Organic hydrosols to tone and hydrate

Organic Hydrosols

Earlier in the month, I wrote about wanting to try hydrosols for toning and was delighted to receive two samples from Yours Essentially to test out. I’m so pleased with them that I’m planning to order the full size as my toning staple soon. I wish I had found out about hydrosols earlier because these are truly natural and they’re so much more affordable than the branded commercial toners I’ve been using.

Organic floral distillates that are safe for all
I picked Helichrysum Hydrosol, which is distilled from the flowers of Helichrysum Angustifolium and Rose Geranium Hydrosol, which is distilled from the flower and leaf of Pelargonium Graveolens from the nine hydrosols offered by Yours Essentially. Both are certified organic and are pure hydrosols because they’re distilled from the steam of the floral and plant material. These hydrosols contain very small doses of the essential oil, are clear and have the appearance and consistency of water. They even said to be generally safe for babies and individuals with low immune systems.

Rose Geranium Hydrosol good for cellular regeneration
I have quite a good idea of how the Rose Geranium Hydrosol would smell like, having used products containing the same extract. However, because this is pure, the smell is much stronger. Still, it is acceptable to me especially since this hydrosol works well as a regenerative facial toner and is suitable for combination and mature skin like mine with its ability to balance my facial oil. I’ve been swiping this on after cleansing my face and find that it’s hydrating and not drying at all.

Helichrysum Hydrosol for scar healing
I was recommended to try this for its regenerative properties, particularly good for scarring/pigmentation as it promotes skin-turnover. It is apparently one of the most sought-after hydrosols, and while it works fine for my skin so far without drying it at all, the herbal smell is too strong. However, this hydrosol worked well to heal a tiny new scar I had on my nose so I believe that it’s true that this is a must-have for post surgical recuperation and scar healing.


Hydrosols have to be stored properly
One thing to note is that these are all pure hydrosols which are free of additives and preservatives and will degrade quite quickly. Because mine are sample sizes of 15ml each, so I have no problems just keeping them in a cool dry place. If I do get the 60ml, then I definitely have to store them in the fridge to prolong their shelf life. But besides using these hydrosols as toner, I can use them to mix with the DIY clay masks or scrubs and hence, a 60ml bottle may deplete quite quickly.

Proper packaging in glass bottles with misters
I have to rave about the packaging for the samples I received from Yours Essentially. They’re all in glass bottles! Very important because I’ve written before that glass bottles are better for natural skincare products as the integrity of natural ingredients are better preserved. In addition, Yours Essentially took special care to ensure that all the bottles are properly tightened, taped and packed in bubble bags to prevent breakage. I also like the fact that all their hydrosols, even the samples, come with with a mister which means we have a choice of using it as a misting toner if we like.

Like I mentioned, I’ll definitely be switching to hydrosols for toning from now on. They’re pure and organic, possess hydrating, regenerative and soothing qualities, plus they’re more economical when compared to the usual commercial brands. In addition, I don’t have to worry about additional ingredients which may cause sun sensitivity for my skin for example. Well, 60ml of pure organic toner costing about S$11? Why not?


  1. andrea says:

    glad that you found a toner that works for you because finding a good toner is hard these days ? where could you get the free samples from, if you don’t mind me asking ?

    Andrea: They’re from Yours Essentially which I mentioned in my post. They charge for the samples at a small fee but they’ve sent me their samples complimentary as a token of appreciation because I mentioned their company in a previous post I wrote about the DIY market in Singapore. However, I thought the products are interesting for a review.

  2. slp says:

    Hi..have you try garden of wisdom products?

    slp: I learnt about it through a reader. May give them a try next time especially when I plan to have a bigger loot. ?

  3. Sapna says:

    Hey there! loved the free minerals article and have ordered from Everyday minerals…. as a suggestion, you must try rose water..its great as a mild toner!! can simply buy it off a shop…another one is cucumber juice for drier skin..

    Sapna: Rose water? I’ll give that a try next round. Thanks for the suggestion. And I love cucumber juice! I’m currently using fresh juice everyday on my skin and love how it brightens up.

  4. akiki says:

    wow~ i had been tryig to get good and effective toner with lower cost all the times…
    must give this a try!!

    akiki: The good thing is you can get the sample sizes to try. But be aware that cos they’re pure, the smell is strong…though not necessarily unpleasant.

  5. Jo says:

    Thinking of trying hydrosol as toner. How do you use it as toner? Spray directly to your face or using cotton wool? ?

    Jo: I really love hydrosols for toning. I find it’s more beneficial to my skin. Btw, I use it with a cotton wool.

  6. Jus says:

    Hihi! I have bought the hydrosol from Yours essentially but somehow both misters i got cant work. Er is there something to remove before using it?
    I have scrutinized every part of the misters,somehow it cant work and Jess is not around now. Thanks!

    Jus: I don’t use the misters so am not sure how it works. Can you try to use it with a cotton pad meanwhile before you get an answer from Jess?

  7. Jus says:

    Oh okay thanks alot! Wow ur reply is fast!

    Jus: Heh. I happened to be logged in. ?

  8. Raymond Chandler says:

    I’ve actually also found that rose water also works great on acne and sunburns, because it balances out the pH in your skin. I get all of my hydrosols at

    Raymond: Oh yes, I love rose hydrosol!

  9. Diana says:

    Hi, it seems like yours essentially website is down. Any idea if they will re-open again? I really did like their services and products

  10. sesame says:

    Nope. They seem to be close for good cos Jess can’t take care of the shop by herself as her partner has got a more demanding job now.

  11. Diana says:

    Thanks for the update. Its a big help. I tried searching for the organic floral hydrosol in SG, The only one that I knew of is A’kin Rose water while others in aromatherapy shops only carries non organic. Any idea where can I find it on the streets?

  12. Diana says:

    From the price listing of normal hydrosols as found on the web, the organic floral water will cost even more if I manage to find them. I guess I will stick to local sprees(from I love 2 shop) as for now ? Thanks for the fast replies!

  13. sesame says:

    Try They’re based in Singapore. But packaging not as great as YE. Quality is the same.

  14. sesame says:

    Yep, I spree with her too. But I have very little use for floral water these days.

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