Review: Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose series


If you’re into pampering yourself with lovely scented bath and body products, I would highly recommend you to try the Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose series especially with the current promotions available at Watsons and Phyto Organics. I bought mine with the two for S$21 offer at Watsons but it seems a better deal is at Phyto Organics located at Raffles Shopping Centre, because according to Wen of Happy Hotcakes, Lavera’s products are being offered at three for S$21! Woot! If that’s not a great offer for a certified organic brand, I don’t know what is.

Made in Germany and certified organic by BDIG
First of all, Lavera Body SPA range of products are made in Germany and are certified by BDIH in Germany, which is known to be the toughest certification process anywhere in the world for making sure that products are truly natural and organic. Hence, that by itself says something about the quality of the products. Second, the Wild Rose fragrance is such a delight and scores high on the feel good factor.


Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose Shower & Bath Gel
Compared to the Orange-Sea Buckthorn Shower & Bath Gel which is more invigorating, the Wild Rose Shower & Bath Gel is very soothing and great for calming and de-stressing. It contains Rosa Canina Flower Extract and Rosa Damascena Flower Water and the rose scent is very lovely, lingering on even after bath. The first time I used it, my husband asked me about the smell in the bedroom. This bath and shower gel is able to foam well because it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate which is a plant derived cleansing agent and is more friendly than the harsh Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It’s definitely a treat but I’ll be honest that I wouldn’t want to pay the full price of S$35 for this because it would all go down the plug with the washing!


Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose Body Lotion
The Wild Rose Body Lotion has a great rose scent too and is just nice to slather on after the bath to indulge the skin and spirit further after using the Wild Rose Shower & Bath Gel. Besides Rosa Damascena Flower Water, the body lotion contains Rosa Mochata Oil and other skin soothing oils like Soybean oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter. It’s creamy in texture but isn’t too rich and feels quite light when applied but definitely leaves the skin well moisturized.


Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose Body Oil
Of the three Wild Rose products, this is my favorite! It contains Rosa Moschata oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil and Olive oil from certified organic agriculture and is heavenly when applied on my skin. As true as its claims, this pampering body oil leaves the skin unbelievably soft and smooth. Plus the scent is just divine! I love it too much! If you’re in the market for a great body massage oil or you want to up the romance factor with your partner, I highly recommend this Wild Rose Body Oil!  

Overall summary
The Lavera Body SPA Wild Rose series is a great treat for the body and the spirit.  The discounts at the various stores make this a worthwhile splurge that I would recommend trying.  Besides the Wild Rose, you can also find other scents like Lavender, Orange-Sea Buckthorn as well as Milk and Honey.


  1. Rachel says:

    What is the dermalogical advantage of organic products?

    Rachel: I think the basic premise is more from a health standpoint where some pple do not like to use synthetic ingredients that are used in most commercial products as some of the chemicals are said to be disruptive to our system. Eg. Parabens. Hence organic products are preferred as they deem them less toxic – much like the organic food.

    Then there are those with sensitive skin who prefer organic because the true blue organic pdts do not have mineral oil, SLS, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorings, etc.

    Whether they perform better is another matter altogether. It still depends on whether the product contains any ingredients that can address our skin care concerns. I’ve actually written an entry where I asked if organic and natural products are better. You can read it here if you like:
    My conclusion was that organic products are not created and selecting the right one which can deliver benefits for our skin is not much difference from the conventional products.

    Personally, I prefer organic products due to a personal choice and I found them to be more effective for myself. Perhaps the pure ingredients work for my skin. But organic skincare products while said to be great for sensitive skin can also cause breakouts. So they’re not necessary the best for everyone. It’s still very much a trial and error process too. But of course, the clever marketers have marketed them in such a way that many think that organic is the best. ?

  2. Nikki says:

    This product is interesting!!! I am on a lookout for products for super dry skin like mine!! But of course allergy tested! I wish they offer this worldwide!

    Nikki: I believe there are certain sites that offer Lavera and can ship worldwide. Run a search on them.

  3. Leon says:

    This Lavera Body Spa range looks great, I am gonna order some of them soon, will let you know how it goes.

    Leon: I got your email and replied…

  4. Leon says:

    Hey Sesame, how come my comment is showing twice? And its not me who commented the second time. Something seems to be wrong.

    Leon: The other comment does not have your pix in my admin panel and it’s a different email. Seems like a spammer copying your name and comment.

  5. Rachel says:

    Thanks for your opinion! There are so many differing points of view on the net about this.

    Rachel: Yeah, not too long ago Urban covered something on this and most of the dermatologists said organic stuff are useless! And that’s because unlike cosmecutical products, most organic results do not show you results like how many % in how many weeks.

    Btw, I sent the LashMantra serum to you on behalf of Leon so you should have gotten it or will get it soon.

  6. Wen says:

    Thanks Sesame for mentioning my site. ?

    I’ve since added the photo of the shop, cuz i dropped by to pick up more items. The promotion’s just so irresistable! ?

    Wen: Hey don’t mention! I really have to thank you for highlighting the promo! It’s a good deal! I finally went down yesterday and got some stuff too. But the shop is a bit hard to find. I almost missed it!

  7. Wen says:

    Yes it’s in quite an inconspicuous corner, but the good deals always manage to make us keep eyes peeled! Hahah! I’m glad you found the shop, a much wider range than that found in Watsons, yes?

    Wen: Yes! And they’ve got the Lavera makeup range even! I was in a rush so I only picked up what I wanted and left. I’ll go back another day to check out the shop.

  8. vonvon says:

    Wow! so good review on this Lavera range! I really wish they have it in Malaysia too.

    Rose scent is one of my favourites. But I want everything from all their ranges if possible….

    It sounds like all their products are very good and have lasting fragrance.

    Vonvon: Their Body SPA range is quite good. It just depends on the scent you like.

  9. koi says:

    Watsons is having an introductory offer for LAVERA Rose cleanser, moisturiser and toner for $10.50 (UP$71). I just got myself a set today. ?

    Koi: Oh they have another promo offer? Wow! Good for you! The Lavera Face series is not bad. I love the smell.

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