DIY Beauty: Using Evening Primrose Oil For Your Acne

Evening Primrose Oil
You’re probably familiar with evening primrose oil. Maybe you’re using it. But most likely, you’re using evening primrose oil for PMS. Well, I didn’t have much success using evening primrose oil for my PMS but surprisingly, I have better success applying them topically on my skin. In fact, I was so pleased with the effects that I have been using this oil almost every other night now.

Reduces inflammation and redness
Actually I had a very vague idea of what evening primrose oil could do for my skin when applied externally. I started using it because I was fed up over a couple of huge red inflammed acne on one side of my cheeks. Nothing I did or used could tame them. So I punctured a hole into one of the Sainsbury’s Evening Primrose Oil capsules which I have been consuming orally, squeezed out the oil and started applying to the inflammed acne. I also applied the rest of the oil on the dry scaly patches of my body.

I went to bed after that, actually worrying that the oil would aggravate the acne. But to my pleasant surprise, the acne subsided a lot the next morning! It didn’t get rid of the acne nor the scarring but it certainly kept them from flaring up again. In addition, the dry scaly patches on my body were also looking a lot better. They were not as red, and definitely not as dry and scaly.

Contains concentrated sources of Gamma Linoleic Acid
In my last entry, I wrote that evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose flower and the purified oil is then made available in capsules as well as liquid form. The oil is one of the most concentrated sources of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), which is an essential fatty acid of the omega 6 family with anti-inflammatory properties and plays an important role to maintain healthy skin.

Provides countless skin care benefits
Evening primrose oil is good in calming acne flare ups because of its ability to dilute sebum production. The oil has also been proven to treat dry, scaly, or itchy skin conditions, such as rosacea and atopic dermatitis. It also reportedly, has some modest benefits for eczema. Other benefits when it comes to skin care include:
– rejuvenating the skin,
– reducing skin blemishes and visible skin redness,
– smoothening rough skin and hydrating dry skin,
– reducing the wrinkles and fine lines on the skin gradually, and
– lightening the dark circles around the eyes.

Feels oily and goes rancid quickly
Because evening primrose oil goes rancid pretty quickly, so it’s best to use the capsules instead. I have been using evening primrose oil on alternate nights and applying the oil liberally on my body and my face, and even lightly around my eyes. One capsule can pretty much cover the areas I need. Evening primrose oil feels extremely greasy on contact and remains so for my hands but less so for my face. Somehow, the oil absorbs quite quickly into my face and what surprised me most is that my face looked a lot more nourished the morning after, giving me quite a healthy glow.

Smells peculiar
My only gripe is that the oil has a peculiar smell. Not unpleasant but nothing sweet either. So it needs getting used it. But inspite of that, I say evening primrose oil is something I would want to use from time to time in my skin care regime. It’s definitely a lovely oil for the skin!


  1. marry says:

    after reading this all comments and sharing of thoughts and specially information about evening primrose oil, i’m happy ? that finally i found a right supplement, that can help to my skin problem like acne,. in fact i bought it just today,. and starting taken it,..

  2. sesame says:

    I hope it’ll work for you. But this one is recommended for topical usage and not so much for ingesting.

  3. marry says:

    is it okay if I include primrose oil as part of my daily vitamins?

  4. sesame says:

    Yes, sure but do you care to share with me how old are you? Cos primrose oil supplement can also cause hormonal issues in the long term. Not recommended as daily supplement for those in their 30s – maybe three times a week is okay or take it only near to PMS.

  5. marry says:

    i’m 27 y/o,.. so it means i’m not allow to take primrose oil??? and if I take it,. can i take it 1 capsule a week,. is it okay? or not?

  6. sesame says:

    You’re still young…so it should be okay. Try not to be too dependent on it. I’ll say about 3 times a week and then one every day when you have your menses.

  7. marry says:

    ah,..okay now i know,. i can take it 3 times a week,.. but why is that i can take one capsule everyday during my period???

    Is my understanding correct??? pls correct me if i am wrong,…

    thank you so much ,.. sesame ?
    I’ll w8 ur reply,.. godbless ?

  8. sesame says:

    EPO can help elevate PMS so if you are going to have your period or during your period, taking it would help your PMS. So that’s why I suggest you take it every day during that period. I have a number of readers who do that and they have said it helped their PMS. But if you do not have PMS, then 3 times a week should be okay.

  9. marry says:

    okay ms. sesame,. thank you for the info. and i will do your advice,,.

    i will send you a msg. again,. if i have more question to ask,. is that okay with you??? ? thanks a lot and godbless ?

  10. Rac says:

    Glad to know losta things here . I’ve this ! I’m turning 23 soon , can I intake 3 times daily ? I’m kinda afraid to apply on my face as I have dry , sensitivity n acne prone skin . Still have break out N redness . I’m not sure , help ?

  11. sesame says:

    It should help your your skin…maybe you apply to one small area first and see if your skin can take to it. As for the dosage, it’s best to take the recommended quantity.

  12. Rac says:

    Thanks a lot ! Appreciate that ?

  13. Rac says:

    N oh ya , ive read some of your articles that several people doesn’t suits EPO . Is it fine with me taking this daily at this age ? how about together with fish oil , zinc n redoxon . Currently I’m only taking EPO and bio ace ( antioxidant ; it helps reduce free radical damage n a combination of antioxidant vitamins . It has vitamins of a,b1,b6, b12 , zinc n folic acid ) both brands are from blackmores . Cause Its like alot of supplements to intake , such as Lustre Skin Pro Tablets , to increase complexion ? And Kordel’s Mega Acidophilus for acne free . I’m kinda confused . :p what are the best as I want to have acne free n have a good complexion , texture and tone ? Please advise ! ?

  14. sesame says:

    Haha…yes, a lot of supplements to take. I still take Acidophilus but stopped Lustre cos I’ve started on a new supplement. ?

    First, you need to determine why you are having acne to determine what might work for you. Sorry but I forgot if we discussed the reasons for your acne before?

  15. Rac says:

    Icic . Haha . Not yet ! I only asked about the masks n supplements . Hehe . I stopped taking redoxon . But it’s really helps alot . I should get that back ! Now I’m quite curious about the zinc n fish oil . I guess I’m lack of vitamins . My complexion is pretty dull ?

  16. sesame says:

    Probably blood circulation not too good. My guess is you’re pretty young? It’s better to determine why you’re breaking out before attempting the supplements.

  17. tracie spowage says:

    hi im nearlly 44 and blood test shows im in earlly stage of menopause. can i use epo every day. and just started 2 use on my face as have flare up of spot

  18. Sally Thompson says:

    This is great for my acnes.. Thanks for sharing this great information to us!
    Sally Thompson last post is: goodyear coupons

  19. Bo says:

    Hi! Turned 36 yesterday. Why should one be wary of daily EPO supplementation in their 30s? I’ve been finding my hormones all over the place, particularly in the face.

  20. sesame says:

    A lot of us take supplements without knowing too much about our own health condition. If you have hormonal issues and are already taking a lot of foodstuff that can affect hormones, then it’s best to be more cautious taking such supplements so as not to pose problems later in life.

  21. la fea says:

    Hi Sesame, I hope you still have time to respond… I am 27 and have PCOS, endometriosis and hypothyroid (underactive thyroid), but most of all crazy inflamed acne all over my face which does not respond to any topical (and in several years of adult acne I’ve tried them all). I’m on levothyroxine for the thyroid and fluoxetine for depression (daily), but since about 3 months I’m also taking (daily) 80mg omega 3 fish oil, 30mg zinc picolinate. Given my other meds, do you think it would be safe to take 1000mg EPO internally three or four times a week? Or, would I get better effect from it as a topical even though nothing else I’ve used works? Apolgies for the long question, I appreciate you’re not a doctor! If you can find time to answer I’ll be very grateful, thank you ?

  22. sesame says:

    I’ll not recommend you take EPO. The EPO may not help your acne if that’s what you’re looking at. I learnt that those with some hormonal issues are better off not taking too much EPO.

    Which part of your face are you breaking out most? How about your diet and your digestive system (like are you visiting the toilet daily)?

  23. Patricia McGuire says:

    Thanks so much for your little article about using primrose oil on your face! Sounds like we were facing a few of the same issues. I started taking it (internally)because of itchy, bumpy, red, irritated skin on my chin and redness around my nose especially during PMS week. Didn’t see much improvement and it didn’t really do alot to deter breast tenderness either. Huge doses of vitamin D REALLY helped that. I’m going to try the primrose oil tonight on my face and hope I get great results as well! Thanks for the article again ?

  24. sesame says:

    Hope it’ll work well for you. ? I don’t take vitamin D but for some facing the same issues, fish oil can help too.

  25. Veronica says:

    I have a specific question, is it safe to take evening primrose oil with levothyroxine tablets?
    Thank you

  26. Sesame says:

    I am not qualified to answer that…best that you seek medical advice.

  27. Maribel says:

    Great post! I have been surging for info on this product and I am glad I found your blog! Very informative and helpful! Thanks

  28. Sesame says:

    You’re welcome.

  29. Collins says:


  30. Natural says:

    Evening Primrose Oil is also great when you take a pin squeeze out the oil on to your skin for itchiness also great for the delicate tissues of the vagina when dryness or vyvodina causes itching.

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