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Two weeks ago, I wrote about testing a new line of products that contain a proprietary blend which promise to sustain a more youth appearance of the skin by reducing inflammation of the body.  Well, after using the products for over a month now, I’m ready to review them and share with you some positive results I have experienced supported by two before and after pictures.

The products in review are from Sustainable Youth Technologies, a company based in US that develops evidence-based organic, natural and green nutricosmetic, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products.   Their first line of products comprise of these three that I’ve used:
1. Immune Performance Elastifirm Supplement with Alasta
2. Immune Performance Revitalizing Serum with Alasta
3. Immune Performance Elasticity Cream with Alasta

These are proprietary products supported by three patents and use the company’s clinically-validated organic active compound, Alasta, plus 100% natural, organic and green ingredients. The first one is an oral supplement while the other two are for topical applications.

What exactly is Alasta?
Apparently, Alasta is an Aloe extract which has potent immune-stimulatory effects on activating the performance of the immune system’s first line of defense. According to the company, the use of Alasta helps to reduce overall inflammation in the body resulting in less oxidative stress, fewer free radical reactions, and less collagen cross-linking, thus giving users increased skin elasticity and firmness.

Do the products work?
Well, instead of telling you that they do, I thought it’s better I show you some before and after pictures. I knew there were improvements and it was not until the pictures were taken that I realized the extent of the changes.
(Please click to enlarge the pictures but pardon my bad skin ya?)

nasolabial fold marionette groove

What were the extent of the improvements?
The most noticeable changes for me where those at my nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and marionette grooves (around the mouth). I developed some bad wrinkling on my left side of my face and I was looking forward to improving them with the products from Sustainable Youth. I took particular noticed and am happy that the products do what they promised for me. Even the lines on my forehead are looking better; not completely gone but less noticeable now.


What’s with the ingredients?
The serum and the cream come in a pump bottle so they were easy to use. The products also have a pleasant smell but I was actually uncomfortable with the long list of ingredient especially for the cream. I was even more surprised that alcohol appeared right on top of the list. According to the company however, that does not imply that the ingredient is the base of the product. In fact, the alcohol used is certified organic ethanol and is below 5% in both the serum and the cream. The rationale is that the small amount of alcohol acts to help preserve the product as well as to impart a refreshing, non-drying, comfortably smooth feel to the skin.

What’s the texture like?
I found this to be true for the cream. It doesn’t feel rich but it made for good application with good penetration ability. The serum felt more drying after application but both did not give me any problems during the course of my usage. However, because of the alcohol content, going forward, I’ll probably just keep to using them once a day.

Why I like the supplement?
My favorite, surprisingly was the oral supplement because I found it helped with my backache tremendously. I don’t know what’s the connection but the all-natural vegan supplement is supposed to help improve the health of our skin, joints and muscles. Hence, I’m planning to continue with this supplement which has been clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity and firmness up to 61 percent in only 12 weeks of use.

Must you use all the total regimen?
Of course if you use all three products, benefits are visible in a shorter time but those who do not want to consume the oral supplements can use the topical products which have been clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and firmness up to 72% after 8 weeks of use. Likewise, you can also choose to consumer orally but do note that the results are clinically proven to be slower than using the topical products.

Sustainable Youth Ingredient List

Overall summary
I think the results from using the products are rather obvious just looking at the pictures. I’m glad I took the pictures because when I look at the mirror, I sort of know there is an improvement but I can’t say for sure. The pictures do a better job of being specific. Apart from the fact that they work, I like the fact that the products are natural and their prices do not cost me an arm and a leg.

The oral supplement are going at a special price of US$55 now while the serum and cream are US$65 each. If you order the total regimen, then it is US$150. You can check up more details on the products at Sustainable Youth Technologies. International shipping is also available for those outside of US.


  1. JackieA says:

    Lovely photo’s! I see that your skin is also fairer and there is a glow to it. So overall its great! Thanks for the review.

    JackieA: Hey, you’re welcome! ?

  2. Connie says:

    Wow!! what a difference! Thank you so much for the review. I’m about to review mine as well but I’m having trouble with the before after pictures. I feel the difference but not really seeing it yet.

    Connie: Maybe cos my skin is quite wrinkled so the difference is greater…haha…

  3. pf1123 says:

    Oooo…thats quite cool…

    Its not altogether that expensive. I’m glad it worked for you!

    pf: Yup, it’s quite affordable.

  4. Leon says:

    Hey Sesame, I can really see the difference, lovely pictures. I didn’t take before after pictures because I didn’t expect a miracle but this product really works, my skin looks much more refined and lively now:)

    Leon: I was quite surprised to see the difference in the pictures myself…

  5. prettybeautiful says:

    wow really quite a huge difference!

    prettybeautiful: ?

  6. Nikki says:

    I am so excited to see your review on this! I have this and I will try to use the treatment first instead of the oral! ?

    Nikki: You don’t want to use the oral? Initially me too but it’s really great for my muscles…

  7. min sin says:

    how many of the pill need to taken for a day? And how long did this supplement can last?

    Min Sin: You need to take 2 a day; one in the morning and one in the evening. A bottle will last a month.

  8. Ms. Blacklace says:

    Have you tried Emu oil? It’s like the best oil ever.. A bit out of topic but I really wanted to ask you this. Haha.

    Not only good for the face like lessening wrinkles, it’s good for healing tattoos and setting in the ink. Plus it’s VERY penetrative.

    Ms Blacklace: Yes recently I tried. It’s not bad. I was using it to treat my acne but it’s very slow though… Good thing about emu oil is that it can help other ingredients penetrate better too. That’s it can be used with other oils.

  9. Elaine says:

    There is a difference and I imagine if you continue using the three products you will notice more changes.
    Just wondering. Will things go back to where they were if you stop?
    I’m using prescription Renova right now and notice changes after only one month, I know that I have to use this continually to keep those changes. I’m using it for acne and so far, so good!

    Elaine: Actually from 25 April to now, there are slightly more improvements on my mouth area. But yes, with any products, you need to continue to maintain but the usage can be cut down. That’s why now I can use this once a day.

  10. olga says:

    where in Paris I can buy dermaroller?

  11. kelly says:

    Is there any where I can buy this product in Singapore to try? Or do I have to order online. Will appreciate your reply

  12. sesame says:

    Kelly, the products are not available in Singapore. It’s from US and only from the company so yes, you have to order online but they ship to here and their shipping rates are fair.

  13. Jackie Bolen says:

    I find the product interesting. I might consider trying them.

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