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Watsons in Singapore is celebrating its 21st Anniversary and as part of its celebration, is running an exclusive online promotion on top of its in-store discounts and offers. And you, my readers are the first to know because Viva Woman is one of the privileged few to broadcast this special promo!

So what’s this promo all about?

Mystery bags with retail value of above S$100 up for grabs
Well, from now till 18 March 2009, a LIMITED number of Watsons 21st Anniversary Mystery Bags with retail value of above S$100 are up for grabs at S$21 only! If you’re reminded of the Fukubukuro which are grab bags Japanese merchants filled with unknown random contents and sell them at a substantial discount during their New Year’s Day, you’re not alone.

Update on 6 Mar:  More brands are added in the mystery bag!  Woo-hoo!

Many goodies in each bag
That was what struck me initially too but I admit I was a tad skeptical about it until I was told each bag would include products from Renew, Lavera, Yes to Carrots, on top of Dr. Wu, Sanctuary Spa, Cure, Superdrug, L’Oreal, Olay, Fasio, Maybelline and many more including the latest inclusion from BRTC and Rojukiss. Woot! Your guess is as good as mine about what items would be in the bags but judging from the brands, it’s definitely something worthwhile! I mean Lavera’s stuff alone are already worth grabbing for! Just look at what I bought at the stores recently!

Six certified organic products at more than 50% off
A Lavera BodySPA Orange-Sea Buckthorn Shower & Bath Gel, a Lavera BodySPA Wildrose Shower & Bath Gel, a Lavera BodySPA Wildrose Body Lotion, two Lavera BodySPA Wildrose Body Oil and a Lavera Faces Calendula Toner. Six certified organic skin and body care items for just S$63! Fantastico!

I’ve never given Lavera BodySPA range much attention simply because they’re usually so costly! The organic loot would have cost me S$174 in all had it not been for the S$21 for two deals at Watsons and I would never have discovered the lovely Wildrose Body Oil. In fact, I had to make two trips to get the Wildrose bath and body products because they were already sold out at the Taka store. Too bad their lip balms are not discounted or I probably would have grabbed one too.

Natural organic skincare products promotions

Other natural/organic skin and body care range on offer
Besides Lavera, I also spotted Watsons’ offers on the other range of natural and organic skin and body care products such as Sukin, Renew and Yes to Carrots. The Renew Rose Hip Oil, which I’ve reviewed before is being offered with the Renew Toner at S$19.95 or the Renew Cleanser at S$21.  A drastic mark down from the original price of S$40.70!

S$21 hot deals for shampoos galore
Another interesting deal is the S$21 offer for the shampoos. Yes to Carrot shampoo and conditioner are being offered at 3 for S$21. The Phyto range are also going for S$21 each while Klorane’s and Charles Worthington’s are going at S$21 for two. I was really tempted to buy Klorane shampoos but decided to check out the reviews before doing so. If only their dry shampoos are also going at S$21 for two!

Shampoos for $21

Grab your loot early
Okay, enough said. If you haven’t checked out the Watsons 21st Anniversary Sale, you really should because the items are clearing really fast. And if you’re keen to purchase the Watsons 21st Anniversary Mystery Bag, get it at Cozyshop. You need to join as a Cozycot member first and remember, there are limited bags so grab yours early if you don’t want to be disappointed. As for me, I’ll probably pop by the Watsons store to check out anymore good deals before the sale ends on 25 March. But for now, I’m very happy with my Lavera steals!

And keep a lookout for my reviews on the products real soon!


  1. karen says:

    this is a great promo. will be checking it out! btw, how do you use the dry shampoo? i have oily scalp too. i shampoo my hair daily to combat it. would you be using the dry shampoo between shampoos or sth like in the middle of the day?

    Karen: I use it before leaving the house everyday. What I do is pour some powder into my hands and then sort of rub into my hair (the oiliest part), leave on for a couple of minutes before brushing out. You can read more details in my post here Or if you like, use it in the middle of the day. I do that sometimes…

  2. prettybeautiful says:

    singapore is so cool lah. even the watsons always got way better stuff than ours ? and here also cnt find the ‘yes to carrots’ ?
    jeles jeles

    prettybeautiful: So bad? But Watsons here has improved lots! I like them for their natural organic stuff too.

  3. Nikki says:

    wow! how come we don’t have hot deals like that!!!!???!!! ehheheh I am eyeing that Yes to Carrots, I wonder why we don’t have it here! ?

    Nikki: I think the purchasing/merchandising dept works differently that’s why.

  4. Florence says:

    I saw eucerin hyaluron filler day also have 20% discount, don’t know wan to buy or not…..can anyone give me some feedback?

    Florence: Have you tried looking up reviews say at I saw that it has 4.3 rating out of 5 but the thing is only 3 reviewers though…

  5. Jenny says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for your effort in maintaing this great site. Good information. I love this site very much. Keep up the good job ?

    Jenny: I’m glad to hear that! Thank you! ?

  6. Dee says:

    Yay Watson’s on SALE! Hmm they seems to “smell” that the GST is in already… hahaha. Is restocking time! =)

    Happy shopping girls!

    Dee: Oh ya, I didn’t think of that! ?

  7. karen says:

    oic! thanks for the info. i think i’ll stick to washing everyday … hiaz … haha..

    Karen: I wash my hair everyday and I still need this stuff! Can you imagine? ?

  8. Synaesthesia says:

    why is tat all the good things only available in Singapore !? hahaha…

    Synaesthesia: Eh…I guess cos shopping is one of the fave activities here. ?

  9. funkiss says:

    first time at your site i love your site! great info…

    funkiss: Hey thanks for visiting and thanks for putting up the link! ?

  10. Florence says:

    Hi seasame,I do look at makeupalley,but like you had said, only 3 reviews.

    Florence: Maybe you try googling for more reviews?

  11. min sin says:

    Hey, do you know if cozy cot will mail to us or we need to go down to collect on my own?

    can you update if you found any good deal after your visit to watson?

    Min Sin: You’ll need to go the office to collect the bag like what Audris has updated. Ah…I’ll try to update if I find anymore fantastic deals.

  12. shuz_22 says:

    thanks for notifying us of such great deals, sesame!

    how effective are lavera’s products for you? i can’t seem to find detailed reviews, but some seem to say that the wild rose line can be a bit oily.

    by the way, i heard that the goodie bag cannot be mailed, only collected at the adelphi, near city hall.

    Shuz: Lavera’s toners and exfoliating wash are very nice. I tried both the Wild Rose and Calendula. The eye gel are not very effective. I had a review of them here The wildrose face line is more for matured skin so suited for those with drier skin. But the Wildrose BodySPA are a treat! Since they’re on sale now, they’re really worth it. The Wildrose body oil is heavenly!

  13. Audris says:

    Have placed an order for a lucky bag ? But there’s no update on the collection point on Watson’s page though. Hopefully it won’t be only during work hours!

    Audris: Wow so exciting! I was told they just added 4 more participants and they include stuff from BRTC and Rojukiss! And thanks for your update and the details for collection. ?

  14. Audris says:

    Ah, to add on for other readers, this is what I received in my email.
    Thank you for purchasing Watsons 21st Anniversary Mystery Bag!

    Collection Details:

    Date: 23 March – 3rd April 2009
    Place: 1 Coleman Street #08-07 The Adelphi Singapore 179803 (Nearest MRT: City Hall)
    Time: 9am – 12.30pm and 2.30pm – 6.30pm (Mon – Fri)

    Please kindly call us for an appointment at 63398456 from Mon – Fri before coming to collect the bag.

    A print-out of this email and verification of your identity is needed for security purposes.

    If you wish to appoint a person to collect it on your behalf, they will have to bring the email addressed to you and a photocopy of your I/C front and back.

    Thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy your Mystery Bag!

    With Love,
    Watsons Marketing Department

  15. Tine says:

    Aww that’s so much fun! I wonder if Watsons Malaysia is doing this too. Not that it would matter to me (grrrr), but it would be great if the Malaysian outlets have this promo going on too.

    Tine: I believe they have different marketing tactics. Plus they’re celebrating their 21st anniversary.

  16. Wen says:

    Hello Sesame, just want to let you know that there’s a better deal for Lavera products at Raffles City Shopping Centre! 3 for $21. ? The shop name’s Phyto Organics, at Basement 1 near Soup Spoon! I’ve hauled a few of their products as well. It’s such a steal! ?

    Wen: Wow, 3 for $21!!! Woah…I want! Thanks thanks for the highlight!

  17. maylin says:

    hi guys..may i know how many items and contents inside the bag?

    Maylin: It’s not known how many items but there are 30 participating brands and I’m guessing there could be more than one item from some of the brands… the retail value is above $100 anyway…

  18. maylin says:

    erm..icic..thanks. Is like a surprise like the japanese grab bag…

    Maylin: Yes, somewhat like that…

  19. Wen says:

    Yes, the sales has been so exciting I couldn’t resist. You could check out my link to see my extensive haul! ?

    I can’t wait to try them too!

    Wen: Yeah, I saw them. ?

  20. vonvon says:

    Ohh….Watsons S’pore is so good, unlike Watsons Malaysia SUCKS!!!! They carry so many organic brands and at such reasonable price! I wonder when Watsons Malaysia will improve and bring in brands like Lavera, Yes to Carrots, Sukin, etc.

    Watsons Malaysia sale is also very pathetic. No great deals like those in S’pore!!!


    vonvon: Let’s hope they’ll improve in time…

  21. Zazzeyh says:

    OMG , I bought Sukin ! Heee , it’s working alright for me . I guess I just need to give it more time . ? Nyways , I enjoyed the Watsons Sale <3

  22. sesame says:

    Sukin is fine for normal skin. No issues. But it’s more of a basic care. Yeah, Watson sales are great!

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