Applying foundation with sponge or brush?

Foundation application

Ladies, do you use compact powder foundation? If you do, what do you use to apply the powder on your face? Sponge, brush or fingers? I have tried both the sponge and brush but I’ve never used my fingers because one, I’m not comfortable using them and two, I think I won’t do a good job with them.

Between the sponge and the brush, I prefer the latter for the more natural finishing. I used to rely on the sponge and even though I always change them regularly, I found my foundation getting streaky sometimes, especially when I’ve applied the power in haste. Then I switch to using my kabuki brush and love how natural I look because the bristles allow the powder to be better evenly spread and I don’t end up overloading my face with too much powder. In fact, I can now apply my powder even in a hurry without too much problems compared to using sponges.

Some ladies cite hygiene as a reason for using a brush but personally I never had a hygiene issue with using sponges because I always toss them out quickly. Actually come to think of it, I don’t even wash my brush that frequently!

But now I realize one major problem with using a brush. Way too much wastage! I didn’t remember my compact powder finishing up quickly when I used sponges. And unlike mineral makeup, I have to pick up a lot more of the powder to get an even coverage.

Now this is a real bummer because I’ve switched from using mineral foundation to compact powder thinking that I’ve found the answer for a more natural makeup but I’m not about to spend more for that purpose. So I’m a little torn now. Should I revert to using the sponge again?

Geez…sometimes makeup is such a pain!


  1. Nikki says:

    HI Dear! I see a Paul & Joe foundation there! hahhaha ? answer your question, well I do use a brush in the morning, then for retouch, I use the sponge! LOL I know what you mean about wastage, but I like how natural the coverage is if I use a well my opinion ?

    Nikki: Yeah, it’s a P&J foundation! ? Ah, it’ll be troublesome to bring the brush out so sponge to touch up makes sense.

  2. prettybeautiful says:

    yeah i agree with nikki, i use kabuki in the morning at home, but when im out, have to rely on sponge ? but these days im so lazy sitting in the office, don’t even bother about retouching haha

    prettybeautiful: Oh ya, I don’t touch up too…I used to though. Probably got lazy too.

  3. akiki says:

    i used to use sponge when i attended the make up lesson. but i fount that using fingers is easier and cheaper!
    sometimes i will use brush too, but no more sponge!!! troublesome…

    akiki: I’ve never tried fingers. I can’t control very well…

  4. mj says:

    I used to use sponges, but I think I’m sensitive to latex. I’d really like to find non-latex sponges. I use a puff now, but I’m not totally happy with it.

    mj: Ya, I’ve never been too happy using sponge. Or maybe haven’t found a really good one.

  5. shin says:

    i love using brushes too! sponges just give me a layer too thick, which i really dislike. i use the edm flat top brush btw ?

    shin: Ah…I read a bit about the EDM brushes. Sounds very promising!

  6. Tine says:

    I prefer to use a sponge when it comes to compact foundation. Just used to it, I guess, ever since I tried my first foundation ?

    Tine: I’ve used sponges for many years until I got my kabuki and found it to be better…

  7. Nicole says:

    Used to use sponge till late last year, i tried using brush (face brush from the body shop) Oh my, i was so glad i tried using brush. Foundation is much more even (using sponge, sometimes u see “lines” of powder due to the edge of sponge) and i find using brush easier to control. I dont mind if my founation finish faster than usual, cos it means i can get new ones sooner… hahaha

    Nicole: That’s a good way to look at it… ?

  8. Alexa says:

    Well, you could apply the foundation with a sponge first and then get brush to get read of streaks ?

  9. Alex Parker says:

    I feel fingers are much easier. And I am pretty comfortable with that. I used a sponge but it’S hard I feel. But I would like to use a brush now.

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