Must your grocery bag be fashionable?

grocery shopping bags

I was shopping at Kinokuniya over at Liang Court yesterday when I noticed that the stationary store carries a wide array of bags and grocery bags comprise the major selection.  They were of different designs and sizes; all very interesting but I  didn’t buy any.  Well, actually I don’t own a grocery bag simply because I don’t care for them very much and the ones I have are those recycled from stores.  

I agree with Paris when she mentioned that instead of raising awareness of the environment or actually doing something to “green the Earth” many companies are in fact taking advantage to boost sales in her recent entry on Anya Hindmarch Canvas Tote.  I guess it’s nice to carry something fashionable and chic but I just can’t bring myself to pay over S$10 for a grocery bag; much less to get an Envirosax. 

So what about you?  Do you care about the grocery bag you’re caring?  Must it be fashionable and pretty?


  1. Florence says:

    I don’t go for too expensive grocery bag, but it must be looks ok to me, cannot look like aunti bag……..keke.I have some grocery bag which I brought from Japan & is not expensive.I had one which I always use cost be only 100yen(not brought from 100 yen shop) & been using for few years.Kinokuniya grocery bag is far too expensive & the price is crazy.I don’t deny that the bags are very pretty but I won’t buy.Maybe in Japan I will coz the price is much more better.Every year I go back, they have so many new design coming out which keeps u thinking which one to buy….Can’t wait for my next trip…..

    Florence: Ya it makes sense if you can get it cheaper in Japan. I wouldn’t mind getting them too but not those at the ridiculous price here.

  2. Raelynn says:

    i agree.. so as long as it’s not “aunty wet market” looking, it’s fine even if it’s plain. i’m using the one that i got from my nearby NTUC (which happened to be at thomson plaza), they had these really simple light-brown, made from (i presume) natural materials. i forgot the price, but i’m quite sure it didnt cost me an arm or a leg.

    i suppose some of these bags are priced quite high because of their portability.. like the one i saw from Video Ezy, it’s really tiny after being rolled up and can fit into handbags easily

    Raelynn: Ah those plain ones are great. I don’t mind them either but they’re not very roomy though.

  3. Soos says:

    Nope. My fave shopping bag is from Famima in LA: My son brought it back for me. It’s an eco bag of non-woven fiber that zips open from wallet-size to tote bag. Here’s a video: Very handy and much used! I have others from dept, grocery and drug stores. Also one from a conference. None of them trendy or hip in the least!

    Soos: I prefer them functional. I’ll have a look at the link you send me later…the foldable factor is nice touch for sure.

  4. ParisB says:

    I won’t say I’m in it for a trendy grocery bag, but its nice to carry a nice one rather that many plastic bags bumping against your leg as you walk. So, I’d stop at the Rume bags – its all I need and they’ll last ages. They aren’t trendy or fashionable but do look pretty good. Those by established fashion brands I’d say are a luxury few can afford and most can do without ? Thanks for the link!

    Paris: I read about the Rume bags you wrote. They look nice. Actually the ridiculous thing about those upmarket grocery bags is that people who buy them use them as regular bags!

  5. elleve says:

    hmm i don’t mind carrying plastic bags but i wouldn’t want to carry really ugly-looking reusable groccery bags. the ikea ones are really quite awful looking and shapeless!

    i really liked the yellow reusable bag (with the image of a tree) that Old Chang Kee gave away. too bad the offer ran out when i finally got down to trying to get it. i think i’ll pay max 3dollars for a nice groccery bag though!

    Elleve: I don’t think I’ve seen the Old Chang Kee ones. Personally I prefer plastic bags although that is not being environmentally friendly. I need them for the garbage! And grocery bags are good for small purchases only. Not feasible when we shop once a week.

  6. Tine says:

    I use Envirosax bags to hold my non-grocery stuff, and I’d admit that I’d prefer those to look good. As for envirobags for groceries, I’d prefer them to be as cheap and ugly as possible. It’s just for holding groceries, and I’d prefer not to have a heavy heart putting meat and vegies into my envirobag, and not think that I’m going to ruin the bag ?

    Tine: Heheh. I know you like Envirosax. They’re nice but I just cannot bring myself to buy them.

  7. Molly says:

    As a matter of personal choice, I will not pay for expensive grocery bags. These bags are meant for groceries and I guess most people would have many in their homes by now with the growing awareness of recyclable bags.

    My grocery bag which costs me the most was from Cold Storage. Cant remember how much though. Its made from hemp…if I am not mistaken. Very durable.

    Molly: You’re right…most people would have many of the bags but yet, there are still so many offered.

  8. prettybeautiful says:

    hehehehe. i bought a mini rume. so i guess it says it all? hehehe

    Prettybeautiful: ?

  9. fwy says:

    I prefer plastic bags from the supermarket itself.

    fwy: Same here…good for my garbage.

  10. AmyTan says:

    I try to use my own grocery bag as much as I could every time I shop. The one I’ve been using for quite some times now is a red with black strap non-woven tote-bag of REVLON. I got this one free from my skincare brand promoter of AVENE.

    AmyTan: How come I never come across these nice free bags? Oh okay, I’ve got a free one from Tangs, not exactly a grocery bag but I used it for shopping some days.

  11. Raelynn says:

    well i agree that there has to be plastic bags still, used to bag meats and fish and veges (which inturn become our garbage bag after that). but perhaps the use of biodegradeable plastic bags should encouraged by supermarkets and other retailers, together with grocery bags by shoppers.

    Raelynn: That’s a good idea and hopefully that’ll happen in time to come. Cos now if I don’t get the plastic bags from grocery shopping, I still have to use some plastic trash bag I buy and none of them are biodegradeable.

  12. Ms. Blacklace says:

    I got this non-woven bag when I shoped at novo, so, I used that as a grocery bag. Lol… Really big and roomy. So i just dump my meat and veggie and eggs inside.

    So… I won’t really buy reusable bags… Unless someone gives it to me. Haha!

    Oh yes… Raelynn mentioned the biodegradeable plastic bags…. I know Thebodyshop is using them, and I also know that carrefore used to use them in the past. I wonder if they’re still using them now.

    Ms Blacklace: I have that too. The brown one. But I don’t use it as a grocery bag.

  13. Pink Ink says:

    I have many free grocery/reusable bags from stores or attending talkds but I’ve never gotten round to using them when I go out shopping because they are usually stiff and bulky and take up to much space in my already-bulky bag. So I bought a foldable nylon one from Muji which resembles a hanky when folded and fits nicely into a side pocket of bag. My bag is not fashionable at all though, just plain black nylon.

    Pink Ink: Oh I love Muji…they have very nice durable stuff. I’ll keep a look out for the item you mentioned next time I visit the store.

  14. Renee says:

    Haha I’m a crazy bags collector of all I have 2 Environsax too..hope I can put to good use..not onli as grocery bags but I tink dey are pretti enuff for keepin swimming items..nowadays it’s like a trend dat some clothes n shoes boutique give totes bags instead of paper bags..

    Renee: Hey that’s a nice idea…Environsax for swimming stuff…

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