The medical & cosmetic benefits of tea tree oil

tea tree essential oil

Today, I want to rave about the wonders of tea tree essential oil and why this is an item I will always want to have at home.   The reason why this oil is great is because of its benefical medical properties such as being antiseptic and antifungal, plus its beneficial cosmetic properties.  I started out using the tea tree essential oil to treat my son’s cold and flu but found it really effective in helping with my skin ailment plus body odor.

Tea tree oil is also known as melaleuca oil and is a clear to very pale golden hydrophobic essential oil with a camphoraceous scent. It is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia which is native to the northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. Tea tree oil in its pure form can cause irritation and hence, is best used diluted with another carrier oil or with water. 

Home remedy for cold and flu
As mentioned, I used this on my son first.  I tried out using this together with eucalyptus oil whenever he developed a stuffy nose, the early symptom of a common flu.  What I did was to put about 6 – 8 drops of each essential oil into a tub of slightly hot water for him to soak and bathe in.  By smelling the scent through the steam, his stuffy nose cleared up very quickly.  If his symptoms were slightly more severe, I would proceed to rub the essential oil on his body by mixing 2 drops of each essential oil with 8 drops of carrier oil such as jojoba or even grapeseed oil on his chest before his bedtime.  By morning, his stuffy nose or any early symptoms of a common flu would usually clear and go away. 

Because I ran out of eucalyptus oil subsequently, I later found out that tea tree oil by itself works as well!  In fact, I also read that tea tree essential oil is great for those with sinus so I might later try the remedy on my husband who has that annoying problem.

Home remedy for skin fungus
Since I was always rubbing the oil on my son, I decided to rub the balance on my tummy.  That area has developed some red patches since six years ago and nothing I use could eradicate them.  I’m not sure what they are as the doctors could not diagnose them but I suspect they’re probably just some skin fungus.  Amazingly, I noticed that all the red patches were gone in a matter of two weeks after I started using the tea tree oil mix!  The oil was really godsend for me and I proceeded to use it on my back, which has the same red patches and they’ve almost cleared up after a week. 

Again, I never used the oil neat, but rather always dilute by adding 3 – 4 droplets with 8 – 10 drops of carrier oil. 

Home remedy for body odor
This was a major surprise for me!  Remember my post on my homemade deodorant with baking soda and tea tree essential oil?  Well, I’ve been using that pretty consistently for a month or two and recently, I found that I don’t have to wear a deodorant daily!  In fact, I can go without a deodorant for two days now, especially if I’m not perspiring a lot.  Although I knew that tea tree essential oil can resolve unpleasant odor, I had no idea that it can help rid body odor!  But, I want to qualify that I’ve also started taking zinc supplements so I’m not certain if that has also added to the positive effects as zinc can also be used to treat body odor.  Well, in any case, I’m absolutely happy with my DIY deodorant and am working to make a stick version soon.

Home remedy for acne
Of course, tea tree essential oil is well known for treating moderate acne as it is reported that topical application of 5% tea tree oil has shown an effect comparable to 5% benzoyl peroxide, albeit with slower onset of action.  Personally, I find it okay but not that miraculous in treating acne.  Results are better for me when I mix it with emu oil though.

Use with care
So this is my positive experience using tea tree essential oil.  I’ve been getting my supply from one of the mobile carts at the shopping malls that carry the range under the brand Bio Sense but I’m planning to get through sprees  from as the range there is much cheaper.   I really think this is a great oil for skin ailment but with most of the essential oil, do be very careful when you use tea tree oil, particularly if you’ve a medical condition or if you’re pregnant.  In addition, concentration of the essential oil should be half or less of your carrier oil.  For example, 3 drops of the essential oil with 6 drops of carrier oil.  In fact, I would suggest you do a skin patch test if you’ve got sensitive skin.


  1. Jyoan says:

    I didn’t know Melaleuca oil is Tea Tree oil. haha.

    Read on forum that mixing with Aloe Vera Gel would help acne very well too.

    And it can be used for feminine hygiene, by mixing with water and cleaning if one suspects vaginal yeast infection.


  2. sesame says:

    I wasn’t aware too till I read up. Sometimes, the problem with all these products/ingredients are they have too many different names and can be confusing.

    Yes, Aloe Vera gel and tea tree is good. It’s actually possible to apply tea tree oil neat on acne spot but some pple might feel irritation so using aloe vera is a good to soothe the skin. Another option is to add with vitamin E oil.

    I also read about the douching with tea tree oil but er…I’ll pass… ?

  3. Synaesthesia says:

    where can i get tea tree oil ? Although i always see them in some markets but I’m not sure whether they are safe to be use like yours… Do I need to get 100% pure TTO ? I’ve seen some in The Body Shop too but I don’t think they are pure right ? Are they as good as yours ? I mean can I use them to improve sinus ?

  4. Blovet Beauty says:

    wow I can’t wait for ur entry on the stick version of ur DIY deodrant! I love all ur informative post cause we live in such a humid country that we have to take extra care of our bodies due the heat:) Ur grooming tips are as usually great :))

  5. sesame says:

    Yes, 100% TTO is best if you want to try on your sinus. The one from TBS is not 100% pure and is more meant for skin. Do you have stores in your country that sell essential oils? Those places would sell. If not, you’ve to source online.

  6. sesame says:

    I hope I’ll be successful. Just received the ingredients today. But I’ll probably post in a few weeks cos I must check it won’t cause irritation.

  7. Jojo says:

    I want to premix my tea tree oil with a carrier oil, is emu oil a good option? The only concern that I have is emu oil is so thick it’s hard to mix in.

  8. anna says:

    Wow, I didn’t know tea tree oil can be used for so many things! I know it works great for acne because I dabbed it on my humungo pimple last night and it shrunk a bit right now!

  9. alixana says:

    Love tea tree oil. I use it neat on blemishes and on cuts/grazes/open wounds. It stings a little, but I’m used to it. I also mix it with organic aloe vera gel, along with a few drops of lavender oil, as a moisturiser to calm and treat my skin when it is inflamed. It doesn’t kill pimples that well for me, but it does prevent them from getting worse.

  10. chenyze says:

    wow, glad to hear that you’re having such great results! i did try tea tree oil deodorant once from nature’s gate but i switched back to the persimmon and rose geranium cuz it wasn’t very effective and really stank!

    anyway, just to double-check cuz i’m not that familiar with using essential oils:
    for the tub/soak you just put a few drops of essential oils into the water without carrier oils right? and you use the carrier oils when you’re applying directly to the skin instead?

  11. sesame says:

    Emu oil is a good carrier oil because it helps the ingredients to penetrate better into the deeper layers of your skin.

    Usually, what I do is to use one drop of emu oil with one or two drops of tea tree oil and then apply on my pimples or blemishes. However, recently, I premix by using emul oil, vitamin E oil with tea tree in a small bottle. It’s okay too. Can you shake the tea tree oil in a bottle with the emu oil you have? If you can’t, then I suggest you use per usuage. But why is your emu oil thick? Mine is thick, but it’s easy to mix.

  12. sesame says:

    Yes, it’s great. I didn’t know too. In fact, I never really used tea tree oil until recently when someone introduced it for my son’s flu problems…

  13. sesame says:

    Wow, it must sting on open wounds…never tried using on cuts and wounds.

  14. sesame says:

    Yes, for the soak, you just drop the essential oils into your tub of water without the need for carrier oils. I suggest you try with 10 drops first and see how it works. First time, I was too enthusiastic and dropped too much and my son complained that he felt his skin was hot.

    For using on skin, while you can apply tea tree oil neat on spots, but I usually recommend mixing with a carrier oil cos I don’t know your skin type.

  15. Jojo says:

    My emu is thick at colder temperature, it’s white like coconut oil i think, and if i let it sits on my palm, it turns runny and becomes transparent quickly.. i think it’s because it’s animal fat.. anyways, i’ll try the shake method, it’s summer here (in sydney soon), so it won’t be too hard:)
    Thanks for your help

  16. Hazel says:

    hello :p

    guess wat i use tea tree oil for?
    my pooch loves licking her paws n it’s due to fungus.
    despite medication, which clears the symptoms for a few days, the crazy itch will return.
    i’ll make my pooch stand on a chair n drip the oil into her paws. She’ll stand on the chair for about 10 mins to allow the oil to work its magic. if she’s not stranded on the chair, she’ll end up hiding under the couch n licking off the tea tree oil.

  17. sesame says:

    Oh that’s interesting. I have read that it can also be used on pets but don’t know what it’s used. Haha…your dog actually licked up the tea tree oil? She doesn’t mind the smell? From the smell, I imagine it might taste minty or even spicy. I wonder if dogs tastebuds are the same as us.

  18. stiffedneck says:

    ooh…I guess I’ll rush out and buy the tea tree oil now. I’ve been using the 1% phosphate lotion prescribed by the dermatologist, but it doesn’t help. Just so to make sure I understand this, I can mix like 2 drops of tea tree oil, 1 drop of emu oil and 1 vitamin E? I have grapeseed oil, is that okay instead of vitamin E?

  19. sesame says:

    The vit E is good for healing and the emu is good for helping the ingredients penetrate better. If you don’t have vit E, no need to use grapeseed oil. I suggest you add 2 drops of emu oil instead. In certain products like Derma-E tea tree oil and vit E, I know the tea tree oil is like 75%. According to what I’ve read in the forums for those who have used the products, it seems to work very well. So certain times, I actually use slightly more tea tree oil but it can be a tad drying.

  20. stiffedneck says:

    So I asked my bf to get the tea tree oil the other day. He was curious and asked the cashier (in the vitamin store) and I don’t know what that guy said, but my bf kept asking “why are we buying this? What is it for? you know it’s very strong, right? is this has something to do with your face later on?” hahaha. But anywayz, thanks for clarifying that for me Sesame. I’ll just mix equal parts of emu oil and tea tree oil. But the bottle that was sold at the vitamin store (they carry only 1 brand!!!) is a glass bottle with regular cap. So I tried it for the first time last night and I spilled a lot more than I should have hahaha.

  21. stiffedneck says:

    Oh I forgot to add that Burt’s Bee recently have the acne targeted spot treatment with tea tree extract with good review.

  22. sesame says:

    Yes, it’s strong stuff. Sometimes I’m not carefuly and drop too much into the tub for my son and he’ll complain that he felt some sharp pain. So, yes, please use with care.

  23. sesame says:

    If you can get a dropper, you can use that to apply your tea tree oil.

  24. sesame says:

    Oh I think I read about this new product but haven’t read any reviews though. Will check it out.

  25. fwy says:

    I’m using the one from Thursday Plantation. I bought mine from Nishino Pharmacy. I believe it cost around SGD10 or SGD11. AT least it’s cheaper than those from The Body Shop.

  26. sesame says:

    Ah I’ve seen that one around and it looks good enough. Do you use it for acne only?

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