to curl the lash so went for the perming.and it last whole day, as for the curling, half of the day the lash will start to drop….

    Florence: That’s good to know. Sounds quite tempting…

  4. miyo says:

    thank you very much sesame u are my saviour .. you rocks~!!! :D~ btw wad’s their blog sorry hehee

    miyo: It’s http://www.lushbrush.com/blog but I doubt they check it so frequently as it hasn’t been updated for awhile now.

  5. miyo says:


  6. Myke says:

    how long will perming last? any side effects?

    this is a nice blog by the way. =)

    Myke: It depends on where you go. Typically 2 – 3 months. Side effects are stinging for some, so those with eye problems should avoid. In addition, note that some gals had complaint of bad perms.

  7. lucy says:

    Hi,I want my eyelashes permed but they are already very long but dont curl ,do u think it will turn out ok??

    Lucy: If you get one who can do it well for you, it would be nice. However, I can’t recommend anyone since I’ve not tried this myself.

  8. melanie says:

    I got my eyelashes permed today after reading a lot into it, i have long lashes and whenever i curl them, they look great. However, after my perming, there is barely any difference at all, i paid a lot of money (£50/ $80 roughly) and Im very annoyed. I had it done professionally as well. Plus it stung a bit, and the process took an hour.

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