Product review on Lavera organic skincare


If you’ve been shopping at Watson’s a bit, you would probably have seen the Lavera organic range of skincare from Germany.  I started using Lavera SPF 40 Neutral Sunblock, and then moved on to purchase some of their other products when they were on a 20% offer. 

Laveral SPF 40 Neutral Sunblock S$28
This is a physical sunscreen containing titanium dioxide.  In my last review, I rated this as above average.  The plus point is that this sunblock contains organic plus natural ingredients and is suitable for those with sensitive skin.  In addition, it is water resistant so it’s great when you’re using it for outdoor activities.  On the downside, the texture of this sunscreen is rich, creamy and slightly greasy and does leave a white overcast on the face if you don’t blend well.   Hence, I would only recommend this if you have drier skin.  In addition, even thought the formulation is fragrance free, but some people may not like the mild smell because it contains evening primrose oil to nourish and active ingredients from licquorice root to soothe.  3.5 out of 5 hearts from me.

Lavera FACES Wild Rose Eye Gel S$33
This eye gel is described as an intensive treatment gel which is packed with nourishing plant-based liposomes from organic wild rose, ginkgo, orange blossom with Vitamins C and E to provide care for the delicate skin around the eyes.  In addition, it contains calming extracts of comfrey and green tea to reduce puffiness and firm plus evening primrose and jojoba seed oils, as well as hyaluronic acid to seal in moisture and provide long lasting hydration.

Apart from the great wild rose smell, I find that this eye gel does nothing for me even after using it for about two months now.  I’m using it only because I have it but I will probably put it aside as soon as I find another replacement.  2 out of 5 hearts from me.

Lavera FACES Wild Rose Toner S$19
I love this toner for the great smell.  It’s really refreshing and is supposed to revitalize skin and balances its pH level after cleansing.  The extracts of organic wild rose, myrtle and orange blossom, all from certified organic sources are said to deliver an immediate, intensive moisture surge to dry skin and boost skin firmness. 

Honestly, I can never tell the performance level with toner except for those with alcohol which tends to be more drying for my skin.  But still, I really like this toner and I give this 4 out of 5 hearts!   My only gripe is the 50ml is really too little to last very long.  Anyway, I finished one bottle of this and moved on to try the Calendula toner which is more suitable for me since I have combination skin.

Lavera FACES Calendula Skin Toner S$19
I picked the Wild Rose Toner first because I was not used to the strong calendula smell.  But after a few times of using this, I’ve gotten used to the smell and even find it quite pleasant now. 

This toner contains organic calendula and pro-vitamin B5 restore and maintain moisture. It comes with a neutral pH 5.5 formula and the astringent properties of organic witch hazel plus whey extracts bring into balance combination skin’s oily T-zone and dry areas.  So as a whole, I find this toner works better to help control my oily areas than the Wild Rose Toner.   4 out of 5 hearts from me for this Lavera Calendula Toner.

Lavera FACES Calendula Exfoliating Wash S$28
This is my favorite of all the five products I’ve tried from the Lavera range.  It indeed provides deep cleansing because it comes with finely ground olive grains and siliceous minerals to remove dull surface cells and stubborn impurities.  I use this exfoliant wash twice a week and my skin always feel soft and smooth afterwards.  I also love how this smells with the certified organic apricot and peach extracts.   A bit pricey for the small 30ml tube but it’s a great treat!  So 5 out of 5 hearts from me.

The good thing about the Lavera range is that it is easily available.  However, it’s only a limited range.  If you check out their website, you’ll noticed they have a couple of promising skincare products which are not available here.  So I can only comment on what I’ve come across and based on what I’ve tried so far, I’ll say they’re a fine organic range that performs above average.


  1. Girl-Woman says:

    As usual, a well researched post. btw, you have been tagged. Check our blog for details.

    G-W: Ok, thanks! I’ll check it soon…

  2. parisb says:

    I saw this range last weekend in Watsons. Intrigued but thought I’d check your blog out first to see what you said about it LOL… now I don’t know when I’ll be down again ?

    parisb: Oh I see…I guess the best thing is for them to bring it to M’sia’s Watson then. ?

  3. miyo says:

    hi there.. was ur blog fan .. hahaha anyway i’ve trried the sukin organic facial cleanser for abt one week plus… i’m not sure whether this product is suitable for me ?? how to you gauge whether is it sutiable for u .. i have combination skin .. after using tat i still have a lil pimple poppin here and there??? =.= i’m really sick of it .. been NSC as well initially antibiotic they gave works but not anyway more now.. so now only using Retin-A which they prescribed to me .. well you seems knowledgable and adventurous when comes to beauty #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

    miyo: Hey, welcome! Sukin cleanser should be gentle enough for most skin but I’m not sure if it is suitable for you. One way to guage if it is suitable is your skin shouldn’t feel tight or dry after the wash and you don’t break out. For your pimples, I can’t say for sure if it’s due to your cleanser, or maybe some other products which you could be using. Products with tea tree oil are good for pimples and acne. But if you’re breaking out often, then consulting a dermatologist is always better cos they should be in a better position to prescribe you suitable products (although I can’t say they’re always right).

    I’m not very knowledgeable…just have a keen interest and like to read up. Yes, adventurous cos I have thick skin (but now getting thinner!)…hahaha…

  4. Miyo says:

    hey sesame .. thank you v much for ur prompt reply… your blog is my daily read… !!!yes becos of ur enlightenment i become more aware of harmful chemical in my products and mindful abt buying new products.. thank you v much .. ytd went ard to shop & i found out sth gotta share with u- that is O2 skin havin sale.. and some of their masks such as the kiwi ones (their ingredient list is damn short & made no preservatives) i asked the SA as well to confirm hence i bought one kiwi and strawberry to try … 25buck 1bot for 1bot now… and also notice their herbal toner is alcohol-free. also 1for1. hahaha so happy to find .. have u use O2 skin products b4??? can you review?… ?

    Miyo: Very happy to read your comments and that you enjoy what I’ve been sharing. But sometimes, I find that I’m too mindful cos it means there are a lot of products I’m hesitant about using! Haha… Also, sometimes I’m slightly worried that the products I recommend may not work well for others. This O2 product seems familiar but I can’t remember specifically. I’ll check it out since you said the ingredient list is short. Anyway, if you use something you like, you may also like to contribute your reviews here. ?

  5. MerQ says:

    Hi there, thanks for all of the product review. Very informative. Tried a few brand you mentioned & I’m certainly loving it. Thanks many!

    Used to be sensitive skin & has become mindful like you when choosing skincare since then. Tried derma, clinical & big brands & have switched to organic skincare now.

    Support natural/organic brands over the conventional chemical loaded brands!

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    lavera rose cleansing milk
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    lavera orange sea body lotion

    lavera aloe vera cleansing milk
    lavera body oil rose
    organic surge grapefruit shampoo
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    organic surge bergamot body lotion
    organic surge ocean body scrub
    organic surge ocean shower gel
    organic surge face mask

    Thanks ?

    MerQ: Hey, glad some of my reviews have worked for you. I’m always worried that it won’t fit others as well as it does for me. Wow, you’re using a lot of products. Maybe you want to do some product reviews here if you like. ? I’m serious…just let me know…

  6. flym says:

    I’ve tried some lavera products, especially the toners. I used to purchase them from a store at Citilink..not sure if it’s still there. Anyway, Watson is certainly selling them cheaper than the Citilink store used to. The lavera lipbalm stick is fabulous! At a price of below one fifth of Sisley’s lip balm, it sure works much better.Unfortunately, Watsons doesn’t carry it. I hope the brand sells well so that it remains easily available in S’pore.

    flym: The lipbalm is good? Hmm…I should try it if I get the chance. And I love the toners! They’re wonderful!

  7. MerQ says:

    Hi there,
    i have tried the lip balms too, love the lip repair. I found them in watsons store you should check it out at the bigger stores? There are 4 types but I prefer the lip repair.

    got hypersensitive lip =(

    So lucky that I found lavera lip repair! Save my lip!

    tried kheil’s, sk2 lip, clarins, neutrogena, lip ice, care plus, burt’s bee, shiseido maquillage etc but still intend to stick with lavera…. my hero~

    MerQ: I have to give this a try now that a few of you have such raves about it. I thought it’s a little ex if I remember correctly. But I’ll give it a try the next time…

  8. flym says:

    The lip balm I used came in a stick form under Lavera’s Basis Sensitiv range. First listed ingredient is shea butter followed by olive oil. Very moisturizing and definitely healing. Have not seen it sold in Watsons but will check out the bigger stores. Last time I bought from the Citilink store, it cost about $10. Would be most appreciative for info on whether Watsons carry this particular lipbalm.

    Flym: Hey, I thought I saw this at Watsons over at Compass Point. I took a quick look at the lip balms and am quite sure I saw something for sensitive lips or something. If I’m not wrong, this is $12 now.

  9. MerQ says:

    Hi ladies,
    I haven’t tried the basis sensitiv. I got the LIP REPAIR from watsons IMM at 12bucks, i think is value for $, those other brands I tried were even more exp & most importantly not as effective.

    I tried the green one which is with spf5 for sensitive lips but i still prefer the white one for repair cause it is moisturizing yet not to greasy can wear it day & night! Yeah!

    For my case, I’m OK to pay alittle more for effective organic products… if it help my sensitive skin + lip… heez

  10. fwy says:

    I’m using the aloe vera toner & it’s not too bad. I’ve intention to try out the wild rose mask but it looks expensive (SGD12 per pc). Anyway, Watsons is having 30% off for Lavera products now.

    fwy: I’ve not been buying their stuff for awhile already. But I like their hand cream!

  11. Spring37 says:

    Your post is already some time ago. Lavera has brought many new great products since then. For instance the new Moisture and Shine Shampoo. It is SLS and Paraben free and has an all natural organic formula. It is suitable for all hair types and for the whole family to enjoy. We really love it at home. You might also want to have a look at its organic make-up collection.

  12. Sesame says:

    Yes, this post is very old if you check the date of publish. It so happens the brand also pulled out of our market here and we haven’t received updates.

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