Do you wear matching jewelry sets?

Casablanca handmade jewelry set

Although I don’t always wear matching earrings and necklaces but I do prefer matching jewelry sets.  At the least, I’ll like to ensure that they are in the same color group. I’ll usually pick my choice of necklace first which means the earrings will just have to fit somehow. And if the seller does not have a matching pair in her store, I’ll usually ask for one to be made. 

So this came in last week for me from Aphrodite888. I ordered the Casablanca necklace and Sari made me a simple pair of earrings to match.  Some of you may remember her store because she joined as a sponsor in one of my earlier giveaways. I really love her designs and I eagerly wore it yesterday to attend a beauty workshop!

Casablanca handmade necklace

So do you like to wear matching jewelry sets? And what do you base your choice on? The necklace or the earrings? Or maybe the bracelet even?


  1. rinaz says:

    Thats a really pretty necklace you are wearing there ?

    To answer the question, I dont think I usually wear matching jewellry sets, I just hope that they do go along together ?

    Rinaz: Haha…that’s great…sometimes I guess it’s better not to try too hard and things will sort of work out.

  2. Soos says:

    I rarely wear a necklace. In recent years, my job has required me to wear a lanyard with my ID, or office keys. I’m not a bracelet person at all. I always wear earrings and a watch, and my wedding band. Sometimes I’ll wear a ring on the other hand. Whatever works and makes us happy, right?

    Soos: Yeah you’re right. You need to be comfortable with what you wear. I like bracelets but I always wear the same one which I don’t have to remove all day.

  3. Vonvon says:

    I try as much as I can to wear matching jewelery sets, or at least, from the same color group, mostly earrings and necklace. Bracelet/bangle…i always wear the silver bangle hubby bought me from Cambodia. It goes well with many outfits, formal and informal. ?

    Vonvon: Your hubby is sweet. Few men got good taste. ?

  4. Ms. Blacklace says:

    I for one, do not wear matching jewelry. I don’t even wear matching clothes!

    Sometimes I even wear a feminine necklace and a leather studded wrist cuff. And apparently it works pretty well.

    Ms Blacklace: It sounds like an interesting contrast and I also think you can carry it well. ?

  5. Raelynn says:

    when i purchase accessories from blogshops, i do usually ask for a matching set to be made. the choice really depends on what catches my eyes that’s on sale, might be the earrings, might be the bracelet, might be the necklace. i’m quite a lazy person so i tend to have a bracelet and earring set.

    Raelynn: I’m quite lazy too and tend to wear the same bracelet without having to remove it for months…

  6. Leon says:

    Hey Sesame, Thats a beautiful set!

    Leon: Thank you!

  7. Leon says:

    And I don’t really wear a matching jewelry but yes the color has to be the same. I love gemstones and I always make sure that my earrings and necklace/pendant are of same color.

    Leon: Ya, at least the same color group for me too…

  8. Balwinder says:

    I used to wear accessories quite a lot in my younger days till I realized that costume jewelry was $0 after I bought it but gold jewelry still had value.

    So now I wear only gold jewelry which are usually easy to match anyway : – )

    Balwinder: I know what you mean. I prefer white gold though cos they’re easier to match. But I like costume jewelry for the colors and designs.

  9. Jan says:

    I usually go for matching sets. Whenever I step out of the house, everything must be matching from head to toe. Colour could be in different shades.

    Jan: Wow, you really make an effort! But I agree that color matching is important.

  10. Bekah says:

    That set is pretty.

    I don’t have any matching sets. I find a necklace and then I find a pair of earrings around the same colour or design.

    Bekah: I don’t have that many matching sets either. Sometimes I choose stuff with colors I already own.

  11. Merri says:

    Wow, that’s a really beautiful necklace!

    Usually I’m running late in the mornings, so I don’t really have time to colour coordinate all my accessories…. But even if I do have time, I really only ever wear earrings, so my task is considerably easier!

    Merri: I know…mornings can be terrible. Once I mixed my earrings and wore a mismatched pair to work!

  12. katz says:

    i usually am not picky bout neclaces… i just have this one silver necklace with long chain. i usally go for the bracelet first.. i love bracelets and i usually have them made. with matching earings…

  13. sesame says:

    I love bracelets too but this is one item I’m more or less fixed for months. I wear one that I don’t remove at all whatever I do.

  14. Ms Lips says:

    I used to be quite the stickler for accessories within the same colour range. Previously, I liked having matching earrings, necklace and rings. As I got older, I got lazier and now I just opt for matching earrings and ring. But I like to colour-coordinate my clothes, accessories, shoes and bag.

  15. sesame says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever worn all matching sets. Maximum is 3 matching items. Perhaps the only time is when my mom bought me jewelry.

  16. Ula Oh says:

    For every day I wear a pair of CZ studs, just for a bit of sparkle, they match my wedding band, when I go out I wear a watch that matches them both. Special occasions I wear a “full set” matching earrings, necklace and bracelet. I’m not too big on jewelry, so I just have one full set- pearls. That and the studs and watch are the totality of my jewelry wardrobe.

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