How do you keep your underarms hairless?

I have a bit of a hairy problem. I’m shy about raising my arms or wearing sleeveless clothes because I do not have smooth looking, hairless armpits like Elva Hsiao here. So I like to ask you ladies: how do you keep your underarm hairless? (Well, I’m assuming most of you at least try.)

In the earlier years, I use some chemical hair remover to remove the hair. I remember it has a nasty smell but it worked pretty well except that it irritated my skin occasionally. Then I moved on to tweezing my hair away and that kept the hair at bay for the longest period. But of course pulling each strand takes up too much time so I resorted to the easiest method. Shaving! So all this while, I’ve been shaving my underarms.

I did consider permanent hair removal using laser but it seems I can’t achieve a hairless armpit in just one session but several instead. So I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost and if it’s a good idea to kill the hair follicles there.

So what have you been doing to keep your underarms hair free?


  1. Rachel says:

    I’m 16 and I use the Soft Caress Epilator. Heredically I have thick corse hair on my underarms and legs. I’ve tried everything, and the Epilator works best. The only downside to epilating: Realistically, the hair you Epilate begins to grow back in a few days (like eyebrow hair you pluck) and it takes a few weeks for the underarm hair to grow long enough to Epilate again. So, when you are in diar need of hairless armpits and your hair isn’t long enough to Epilate use a shaver. Since you have been epilating, there is less pigment in the skin and you get a better yet temorary result. Hope I helped those who had these questions on their minds!!

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  3. Laser Smooth Solutions says:

    To avoid skin irritation, use product with aloe vera.

    I think shaving is not a good option because when small strands of hair is included, the more it will grow thicker and so the more the hair needs to remove.
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