Top-rated volumizing hair products


I’ve had to deal with fine flat hair all my life. So I can absolutely understand why it is a challenge. In fact, it’s more of a challenge for me because I don’t like to use unnecessary stuff to give my hair volume. Shampoos are my best bet. Maybe one volumizing product if it’s indeed worth the trouble.

Well, if you’re like me and have to deal with fine flat hair, you may want to read some of the unbiased reviews at on products that can give us voluminous, bouncy hair. Some stuff reviewed there sounds good because they are said to plump up hair without making it sticky or stiff.

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  1. Peapot says:

    Hi sesame!

    I think most Asians have fine flat hair. I’m one of them but I have a more pressing problem at hand. I have long hair and my hair ends are dividing up like crazy!! Any ideas what I can use to stop the split ends? I would prefer something that I can leave on after washing. Currently, I m mixing vitamin E into my conditioner once a week. Also, I seems to be balding on top near to my hair line. I use quite a no of hair tonic for hair growth but none seems to work. Sigh!! I have tons of hair problem.

    Peapot: I know that regular trimming helps. As for products, I’m not too sure but olive oil should help. I understand you can also try applying shea butter on the ends too.

    My hairstylist recommends Regaine for hair growth. But the best is to find out why you’re losing hair and to arrest that problem. I used to have that problem because of a greasy scalp so now I try to keep my scalp as clean as possible. If you are willing, you might want to take off some weight by cutting your hair shorter.

  2. Ms. Blacklace says:

    I too have flat hair sometimes!

    And if I don’t wash my hair for a day, my hair will get this oily flat and messy look at the end of the next day.

    But a tea and lemon juice rinse really helps a lot.

    Ms Blacklace: Ah…I haven’t got down to trying that tea rinse yet!

  3. elleve says:

    haha yeah i’m always really glad that you talk about volumizing hair over here because most other places talk about moisturizing hair instead! and that’s the least of my problems…

    Elleve: Haha…I know what you mean. We’re probably the minority!

  4. pf1123 says:

    I need to “down-size” my hair.

    pf: Ah cut it shorter or maybe step it? I wish for some of your hair though!

  5. pf1123 says:

    I’ve already cut it short. Its just too thick. I rebond and use my Clairol Dangerously Straight conditioner (among others) to keep it from looking too big.

    pf: Your problem is the opposite of what some of us are facing… ?

  6. June says:

    May I know if Regaine hair tonic works? I have used klorane but it didn’t work or maybe just had a few strands of hair grown. I have two periods of time where I have lost a lot of hair and my once incredibly thick hair has thinned. One was when I took ENO fruit salt too much and then when I used Klorane hair loss shampoo (which I couldn’t believe a shampoo targeting hair loss could cause more hair loss).

    I am now using Rene Furterer shampoo which is recommended by one Taiwanese celebrity for thin hair.

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