DIY Beauty: L’Occitane Ma Creme Nature


My interest in L’Occitane was recently renewed after noticing that more of their products are indeed organic, with certification from ECOCERT. Most recently, they launched an interesting product in US and it’s the Ma Crème Nature which is a 100% natural origin moisturizing cream that you can prepare at home and keep in your refrigerator.

According to information from the website, this is a moisturizer using organic olive tree extracts. For US$42, you’ll get a sachet with the olive tree extracts, a graduated bottle, a 150ml glass jar and a product label. You are to mix the formula yourself using these 5 simple steps:

Step 1
Fill the graduated bottle, containing the concentrated preparation with mineral water or spring water up to the indicated mark. To obtain an unctuous cream, it is recommended to use a mineral water with low amounts of calcium (<100mg/l).

Step 2
Cover and shake well for a perfectly even result. Set aside.

Step 3
Pour the sachet filled with the preparation rich in plant oil, into the 150ml glass.

Step 4
Add the mixture created in step 1 to the glass jar, little by little (ideally in 3 steps) while mixing well with the spoon until fully integrated.

Step 5
On the label, write the date on which you prepared your cream as well as the use date (4 weeks after the preparation).

Because Ma Creme Nature is preservative-free, hence it must be kept in the refrigerator after it is made. The product is described as a moisturizer which you can use twice a day on your face and if you like, on your body too.

It was just launched in US during early April but I have no idea if it is coming to Singapore and if yes, the timeframe. It sounds interesting for sure but like all L’Occitane products, the price is a tad expensive. Homemade blend but without the homemade price unfortunately.


  1. pf1123 says:

    Goodness. I have to pay so much to do things myself??!!

    pf: Haha…that’s what I thought too. I actually wondered what was the purpose of the product. DIY cos it’s fresher? Or DIY cos of the novelty?

  2. prettybeautiful says:

    the price is a big turn off esp it is a DIY product, if it were in msia, i doubt i would get it too. might as well buy some great ready made products with the price!

    prettybeautiful: I doubt the product will be very popular.

  3. Joyce says:

    yup if i were to diy a similiar product myself, my cost price wont be so exp

    Joyce: Yup, I think most pple would be thinking along the same line…Unless I know there are benefits to that DIY process, why would I want to buy something so ex and still have to mix myself?

  4. pf1123 says:

    If I really wanna DIY, I might as well go to the market and buy all the most natural, freshest ingredients to do it.

    There is no need to buy this PROCESSED natural stuff to do it.

    Geez…and no promises of any miracles?! ?

    pf: I know I’ll check it out but I would not buy it. ?

  5. Dee II says:

    Wait… is the bag containing the oil even “re-sealable”? Not everyone will use up a 150ml jar in 4 weeks.

    Dee II: Hey…that’s a good question! To use all of that in 4 weeks is likely not possible if confine to the face…that means got to use on the body. So US$42 for a 4 weeks jar is definitely very expensive! There is nothing said about re-sealable at their website.

  6. London Virgo says:

    I saw a product similar to this in Singapore over the weekend in Takashimaya. The product was a face mask, very natural and very good with a face cream DIY, quite cheap as well – for $25 after their discounts and offers. I think the brand is called Body Essentials. I bought 2 for myself and my sister, very good stuff.

    LV: Oh that’s interesting! I will keep a lookout for this when I head to Taka! I think it’s at the basement right cos I’ve seen a number of natural brands being sold there.

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