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Wouldn’t you like to take a bite into these delicious looking cupcakes? I know I would. But unless I want my mouth to foam, I should really refrain from doing so if I come face to face with these. Because these are cupcake soaps and they’re not edible! I found them at Morgan Street Patisserie while surfing the web for soap making information.   Honestly, I probably won’t use them at all because they’re so pretty!  As it is, I couldn’t even bear to use the Hello Kitty and hippo soaps I’ve made in my last DIY workshop. 

According to the descriptions, these cupcake soaps have a chocolate scented cake and white tea & ginger scented frosting but the sprinkles aren’t soap but are sugar. Ingredients include olive oil, distilled water, soybean oil, canola oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, palm oil, palm kernal oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, kaolin clay, tussah silk. fragrance, sugar sprinkles, color.

Anyway, the point of this post is to highlight a soap making resource which comes complete with a soap making recipe calculator I’ve come across at From Nature With Love. I’ve been thinking of making more soaps for fun on my own and have been checking out websites on the information.  What I like about the resource is that I can make calculations and create a recipe on my own for both soap bar and liquid soaps.  I haven’t tried making liquid soaps and this is something I would love to attempt.

If you’re keen to make your own soaps, you might like to bookmark these resources for references.  But of course you can always choose to buy commercially available soaps.  Like these lovely cupcake soaps!



  1. Nurul says:

    Those are some really useful links for soap-making. Thanks for posting them up!
    I’ve been really interested in soap-making as well after seeing all the yummy-looking soaps on, and I’ve also been using the handmade soaps. Don’t think I’m going back to the commercial ones anymore!
    The cold-process method looks doable for a beginner but the problem would be finding sources for sodium hydroxide (lye) in Singapore.
    Seems like it is harder to get it here compared to countries like USA where they can just order from the online soap supplies website.

    Nurul: I agree…it’s quite hard to get all the ingredients here because we don’t have that many sources. The best is to order online from States.

  2. Tine says:

    I chanced upon a shop selling very pretty lace products, which had these cupcake soaps too. They’re so cute; I wouldn’t be able to use them! ?

    Tine: It’ll be a waste using them isn’t it?

  3. Strawberry says:

    Just wondering where did you have your last DIY soap session? In singapore? I would love to join one of those classes in Singapore but I couldnt find one thou >.< Strawberry: Yes, in Singapore! I blogged about it and included the details here:

  4. jocelyn says:

    I have started making soop for the last 4 years. NaOH is next to impossible to get. The glycerin is more doeable. Call me if you are interested. I am trying to get a cottage inductry going to allow me carry NaOH. United we might make a differece,

    yes they are pretty but life is about pretty things. Most of these products, do read the labels and they are usually very good quality, Google what looks suspect. Cheers, j

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