Beauty blogging: must beauty bloggers be beautiful?


Okay ladies, I have a question for all of you. Must beauty bloggers have good skin? Or must beauty bloggers be young? I’m asking this because I’ve seen two comments these two days that bugged me.

Someone who has been reading my blog but not met me had asked me for my age. She guessed my age to be in the late 20s initially and then subsequently commenting that I cannot be older than 33. This person is a professional contact and her intentions are kind. However, that got me thinking. I don’t know how she derived those numbers but perhaps in the minds of most people, beauty bloggers must be young.

Then today, I saw some traffic coming from Cozycot and I checked. A reader had kindly posted a link of my entry on Sustainable Youth which I wrote about yesterday to share with the forumers. However, one of the forum commenters discredited my post by criticizing my skin, highlighting the fact that I have a lot of pigmentation and casting serious doubts on my recommendations. Sure, I know I do not have good skin. I have said that. However, I have also said that I am not young and I have bad pigmentation due to years of adventure traveling and not wearing sunscreen.

I’m not upset because she criticized my skin. I’m just upset that my intentions to share something exciting is deemed negatively. And my question is, must beauty bloggers have good skin? I blog about my beauty journey and experience. I’m not blogging to show off my skin. On the contrary, I’m blogging to improve the state of my skin.

I never intended this blog to be personal. However, it has evolved into something different and I love all the interactions with my readers. I love how some of you tell me that the stuff I recommend works for you or how some of you come and share your beauty tips freely. So today I am saddened. My beauty blogging passion is dampened so to speak. The fear I always have when I started this blog has reared its ugly head.

Don’t worry though. I have no plans to stop blogging. But I might be more careful with using before and after pictures though I thought they are certainly more believable than words. Leon suggested that I reveal my age but I don’t know. Should I or shouldn’t I? I have that “Andy Lau” syndrome if you know what I mean. If you ladies find me older than your expectations, would you continue reading my blog?


  1. Moneypenny says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I don’t bother at all whether if you are old or young, so no need to tell, I think. One thing that I question myself though is: how does your skin deal with changing skin care so often, and mixing and matching different brands? Also, trying out so oral supplements – how do you figure out the effects when you take so much? Aren’t you scared that this stresses your skin even more?

    Please continue the good work!

  2. renz says:

    Dear gal, don’t worry about such silly and immature comments.

    To me, beauty bloggers are to share their own opinions and thoughts on certain products. In the end, whether the product worked or not, depends on our own individual skin.

    Put it this way, if your skin is perfect, then how do we really know whether the product works for you or not?

    Anyway I love your blog, I do think its very informative.

    Being a beauty blogger has no age limit nor skin condition. Its having their own honest opinion.

  3. jm says:

    I’m a daily reader of your blog and I am following you because I think you make sound justifications and provide responsible, reliable and useful reviews on skin care and beauty. That’s all thats needed really. Age, skin condition and all else is besides the point. Please dont be discouraged, you’re doing a great job. As long as you keep your reviews honest and credible I will always be following your writings. With love, your dedicated follower ?

  4. Cyndi says:

    Well, it may be a plus point if the beauty blogger is young and pretty, but I would prefer a beauty blogger who has great writing skills and knowledge in this beauty thing. I don’t find the point of reading a beauty blog with pretty photos only. I mean, I would rather read an informative one. And FYI, your blod is my daily must-read-beauty-blog! I love it, so keep up your good work!

  5. Dee says:

    I agree with Cyndi! =)

    Sesame, I always love your site and you have help alot to make men/women understand what is your site about! Experience and Share. Who cares whether the writer is young or old. We bloggers are more keen on the information that we need to know.

    Is the imperfection that makes us beautiful! =)

    Will always be there for you Sesame… xoxo

  6. Reese says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I like your blog- period. Will continue reading it daily.

  7. Barb says:

    It is incredibly refreshing to have the perspective of someone “older!” Never mind what these others may have to say. We are all beautiful and wonderful in our own individual way…..good skin or not. (And who deems what is good skin or not) A few wrinkles or discolouration doesn’t mean you aren’t healthy and beautiful.

    Keep up the good work and keep on blogging. I will continue to read what you have to say!

  8. Eunice says:

    Hi, do not be dampened by those narrow-minded people. You are so kind to be sharing your beauty tips and reviews with us. Age is not about the number, it’s about how you feel in your heart.

  9. Paris B says:

    If all beauty bloggers were young and beautiful it would be quite a boring world indeed for the rest of us ? Please don’t let a few nasty comments dampen your spirits – some blog to show off, some blog to learn, some blog to share. I enjoy reading your blog and I appreciate your sharing your experiences and tips with us all.


  10. Happyfeet says:

    AAwwww….. Sesame, pls don’t be sad… Brave on and show us that you are a real, worthy beauty blogger in the storm of negative comments against you. We all must know by now that, whatever age we are, we are always in relentless pursuit of flawless skin and beauty. Anyway, sometimes these younglings just don’t know what they are saying… Some of them just take more time to ‘ripen’ with age. So it takes a good, mature in thoughts, well-informed blogger like you to guide them. In so doing they will become a good and responsible blogger like you. Love your blog!
    P.S. obviously some people have not heard about Susan Boyle in Britain Got Talent.

  11. BT says:

    Hi sesame,
    I’ve learnt a lot by reading your blog daily (unless I offline) for more than 2 years now. Please be strong whatever it is. I’m 30+ with many skin issues and I seriously think age should be an advantage in this case. (“v)

  12. Angel says:

    Hello, I recently started reading your blog and it has become a whole database of info for me and I am learning so much! (I spent hours reading back posts~! ) I am a 20 year old female and I just started caring for my skin. And though I am more about prevention at this stage, I actually like the fact that you are a more mature beauty blogger. You have great sources, have really in depth posts and you research your topics and update often.
    A lot of younger beauty bloggers will get lazy and don’t always do these things and don’t always have all the details and as interesting and varied topics as you do. ?

    In the long run, I think that you have alot more valuable skin care advice and experiance. I just don’t want them to dampen your spirit because you are a smart and beautiful lady and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Just because someone is trying to put you in a box you or is being close minded shouldn’t get you down. I wouldn’t care if you were 70 years old, I think your blog is terrific and I look forward to new posts!

    I’ve read beauty blogs by younger and older women, so I think that it shouldn’t matter what your age is. As long as you provide good info and you are a good blogger I honestly don’t think that you have you have great skin or be really young to be a beauty blogger. We’re here to learn and to fix mistakes and experiment!

    Thank you for all your hard work so far!

  13. Kathy says:

    Please don’t listen to those negative comments. You are my most favorite beauty blogger and one of the most credible too, in my opinion, since you always do your research! My obsession with SPF is thanks to my stumbling upon your blog!

    That you do not have perfect skin doesn’t bother me at all. Women who naturally have beautiful skin aren’t as motivated to look for products to improve the condition of their skin because there is no need to improve anything, unless they are looking for anti-aging products. Nevertheless, the fact that you do not have perfect skin makes it easier for me to relate with you since I have combination skin and was afraid to try sunscreens since they always made my face too greasy. Oh, and your dedication to organic skin care is nothing short of awe-inspiring!

  14. Soos says:

    I’ve seen this happen before. The blogger stopped cold because a segment of the audience protested loudly when the direction/focus of the blog changed. He has a new blog that he only lets a selected group interested in the new topics read.

    It’s your blog. You can write/show what pics you want. You also need to have a tough skin, because you are putting yourself out there, and there will be critics. Beauty is subjective. Keep writing!

  15. cindy says:

    Hi. I have been reading your blog for many mths but i dont comment. I just take in whatever info, good buys, experiences that you posted. Will keep the relevant ones or info that I feel is of use to me personally. Most of the time, i enjoy reading your blogs. I do read other beauty blogs too. But it has never come across my mind to comment on the person’s age or other info. Do not be bother by whoever’s comments which are negative. Its probably boiled down by jealousy, ignorance or sabotage. You have been doing great. Keep it up. Cheers

  16. yanju says:

    dont be saddened ok! one very important thing u must learn is life is that u cant please everyone….just dont bother abt their remarks….who said beauty bloggers must have good skin then there wouldnt be any need for them would there? keep up the good work cos i know its a LOT of hard work to be doing wat ure doing and u musnt resent ok…..ur blog is read by pple from different countries….i’m Nigerian! i would know.

  17. Wen says:

    Hi Sesame,

    Would just like to say, jiayou ?

    You’ve done a great job of converting me (and perhaps many others out there) to a skincare junkie. And I especially appreciate the effort that you take to blog everyday to share your knowledge with us!


  18. Karen says:

    Hey don’t worry about it. Beauty bloggers do NOT have to be young. Everyone is beautiful. As I mentioned maybe a month or two ago, I just discovered your site, and I LOVE IT!!! The before and after pictures definitely flushes some of my skepticism down the drain for the products.

    I say just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s your blog and it’s very lovely. And it seems as though you have a very faithful following based on all these comments so far.

    Long live! hehe Get it?

  19. anonymous says:

    Continue sharing your experiences with love that’s all that matters ?

  20. shin says:

    hi ?
    i think i’ve seen the comments that you are referring to, and i seriously feel that there is some sort of misunderstanding. she don’t think she was trying to put you down or something, cause well, there are a lot about you that she doesnt know, that must have probably been why she said that. i like the beauty advices from both you and her, it was purely a misunderstanding, cause we do need reminders from our skincare experts! don’t take it to heart!
    also, i think readers would benefit more if you can reveal more about yourself (it is of course you’re right to choose not to, to protect yourself) cause people who genuinely want to learn and benefit from you are the ones who know and dont mind any flaws you have. we’re here to learn!

  21. JackieA says:


    You are awesome! Nuff’ said.

  22. LL says:

    Pay no attention to these negative people. Your blog rocks ?

  23. Lee says:

    I love reading your blog. Please don’t let those people get you down. You do a wonderful job with all your reviews and I’ve quite a few things from you.

  24. faeryberry says:

    Vivawoman is really the best beauty blog i have read. Informative, sincere and well written. Very evident you have taken much time and effort to blog.
    I think you look really pretty in your pictures so dun be disheartened by someone else’s remark! ?

  25. farah says:

    i love your blog,,never get boring to read all the post..its good to sharing our experiences…nobody perfect..even a doctor got sickness,illness..etc..

    so please dont be sad…your blog do help me a lot…


  26. babebudget says:

    Hi dear

    I think you should keep doing what you are doing. You have opened my eyes to the world of natural skin care and inspired me to start my journey to finding a new skin care routine…

    The girl, who made such comments, is still after all a girl. When I discovered your site, I actually tried to go as far back as your first entry… then I discovered there is too many things to read – showed me your dedication to providing your readers as much info as possible…

    Back to the girl, by judging you, she has imposed judgement on herself. I believe readers are matured enough to tell a quality writer over one that is not – age should not be an issue.

    You are real and you inspire me… keep up the good work ?

  27. EMMY says:

    HI, I am a Hong Kong girl, I read your blog for about half year +, I like your blog, I don’t really care how old are you, I think your view is objective and careful, Supoort you~!

  28. fwy says:

    I had never seen your looks. Most bloggers do not post their pics anyway. If I find a blog interesting, I’ll continue to read it.

  29. Tine says:

    It’s the substance, not the looks. What makes your blog stand out above the rest is the experience you’ve had, and you shared that experience with the rest of us, for which I’m very grateful.

    I’ve been reading your blog for years now, and I certainly do not intend to stop. Keep up the good work! ?

  30. babysaffron says:

    I will continue to read your blog no matter what… It what keeps me sane after the end of the day…

  31. Sylvia says:

    Well I certainly hope not! Then I might as well quit today. Also please don’t stop showing your before and after pictures. It’s a very brave thing to do and it always makes the post more interesting. I must admit I’m very shy in that area and have not done that yet, but I very much admire people who do. Please don’t get yourself discouraged by some unkind people. I don’t know how old you are but I believe age brings with it a lot of wisdom and life experience. So in many ways it’s an advantage. Hope you will continue as usual!

  32. Heel in Mint says:

    I don’t see age as a problem at all and beauty bloggers don’t have to be perfect IMO. I believe in the saying – To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. I would rather read a blog written by an experienced and knowledgeable writer who has gone through a lot in life than someone who has very little experience in life. I am not in my 20s either and I totally support blogger over 35. ?

    Heel in Mint

  33. Annie says:

    I’m a new reader of your blog and it has been a joy for me to go through your posts. I admit i was one of those people who assumed that you must be in your early 20’s because i have only seen young beauty bloggers. Not until around i donno, a hundred posts later (okay i lied, not 100 but a lot) that i found out about your real age. I was surprised and it has really opened my eyes. I have only turned 20 but i enjoyed reading your blog because i feel like i’m being bestowed a lot of wisdom from someone who had “walk the road”, if you know what i mean ?

  34. romacchiato says:

    Hi, sesame
    I tweeted my love to you once lolololol and i know this is a very old post but i wanna tell you how much i love your blog and no i dont care about your age i think youre awesome and thats that :-*
    romacchiato last post is: REVIEW: TFS Real Nature Mask Red Ginseng

  35. Lu says:

    Hi Sesame, I believe bloggers ideally should not be too young or have too perfect skin. Have you ever seen those old shampoo commercials on TV where the model just flips the entire length hair in the air, and it didn’t actually look like hair anymore? I always resented those because the model’s hair can never be achieved solely because of that shampoo. Similarly, a young blogger with perfect skin, ahh, nothing wrong with that, but young skin is naturally young and needs less complex skin care than older skin, and perfect skin can work with most products and so such blogger’s recommendations are actually less useful. You’re the best blogger!

  36. Sesame says:

    Yes, same feelings about the commercials. Whenever I watch a commercial where a celeb endorses a product and I’m wondering, that celeb already has good skin to begin with! I actually feel it’s quite ridiculous how some young people are roped in to review anti-aging products because they don’t have much aging issues to deal with in the first place.

  37. Riih says:

    Hi Sesame,

    This comment may be rather late, but to be honest, you are one of the few beauty bloggers I really look up to, even as a fellow blogger (or make that ex-blogger, idk). I honestly and truthfully respect beauty bloggers such as yourself, when your focus is on the product instead of on the face.

    At least a year before I initially started a blog on beauty blogging, I did look-see around on the Internet and all I got were blogs where “young and pretty” bloggers were not even sure on how to blog about beauty products, especially when it comes to sponsored beauty products, to be honest.

    Out of the 20+ photos on the blog post, only between 3-5 photos are relevant to the product(s) before, during, after and post usage. The remaining photos are just of the blogger themselves acting stupid and silly by holding said product between their left hand/cheek and right hand/cheek. And I always thought companies were biased towards such bloggers cos, you know, they are young, pretty (and probably stupid).

    That is until I came across your blog. Your blog taught me that it’s alright to not be young and pretty but one can still blog about beauty products positively. Your blog also taught me that experience is much more important than age and looks. So, never ever feel down or dampened cos of 1 person’s ignorance on the world wide web. You are my source of inspiration and will continue to be, never forget that ?
    Riih last post is: Chopsticks has Moved!!

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