Review: Lavera Neutral Intensive Hand Cream

Lavera Neutral Intensiv Handcreme

I was hoping to pick up the bigger version of the Lavera Basis Sensitiv Handcreme  but it was out of stock and in the end I settled on the Lavera Neutral Intensiv Handcreme as it was going at S$7 instead of the usual S$29.  I didn’t quite like the texture on first contact because it’s really very rich and somewhat sticky but I figured it’ll make an intensive night cream as the name implies.

Good for those with sensitive skin
This handcream contains organic evening primrose oil, olive oil, palm oil, jojoba seed oil and shorea butter.  Its emollient and anti-inflammatory actions from the special blend of organic oils infuse moisture and restore elasticity plus the Gamma Linoleic Acid derived from evening primrose oil is said to give our skin ultimate caring skin protection and thereby shelter the skin against irritating influences.   Hence, Lavera Neutral Intensive Hand Cream is particularly good for those whose hands have sensitive skin.

Lavera Neutral Intensive Hand Cream Ingredients

Very rich and able to moisturize the driest of hands
Personally, I wouldn’t want to use this hand cream in the day because it’s awfully rich.  Although the cream did eventually sink into my skin, the initial feeling is sticky.  But having said that, this Intensive Hand Cream is really great for moisturizing the driest of hands.  And at a steal of S$7, this is definitely a great replacement to my L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream for intensive night-time hand treatment. 

Blend of organic oils and butter not particularly great in smell
For the day, I still like to use the Lavera Basis Sensitiv Handcreme which has become my all-time favorite.   It is lighter than the Lavera Neutral Intensiv Handcreme but still very moisturizing.  So they make a perfect pair – one for the day and one for the night.  But if you’re one who is particularly about the scent of your hand cream, then I have to tell you that both Lavera Basis Sensitiv Handcreme and Lavera Neutral Intensiv Handcreme don’t smell particularly great with their blends of organic oils and butters.

Lavera Neutral Intensive Hand Cream is available at Phyto Organics located at #B1-74 Raffles City Shopping Centre.  The S$7 promotion has already ended so you will need to pay the full price of S$29 if you’re keen to get the 75ml tube.


  1. Florence says:

    I love the basic sensitiv handcream,usually I use it before sleep or after washing & is not oily & absorb very fast.

    Florence: You love it too? I really like it very much. Too bad I forgot to buy it the first time at Phyto and when I went back again, the big ones were all gone. So have to settle for the small one which is just as well cos I can carry it around.

  2. Kitty says:

    I find Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream good at a very reasonable price.The smell is nice but it’s available in original and fragrance-free. It states that the 56g tube contains over 200 applications as just a dab can relieves dry, chapped hands. It also states the mfg and exp dates. It states dermatologist recommended too. It’s not only moisturizing but it also helped cure my rashes. So, perhaps you may wanna try this out.

    Kitty: I tried that some years back but I’m not too fond of Neutrogena’s handcream but agree that it does relieve chapped hands.

  3. Leon says:

    I haven’t tried it but it looks good. I guess they should have added some essential oils to make it smell good. When it comes to body care, I prefer nice smelling product but not synthetic ones:)

    Leon: The smell is not too bad but it’s not sweet, floral or fruity. My husband always cringe when I whip out this handcream to apply in the car.

  4. Leon says:

    Hey Lavera basis sensitive handcreme is available at LoveLula for $8 and I am sure it would not exceed Singapore dollar 20 even with shipping.

    Leon: Oh yes, the price of Lavera Basis is quite attractive. I forgot how much it is for the full size here. The small one is just S$5.

  5. Leon says:

    How big is the small one?

    Leon: It’s 30ml.

  6. Alison says:

    The Lavera Neutral line is their hypo allergenic line – hence no scent. Its really developed for those with super sensitive skin like eczema, dermatitis, skin allergies or extremely sensitive skin. Thir Lavere ACTIVE/Body Effect line has a great smelling hand cream if you are looking for something delicious smelling.

    Alison: Haven’t tried their Lavere range – will check it up the next time I see them.

  7. Leon says:

    oh 30ml is a decent size. So ur hubby doesn’t like its smell:)

    Leon: Yeah, he doesn’t like the smell of my skin care in general. He said the UV Natural Sunscreen smell like dead beetle!

  8. Leon says:

    He he he, you are so funny:) Even my hubby was horrified by its smell and it took him sometime to get used to the smell but he found it to be effective so he kinda compromised:)

    Leon: Your hubby is good! Mine has a sensitive nose. Sometimes products I use make him sneeze like mad. ?

  9. Leon says:

    Oh he also cribs sometimes:)

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