Do facial blotters make your face oilier?

I was at Watsons the other day and realized that there are now so many brands of facial oil blotters! I haven’t bought them for a long time and have lost track of the new products.

Help to keep away the shine
I know many women absolutely must have one of these in their cosmetic pouch. In fact, I used to buy the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets but after using them for a few years, I just decided to stop one day. I just found that they’re a waste of money and don’t make much of a difference to help control my facial oil anywhere. Despite what some of them suggest, facial blotters merely keep away the shine, temporarily. I guess it was kind of fun to see the oily stains on the sheet but really, a tissue paper did about the same job for me. In fact, an ex male colleague suggested I use the kitchen paper towel in jest because it is a lot cheaper!

Do not use excessively
A funny thing I’ve heard is that using such blotters can contribute to more oil on your face. I don’t think this is true because you’re merely using these sheets to blot away excess oil, unless of course you’re over using them and keeping your face too dry as a result. Because a dry face will produce even more oil to counter its extreme state of dryness. And for goodness sake, these are blotters; so don’t rub your skin with them!

Avoid powdered facial blotters
Of course if you like using these facial oil blotters, by all means, continue because they do absorb facial oil and keep away excess shine. The only thing you want to take note is to avoid those powdered facial blotters because the layer of powder will just clog up your pores and potentially cause more skin problems later!

So do you think facial blotters are necessary? And if you like using facial blotters, what is your favorite brand?


  1. flym says:

    I’m one of those die hard blotter users. I think it’s a terrible look to have a sleek nose beading with sebum and looks like it’s coated in grease. Yep, I dislike the idea of using a powdered blotter. Imagine patting powder onto a layer of grease! Yucks!
    Daiso sells cheap n good blotters. I like Fasio’s too. I think blotting before touching up with powder is a more hygienic practice.

    flym: Daiso? I should check it up next time I get there. Yes, I hate looking all oily too. I think it’s quite a scary look. :p

  2. jamaica says:

    i bought facial blotters before but i never used them for more than a few days. i guess facial tissue does the trick for me. now i decided to use the facial blotters to wipe off my notebook’s screen as well as that of my phone and digicam. blotters are better for wiping screens as they don’t leave fibers the way tissue does. ha! now i found a better way to use blotters. =)

    Jamaica: Hoho…you’re funny! But it’s really creative to put them to better use. I should try it. I believe you’re right!

  3. lin says:

    You are right it’s a myth that facial blotters cause more oil..I was watching a tv show and it’s stated that our oil glands are deep within our pores and oil blotters do not disrupt them.

    I used to use Clean &Clear until I heard that latex blotters are not good, best is rice paper. So I am now using Fancl. Personally I don’t know if there’s a difference. But I try to limit myself, I use tissue paper more often than blotters so as not to remove too much oil

    lin: Yeah, you maybe right about the material of the Clean & Clear blotters. As a matter of fact, they’re not environmentally friendly. Well, tissue paper works for me now.

  4. Miki says:

    I always buy my face blotter at daiso too. At the end of the day, my T-zone and eye areas will be full of grease. I prefer those like “tracing” paper type ?

    Miki: I tried the tracing paper type before but didnt quite like them. Maybe it was that particular brand I used.

  5. ParisB says:

    I just blot with tissue because I can’t ever seem to find my blotters so I’ve given up on owning any ?

    ParisB: I think I got tired of having to replenish them…

  6. prettybeautiful says:

    i do own blotters, without any particular fav brand tho. however, i do notice that my face is oilier if i blot twice or more a day. so, usually, i don’t blot at all, or blot only once after lunch ?

    Prettybeautiful: Ah…interesting. So it’s correct to say we should not blot too frequently.

  7. karen says:

    i am currently using body shop’s tea tree oil series facial blotter and i like them more than the clean and clear brand. it’s much lighter and has a light fresh smell. but i am also very conscious on this myth that using too much so i doesnt use it much too often too.

    Karen: I’ve seen their tea tree facial blotters but never tried it. I think the Clean & Clear ones win because of the thrill of seeing more oil stains on the material. I also don’t think it was more absorbent really.

  8. clarie says:

    I belong to the category of die-die must blot group. My skin is super oily, and especially so during the pre-menstrual period. My dermatologist and bridal make-up artist both confirmed that blotting doesn’t result in more oil. It is a necessity to blot out the oil or else, risk dirt trapped on the skin, leading to acne etc. Of course when your skin is genetically blessed or you aint outdoors too much, blotting can be drastically reduced.

    claire: Yeah, I suppose it depends on skin type. Anyway, it’s impossible not to blot off the excess oi because I feel like my face is oozing with them in the middle of the day. But these days, I use tissue and it works fine too.

  9. Tine says:

    I need my blotters. My nose is so oily it’s not even funny. I prefer the non-powder kind though; the tea tree blotters from The Body Shop works fine for me.

    Tine: I heard a lot of gals liking that one from The Body Shop. Must be something.

  10. akiki says:

    i used Gastby!!!
    because it’s cheaper, hahaha…
    i used clean and clear before….
    never tried other brands’…

    akiki: I hear a number of gals using Gatsby’s. And I thought it’s a man’s brand…but I guess it doesn’t matter with blotters even so.

  11. Ena says:

    Hmm, I never liked the clean and clear ones. I get mine from Artistry. Its like for 80 Baht – but from a brand like artistry, I think it’s worth it. Anything Less than $4 works for me #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk (i’m a cheapo)

    I also have the BodyShop powdered kind in the purse right now. I only use it like for nighttime makeup because my face is kind of matte and would like to keep it that way. I guess it kinda clogs lol, because I have sensitive skin too, my face starts itching, especially my on my nose. ?

    I heard the Shiseido ones are pretty awesome from a teacher. Use to cost about $19 dollars. She has been using it for years.

    I was watching a video on the net. You know the tissue paper that we have, remove all the plys and voila – u have a blotting sheet. Works pretty well too. And it is practically free.

    Ena: Yeah, your suggestion about the tisse paper is great. I like that. ?

  12. Girl says:

    I tried using those ‘cubed soaps’ ( u know what i mean)
    to wash my face. It removes oil temporary and works well. It will be only a few hours ltr that i will have oil again

  13. sesame says:

    Your soap maybe too drying for your skin.

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