DIY Beauty: glitter express manicure

glitter nail express

Until last Friday, I had no idea what I could do with cosmetic glitters. I remember owning one of these some years ago but apart from dabbing them on parts of the face, I didn’t know what else I could do with them. But after attending a workshop at LA Splash, I discovered these are so fun to play with and they can be worn anywhere on the body, such as our eyes, body, hair and nails! And the best part is, they’re easy to use!

10-minute manicure
For someone who cannot paint her fingernails at all, this glitter express manicure on my left hand took me about 10 minutes to complete. I didn’t even need to be precise in my painting because the glitters can cover up the uneven edges!

diy glitter nail

3-step simple glitter manicure
What I did was to apply a coat of white nail polish first. I could have simply used a clear nail polish but I just grabbed what I had then. Then I used a small brush to dab some silver glitter onto the wet coat before finishing off with a clear top coat after it has dried up. Easy peasy! I guess I still need some practice but the overall effect wasn’t too bad.

glitter nail

Mix glitters with nail polish
Instead of applying the glitter directly on the wet nail, I could probably mix the glitters with a nail color of my choice too. However, I’ve not tried this method so I don’t know if the outcome will turn out better or worst although my gut feel is that it should be quite nice.

body lotion glitters

Mix with lotion for the body
Anyway, besides using the glitters on my nails, I can also mix the glitters with my body lotion and apply it on my body for that extra sparkling effect for special occasions. As the cosmetic glitters from LA Splash are polyster film, they soften in contact with moisture and would not cause any irritations to my skin unlike some other glitters made from glass and metal grinds. I was also shown how to dab the glitters over my eyelid using the LA Splash Sealer. However, I doubt I would ever wear that sort of look.

Availability of LA Splash Glitters
These glitters are available in a wide range of colors. If you like to have some fun trying these out, you can get the LA Splash Glitters at Watsons at Bugis Junction, Ngee Ann City and Tampines Mall. Alternatively, find them at the John Little except the one at Plaza Singapura or some of the Sa Sa Cosmetics outlets. Retail price is S$13.90 per pot. LA Splash by the way is a US brand so it’s readily available in US as well as many of the Asian markets.


  1. prettybeautiful says:

    hey sesame! thanks for the idea. i bet it will look gorgeous on nails! hmm maybe can mix up few colors with clear polish so it looks …ehmm disco-ish? ?

    Prettybeautiful: Yeah disco-ish! ? Actually I mixed a bit of the blue and the silver one on that nail too. But overall was using mostly silver glitters.

  2. Mangosteen says:

    hello! i’ve tried e glitters from splash before too! i must say their quality is indeed very good. and u know what? the best part is… i create my own matching glitter eyeliner with it too. and lip gloss as well omg i can go on and on about this….! =D

    Mangosteen: Oh ya, they can be used on lip gloss…

  3. alixana says:

    Great post! I won’t try the glitter on my nails, but mixing it with body lotion sounds fun. Will try it some day when it’s not so hot and humid… Do you think it will work on hair as well if I mix it with my leave-in conditioner?

    Alixana: Yes, I think it could work as I know you can use the glitter on the hair. But you’ve got to try to know if the glitter will stay…

  4. Vonvon says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I have given you an award in my blog. come over and collect it, yea… Thanks.:)

    Vonvon: Oh thanks so much! I’m come by and check it later today or tomorrow. ?

  5. SC says:

    Hi Sesame! I love this simple tutorial! I have also given you an award on my blog as a token of my appreciation. ?

    SC: Hey thanks! I will come by and check soon. ?

  6. everbluec says:

    You know you could put some of the glitter/pigment(Like MAC Vanilla) into your body/face mist.. shake it up… and you will have a glowy fresh look #k8SjZc9Dxk__#k8SjZc9Dxk

    Everbluec: Oh that’s interesting! It’s easier than mixing with body lotion! But I can open up my mist bottle unfortunately…

  7. alixana says:

    I’ve got a couple of day weddings coming up next month, so I’ll try it out and see if the glitter stays on my hair. Off to Watsons! ?

    Alixana: Hope you have fun!

  8. apricot says:

    i love splash glitter! and their eyeshadows and eyeliners have so many million colours ? i came across their mineral foundation and blush at a recent atrium promotion and i find that they’re really good too, have you tried them? keep up the great blogging!

    Apricot: Oh yes! I’m using them now and testing them. So far very pleased with the results! Will review them soon.

  9. Ms Lips says:

    Planning to try them on my toes later this afternoon ?

    Ms Lips: Have fun! ?

  10. Phoebe says:

    Oh I haven’t tried this before! But I have tried their glitter nail polishes and I really adore my blue glitter “Submarine”! ? Have you tried their glitter nail polish? <3 For swimsuit season I think I’ll try some lighter colours though ?

    Phoebe: Oh yes! I’m using a dark red glitter shade now on my toes. Rather nice!

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