Mary Kay now available in Singapore


Mary Kay is officially available in Singapore now. But you won’t find their products available at any of the retail counters because the company is still selling direct to consumers via the beauty consultants. In fact, I was quite awestruck by how protective the company is over this exclusive sales channel even though consumer preferences have changed so much since Mary Kay’s establishment in the States. They’re still committed to their key philosophy of changing women’s lives through their direct selling business strategy!

I think upholding the philosophy is well and good but I’m not sure how well this will work in a market like Singapore where consumers are more skeptical about direct selling. Plus the cosmetic industry here is so competitive and it doesn’t help that we can get products off the shelves so easily!

But having said that, I think their strategy might work if their beauty consultants are well trained not to be pushy and aggressive. I mean if you think about it, a lot of the SAs over at the counters are also quite intimidating at times. Personally, I’m quite afraid of some of them!


Anyway, through the media preview which was organized in the style of a home party, I found their produts very attractive. The company has developed the Mary Kay MelaCEP Whitening System which is a range formulated specifically for Asian skin. And as mentioned in my earlier entry, a number of their products were well rated over at One of which is Satins Hands and having tried it myself now, I’ll say it’s pretty promising!

There was a makeup artist onsite to help us try the makeup but I only had time for some eyeliner and blusher. I was so caught up with the conversations I forgot to check out their pretty lipsticks!


Anyway, those who are interested in trying out their products would probably have to wait awhile because I was told they currently have recruited 70 beauty consultants who may take awhile to reach out to the market. But you can always contact the company directly via their website at and they will direct you to a beauty consultant. Alternatively, another way is to join them as one!

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  1. pf1123 says:

    Come to think of it, this direct sale channel might be a good strategy to filter those consultants who wants to make a quick buck vs. those who sell Mary Kay’s products with passion and conviction.

    Those who wants to make a quick buck will be out of the game soon as nobody would buy from them. Its only those consultants who truly wants to bring about the Mary Kay product that suits their customers best and provide great service who would enjoy customers’ loyalty.

    pf1123: Yup, that’s the line of thoughts as well. The difference is that the company does not promote their biz using the MLM model so perhaps that’ll make a difference. Hopefully, they won’t fizzle out quickly like the other direct selling brands in the market.

  2. pf1123 says:

    Then again, it might work well in US and other big counteries because its a hussle for ppl to get quality products in far off places. Hence the personal beauty consultant to bring the products to the ppl.

    But in Sg, everything is just a stone throw away.

    Anyways, we shall see. ?

    pf: That’s what I mentioned to them too. I’m also thinking what sort of brand loyalty do the younger crowd have in regards to cosmetics these days.

  3. min sin says:

    Just wonder if their product has dermatological tested?

    Min Sin: From what I’ve gathered from their website, their products are developed by their group of scientists who regularly consult with independent dermatologists and other medical experts around the world. Which sound very much the same as the other big brands.

  4. muta says:

    I’ve heard a lot of good review for Mary Kay products. And their products are cruelty free! Yay!

    I wonder how they’re going to promote their product with MLM, I mean the security guard in apartments and condos won’t just let them in if they come directly to people’s houses…

    Muta: Yes their products are free from animal testing. Btw, they’re into direct selling but not MLM. I think their consultants will probably start with their friends and families. I doubt they will do cold calls.

  5. FF says:

    I attended MaryKay skincare/make up class and i would like to share something here:
    1st, the beauty consultant that i know she is not pushy at all..
    2nd, their timewise skincare really impressed me, esp the microdermabrasion set, which u will never get such product in those drugstore like watson or guardian. Their lip mask and lip balm also very gd..
    3rd, the only thing i don’t like is, they are not really welcoming those old customer to go bck their class, instead, they always encouraging you to bring more friends there…

  6. Shermain says:

    So, if you go to the outlet at international plaza in singapore, will you be able to buy their products there?

  7. Jess c mariano says:

    I was so amazed and interested when i watch one youtube videos when she proved that she was very satisfied with your product,she used a lot of product like i ve did before but stillnot effective to her scars …. I hope that you could help me in my problem,coz fir been 10 years my scars in my face wont fade,i dont know what to use and i know your product are quite expensive ,but im still hoping someday that i can buy your products atleast item that can fade my scars pls helpme guys plssss.

  8. kaye lunzaga says:

    i have been using mary kay products in the philippines and my stock has ran out, id like to know where/whom i cold lace an order

  9. ana benzon says:

    can i have the contact number of perlita catap
    as i have an order which has not been deliver yet
    thank you

  10. Claire voutsinas says:

    Used Mary Kay for years because they were cruelty free.
    Sad ,now they are allowing animal testing to get into Chinese market.
    Can no longer use them.

  11. Claire voutsinas says:

    Don’t think Mary Kay fits in with your holistic approach.testing on animals
    Is gruesome,check out the sites,not a pretty picture.

  12. nur aisyah says:

    Hi Ladies,

    If you are interested in Mary Kay products & would like to get infos or understand better about a certain product for your skincare regime.. You may feel free to keep in touch with me and i am greatly appreciate to be of ur assistance.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks ;D

  13. Wong Lai Kwan says:

    May i know , how can i buy that Marykay make-up powder in singapore area . thanks

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