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While I don’t play with a lot of makeup, foundation powder is a beauty product I can’t do without. Besides my quest for the perfect sunscreen, I’m also always looking out for the perfect foundation. With the introduction of mineral makeup, I thought my quest was over but since having a breakout, I think my confidence in using such makeup has been shaken. So these days, I’m very careful when it comes to using mineral makeup, especially those with a long ingredient list.

Simple ingredient list
In fact, when Anna Drut of Bisous Minerals contacted me to review their foundation, that was the first thing I asked her. And I agreed to test their products because their Bisous Minerals Weightless Lasting Foundation contain Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Silica and Allantoin; ingredients which are not a problem for my skin. Allantoin is probably the least common ingredient but it is really just a natural active ingredient derived from roots & leaves of the comfrey plant to help protect and soothe the skin.

4-piece sample kit
These are what I received – a 4-piece sample kit consisting of three 1g sample containers of Weightless Lasting Foundation and one 1g sample container of Translucent Glow Finishing Veil.

Bisous Minerals Foundation Powder

My evaluation criteria for mineral foundation
Having experimented with mineral makeup for awhile now, I have developed my own criteria for approving them.
1. The shade I see on their website matches my skin tone.
2. The foundation will not oxidize and turn darker.
3. My face will not look very oily after a day of wearing the foundation.
4. My face will not breakout after using the foundation.

And what do I have to say about Bisous Minerals after using them for two weeks? Well, I’m very happy using their mineral foundation because they meet the four criterias I’ve set.

Shades fit my skin tone perfectly
Although I had Anna helped me picked the shades for me, but two of them – Fair Golden and FairLite Golden were within my expectations and fit my skin tone pefectly. I haven’t tried using Light Golden as the shade seems to be a tad dark for my fair skin.

Good lasting powder and no oxidization
The semi-matt foundation last a good day on my face without touch up and without changing color. No orangey tone, no oxidization. Neither did my face look exceedingly oily too – with or without the Glow Finish. In fact, my face look kind of matt throughout the day; something I like very much. And of course my face did not suffer any breakouts.

Overall, I find the Bisous Minerals Weightless Lasting Foundation to be of an excellent formulation that gives me a natural glow and even sheer coverage. However, the sheer coverage means I’ll need to use some concealer for blemishes on my face. Anyway, this is within my expectation as I have yet to come across a mineral foundation that yields complete coverage like in the case of a compact foundation powder. I guess that’s the compromise you have to accept if your objective is to achieve a natural look.

Sample pricing and shipping cost
The 4-piece sample kit cost US$10 now and comes with a free travel mini kabuki brush. International shipping is available and cost US$5.25 if your order is below US$25. And if you’re in the US, you can benefit from free shipping if your order is US$75 and above. In addition, you may like to know that Bisous Minerals also offers custom blend for the custom shade you’re looking for – without any extra charge at all.


  1. Nikki says:

    oh!! New mineral line ! thanks for the review, I will definitely check out their site and look at what they offer ?

    Nikki: Their sample kit are quite worth checking out for testing purposes.

  2. Gnitil- says:

    wow! but may i know how long does it take for the items to reach you, from the day we transac the online order? ?

    Gnitil: Within 2 weeks. With the X’mas rush now, expect the delivery to be longer.

  3. Gnitil- says:

    oh thanks! sidetrack a little, regarding the everyday minerals, may i know how long does it take to ship you too? from the day when u transac? they will send str to ur doorstep?

    Gnitil: I remember it was very fast for me both times – like in a week. However there are other readers who told me theirs took longer. So I think the expected period is about 2 weeks.

  4. Gnitil- says:

    oh, good for you! ?

    mine has been like 18days already ?

    will they send to ur doorstep?
    or drop inside ur mailbox?

    Gnitil: In my mailbox. I think the shipments from US could be delayed this season. I’m expecting something to come in too but it’s been 3 weeks already and I’ve yet to see it. ? Anyway, EM is very good. If you really don’t receive after a month or so, write to them. They will send you a replacement order.

  5. Gnitil- says:

    oh thanks!
    cos this is my first time ordering from EM ? thanks so much for ur helpful info! =D

    Gnitil: No problem! I hope you’ll receive your order soon. ?

  6. Gnitil- says:

    can i ask if you know where to get beeswax in sg? around how much will it be?

    Gnitil: I can’t find beeswax here. You probably have to get it from US’s online stores.

  7. troubledGal says:

    I dont know about u guys. I used to hook up to mineral make up for awhile. But I gave up using it. One reason being the hot and humid weather. I would put on the mineral foundation and by the time I reached office, 60% of the make up has melted. And I look horrifying than without make up by the end of the day. I was using EM and also Loreal Mineral. (I would reckon it would work well in cold/winter weather but definitely not in South East Asia where you ll perspire alot!). Second reason also being it magnify my pores after application and also my dark circles. Unlike BB cream Im using, it helps cover my pores and also my dark circle. But Im yet to find a suitable brand of BB cream for my oily face ? Im getting quite fed up finding a right foundation.

    troubledGal: I’m in the same shoes as you…I’m still finding the perfect foundation, especially something I can get readily from the stores. I know what you mean about mineral makeup. I had problem with some of them too. The most annoying is not finding the shade I want and it has to be done through trial and error. I also know what you mean about the pores! The powder sort of sink in and make the pores look more obvious right? This one that I review is good in the sense that my face don’t get too oily after a day. But I agree mineral makeup is not for everyone. Some gals swear by it, some swear against it. Haha…

  8. slp says:

    wonderful. Thanks.

    slp: You’re welcome! ?

  9. Mimi says:

    Thanks for the review of Bisous Minerals. Their custom shade service sounds really interesting. I just ordered their 4-piece sample kit. Can’t wait.

    Mimi: I hope you’ll like their products.

  10. Jody says:

    Just wanted to let you ladies know I have used the Bisous line of foundation for around 6 months now and I LOVE it!!!! I have terrible skin and ANYTHING I use breaks me out….I have literally been looking for the perfect base since I was 15 years old (41 now) and I am happy to say I have found it!!! The shades are spot on and for me it has excellent coverage (trust me, I need it). I do use a lighter shade under my eyes though. This make up does not have any Bismuth in it which a lot of the more expensive brands contain…apparently this is one of the ingredients that was causing problems for me. I am a makeup tramp….I love to try new brands….but no longer!!! I will never buy another foundation again…only Bisous!!!! By the way, I usually get my order in a few days….I live in Texas, don’t know if that has any bearing on shipping time.

  11. Mimi says:

    My sister and I took advantage of Bisous Minerals promotion back in January after ordering their 4 piece sample kits. We then each ordered the Complete Kit and got free international shipping which took about 1-1/2 weeks. I’m happy to report that we absolutely love Bisous Minerals, especially their foundations, veils, blush, and synthetic brushes. I was able to get a custom blend shade of fair light golden and my sister was happy with the light golden. We found the shade we got really match our Asian skintones, which is hard to find with other brands that are usually catered to non-Asians. It’s amazing how this makeup has held up with the high humidity of Singapore. Our other makeup couldn’t do that. It would be nice if they had eyeshadows and lipsticks, then we can just all get everything at one place. I hope they have another promotion soon. Sesame, do you know? Thanks!

  12. sesame says:

    They do promotions on and off. I suggest you subscribe to their newsletter on their website – that will keep you posted. And glad the products are working well for you! ?

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