Using scotch tape to fade your acne marks?

This is a busy week for me because my son is going into Primary One. It’s crazy with the amount of preparation involved and you know what took the most time? Preparing labels with his name and class for his various books and stationery! And to ensure that the labels stay in place and do not drop off, we had to secure them with clear tapes! Speaking of which, let me share with you the tip of using scotch tape to heal acne marks from reader A Burn, A Shiver who left the following comment:

Regarding acne marks, I’ve found a FANTASTIC way to get rid of those nasty red marks. I believe it’s called the taping method. You put tape on your face after washing it, and you peel the tape off. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but I tried it and a lot of my marks are gone.

Mind you, I’ve had these marks for over 3 years and have tried pretty much every product, DIY or store bought, even prescription, to get rid of these marks. I was about to get laser surgery but then I found this method. I gave it a try and BAM! This really works!

I’ve only done it for a week, and my marks have faded and are significantly less noticeable. this hasn’t made me break out too much, but it might also be because I’ve been stressing so much lately over tests and college applications. :/

Weird as it may sound, it came across as pretty logical to me. Personally, I’ve always found that acne marks heal way faster and better if the top layer flaks off so I’m guessing that this taping method peels off the top layer quicker.

Actually, I’ve been secretly trying this out for days after reading the comment and more discussions on this thread on the acne board. It might be too early to pass any judgement but I do see one of the stubborn spots fading slightly. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt and there is no irritation. And if you’re worried that it’ll leave some stuff on your face, then I suggest doing this before washing up. In fact, what I do is to use a cotton pad to wipe the area I want to tape and after taping, I would proceed to wash my face as usual.

Okay, gotta run but tell me what do you think about this taping method. I’m keen to know if anyone else has tried this with success?


  1. AtelierGal says:

    you know the feeling of having a rubber band on your wrist and feel that its sucking the life out of you? Mum always say something about drawing blood or whatever it is (like its a vampire lol)

    I get the same feeling with scotch tape, just having it on my wrist. I’m just starting to use this serum which easily fade my red blemish within 2 days of using, so I’ll skip the scotch tape ?

  2. loveless says:

    my acne marks take forever (at least a couple of wks) before the redness goes away no matter wht i put on it.
    thinking of trying of this method.

    did anyone of forum mention what kind of scotch tapes work best, e.g. more gentle on the face or less residue? can we just use any scotch tape?

  3. prettybeautiful says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm serious it works with scotch tape? hmm maybe we can use the 3M acne patch? it is sticky too anyway.

  4. VeiraLing says:

    cool, nothing to lose. shall try it on the guy’s stubborn acne scars and see what happens after that ?

  5. pf1123 says:

    I use a combination of 3M Nexcare acne patch to suck out the nasties, blemish gel to dry up the skin and peeling gel…those type that needs to rub with hands one to get rid of the top layer.

    Actually after the acne patch, the marks are not as bad. So, nothing much to get rid of.

    The scotch tape thing…hmmm…sounds like the Kose White (or Black) mask. hahaha…

  6. Justina says:

    This is the most insane method i have ever heard of but no harm trying since i am desperate to get rid of my stubborn acne marks!

    Girls, review if you have tried.

  7. ayn says:

    it may sounds weird but i gotta try it… at least it won’t kill me… hahaha!

  8. sesame says:

    The 3M acne patch is more expensive though…

  9. sesame says:

    Hopefully, it’ll work to some extent.

  10. sesame says:

    It’s not as strong as the Kose White mask though in terms of peeling power.

  11. sesame says:

    Haha…sounds a little crazy I agree but going by the comments in the acne board, no harm giving it a try.

  12. sesame says:

    It doesn’t hurt the skin either since the tape isn’t very strong in terms of peeling power.

  13. sesame says:

    It seems like the normal scotch tapes. They mentioned those used for taping presents.

  14. sesame says:

    I doubt it’ll draw blood haha…anyway there’s no need to leave the tape on, just use it to tape and peel. Well, I reckon not everyone will be comfortable with this unsophisticated idea. ?

  15. Kaith says:

    Whoa! As long as it doesn’t irritate the skin, it’s worth the try. LOL. Let me try that later with the marks I have on my chin.

  16. Suz says:

    I will take a pass and be a good girl…I’ve tried so many things…now I am too afraid..and will just keep using my acne…:D…hope it works for all of you…

  17. Jyoan says:

    powerful! Trust her to think of this method.

    I am not too sure. Not thinking of trying… LOL. Sounds a little scary right now.

  18. sesame says:

    Hope it’ll work somewhat!

  19. sesame says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean.

  20. sesame says:

    I think she got the tip from others who tried it. Seriously don’t know how this came about. It’s funny but it seems to work for those who tried.

  21. crystal says:

    I’m acne sufferer for more than a decade now!! EEp* and have tried a lot of stuff, homemade/diy/dermatologist/etc.

    I’ve heard about this and tried this before, but found it too irritating cause it seems to make it redder (immediately after). I think it’s the concept of “exfoliating.” For those who are severe shouldn’t try this, nor should sensitive skin w/acne!

    : )

  22. Dee says:

    Sounds unbelievable using a piece of tpe to fade acne marks. but it is inexpensive that its worht a try. I’ve had this acne mark for about 3 years and though its faded, its still somewhat visible. Thanks for this post!

  23. sesame says:

    I see…probably not a good idea to use if the marks are still raw and red then.

    Yes, I think it’s like exfoliating or more like peeling…

  24. sesame says:

    Not too sure if it’ll work any miracles on older scars but no harm trying as the tape shouldn’t irritate your skin (unless the glue is too strong).

  25. singla says:

    stick this ‘chemical-ful’ object on my skin? and the thought the pain of peeling.. i do not think I will want to try out. “Ouch”

  26. Jyoan says:

    Actually I think this is something that is the last resort kind. I might just do it if I have done really everything, and nothing works. =)

  27. Angel says:

    Omg, I will try this! haha, even if it sounds weird, if it works, I’ll do anything!

  28. sesame says:

    Haha…it’s not painful to peel off but I don’t like the stuff left too. So I wash it off.

  29. sesame says:

    Your skin looks good…no acne scars to me so I don’t think you need to resort to this.

  30. sesame says:

    Haha…I hope it’ll work somewhat.

  31. A Burn, A Shiver says:

    I feel important. ?
    I meant to mention that I just wash my face like normal, and I gently pat my face with a towel. I make sure there’s some moisture left though, and I apply regular Scotch tape on my face and slowly peel off.
    I’ve been doing this for about two weeks now, and my face looks great! ? Not to mention the fact that my skin is so much softer and my makeup goes on smoother.

  32. A Burn, A Shiver says:

    Oops, and I forgot to mention this, but I used to use “bonance” as my username and I mentioned I knew Dr. Gil Yosipovitch in one of your posts. Yeah, he’s the one who told me about this method. I was complaining on the phone with his daughter about my acne marks, and I guess he heard me. ? Anyhow, he gave me some tips, and it works! Life is gooooood.

  33. sesame says:

    Oh you do it slowly? I did it very quickly. Tape and peel…

    But I really want to thank you for sharing this. I find it very interesting (and so cheap) and I believe it’ll work, but maybe not for everyone.

  34. sesame says:

    Oh okay, I remember now cos I recall your profile pic. ?

  35. Iddy says:

    Ok, well, I tried this. This is just a word of advice to those of you trying it. I used it on a spot that was breaking out. I guess it irritated it which caused more dry skin. As days went on, the spot kept getting worse. Me, being an obsessive fool, kept using the tape on it. Now, I have what feels like a chemical burn on my skin and the peeling looks awful. I wash after and moisturize, but I look like hell and am too embarrassed to go out. Just be careful and DON’T OVER DO IT!!!

  36. sesame says:

    Ah I see…yes, I find it better to use on spots that have dried up and not new ones.

  37. WHATEVA says:

    This sounds ridiculussss its d most insane thing ave eva erd!!! u wana gt rid of ur stuborn mark clear ur system by etin ealthy diet ? dun pt ur self fru ds miseryyyy its made for paper NOT ur face….

  38. sesame says:

    Yeah, it does sound insane doesn’t it? ? It’s more to get rid of the scar marks and it has worked for a reader.

  39. SANDRA MARIE says:

    Just to go back to this post from a while ago…. I have been using tape for years, but not on scars. If I have a bad zit I use a small piece of scotch tape on it and leave it over night and peel off in the morning, you’ll be in shock at everything it can draw out. Gross but it works ?

  40. sesame says:

    It actually draws out the pus too? Wow, that’s new to me!

  41. SANDRA MARIE says:

    It pulls out more to ones that have already been popped (which i only do with the special tool… no squeezing!)

  42. sesame says:

    Woah, works like Nexcare then? It’s an acne patch that is made by 3M. I’ve got an entry about it here:

  43. Lacy E says:

    Egg whites. I dont know if you have tried it. But egg whites on a new pimple over night…drys it up soo fast it is my miracle cure for white heads. and to make it feel better after its dry I use witch hazel and bio oil.

  44. Sesame says:

    I have read but haven’t tried it just to treat pimples. Sounds interesting.

  45. melanie says:

    i know it sounds crazy but it really works….not just for scars but for removing the dead skin that causes acne in the first place. i still get acne in my 20’s and i find it really helpful. every couple of days i use tape to remove dead skin until the tape comes off relatively clean then i know it’s good to go. skin feels better after. its like the lazer peals just really ghetto lol

  46. Sesame says:

    Haha…glad it’s working well for you!

  47. Tg says:

    I am so glad for those of u who works actually more like jealous. I have read all the comments and I have question.
    do u think this will work for the dark spots that acne leaves? I have dark spots on my face coused by acne and i have them more for than 3 years do u think this scotch tape thing will work for me too. Please advise…

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