Korean beauty secrets revealed

At the DIY skincare creation workshop I attended, the Korean trainer told us that women in her country are very particular about their beauty and would make sure that they’re all well groomed from head to toe even when they’re just heading to the supermarket. I was also told that most of them prefer to use soap to wash their face. Anyway, I couldn’t find out more Korean beauty tips from her but I’ve just come across some interesting ones from Laneige’s International Trainer, Jin Lee at K-popped.com which include:

Using outward & upwards strokes when washing your face
When washing your face, do not use vertical up-down strokes which will loosen your facial muscles and promote skin sag. Use outward and upward strokes instead. I think this is quite in line with what I wrote yesterday and certainly make sense. However, it’s quite an effort to remember this because I’m so used to washing my face in circular movements. But I always try to use outward and upward strokes when I apply my facial creams and oils though.

Using lots of whitening products
If you want to have clear complexion, you should follow the Korean women who are fond of using whitening products to combat skin pigmentation problems. And with the great number of whitening and brightening products available in the market, I believe most of us are already into this regime.

Using sunscreen to prevent premature aging
Like the rest of the world, Koreans believe that sunscreens are an important aspect of skincare routines. So prevent premature aging by using sunscreen diligently as early as possible and this is also something that is achieveable given the flood of sunscreen products in the market. The only problem is picking one that provides sufficient sun protection and suit your skin type.

Using 17 – 18 products to achieve flawless complexion
The one that caught my attention most was that Korean women apply 17 – 18 products every morning before stepping out of the house! Gosh! That’s something I cannot follow for sure. One, I don’t have the time for the full works and two, I really can’t tolerate having too many products on my face!

If you’re interested to read more about the products they use, then check out the article here.

* Oh and don’t forget the BB creams that originate from Korea!


  1. Katey says:

    No they just age slower than normal. There’s no secret it’s just them.

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