Zip off unwanted hair with Parissa wax strips

Last weekend, I finally got down to waxing my underarms with these wax strips sent to me for review by Parissa. I was a little hesitant since it’s my first time trying and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Anyway, I was more worried about the pain than anything else. But surprisingly, it wasn’t painful and what I had initially thought was messy, turned out okay once I got the hang of it. The only problem I had was, my armpit hair were rather strong and resistant due to the constant shaving!

Available in 3 assorted sizes
This Parissa wax strips come in three assorted sizes for the underam, bikini and face. I used the big and medium sized ones and they worked pretty well to serve my purpose. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure what to do and it took me a good five minutes to figure out how to actually used the strips properly. Once I passed that threshold, the rest was easy.

Anyway, because I was shaving my hair, I had to let them grow out to about half a cm before I could use these wax strips. All I had to do was to warm the double strip by rubbing them between my hands, separate into two strips and press on the area in direction of hair growth. Then I just zipped off quickly, keeping the strip as parallel to the skin as possible.

Do not apply strip on same area once
As indicated, the hair of previously shaved armpits tend to be strong and resistance and so I had to zip on the same area a few times before the hair were completely removed. That wasn’t advisable as under normal circumstances, I should not apply strip on the same area more than once to prevent the skin from turning too pink and spotty. Lucky thing was, no damage was done!

Wash wax with cleansing oil
I didn’t plan to show you any before and after picture but I will say that the results were satisfactory. Although I didn’t managed to get rid of 100% of the hair there, I managed close enough. And washing up was relatively fuss free. I used my Muji cleansing oil to clean up the wax and proceed to wash with soap before applying the Parissa Azulene Oil to prevent ingrown hair and boost skin cell regeneration.

I won’t say my skin is truly smooth and soft but after four days, I’m still hair free. Apparently, regrowth can range from between two and six weeks depending on the individual. So meantime, I’ll just wait and see.

Each box of Parissa wax strip kit cost US$12 and contains 24 Wax Strips (12 double-sided), 1 vial azulene oil hair inhibitor and easy to follow instructions. The ingredients are fairly natural and I didn’t experience any irritation. There were also no unpleasant smell either so that’s a plus for sure! If you’re into DIY wax strips, I’ll recommend trying these.  I haven’t seen these in Singapore but you can purchase them via sprees on


  1. prettybeautiful says:

    bravo! honestly i still have not got the guts to try any waxing strips, not even for legs ?

  2. sesame says:

    No? I used to think it was difficult or painful but it isn’t so bad. I can understand why some say it’s addictive!

  3. Yiting says:

    The body shop used to have sugaring , which was my virgin experience to waxing although the medium is slightly different. Sugaring then was much more messy as it was a tub that had to be melted and then use cotton strips. I believe they have new ways of sugaring now, remember seeing the roll on applicator and pre sugared strips.

  4. AtelierGal says:

    its great that 1 pack caters for your face, underarms & bikini areas. If I can ‘tahan’ the pain when removing the pore strip from my nose, I think I’m mentally prepared to try waxing… What worries me is the hair growth afterwards

  5. sesame says:

    Actually the pain from removing the pore strip from the nose is sometimes more painful…I remember tearing from that before!

  6. sesame says:

    Never took noticed of sugaring although I have heard of it. This wax strips are less messy…at first I was wondering how to clear away the wax with soap. Good thing my cleansing oil can do the job.

  7. yay says:

    i used wax strip before sally hansen(spelling?) i’m not sure because my hair is not long enough but i don’t see any hair come out @ all…i still got some @ home…

  8. sesame says:

    Hair should be around 1/2cm long and you need to pull in the right direction. I had to try a few times before getting it right.

  9. crazymommy says:

    Never tried before, but will be keen if the regrowth range is really 2 weeks or more. Keep us updated ok!

  10. sesame says:

    Okay…so far so good after 5 days.

  11. mspolar says:

    I’d like to share a very economical and even green way of hair removal. Pardon me, but I am quite skeptical about DIY wax strips as I feel the result can never be quite close to conventional waxing. I picked up this “trick” from a salon, as i used to pay $28 for a waxing session. In fact, the steps are really easy as what they did were merely heating up the wax (easily avaliable from any salon supplies store) by dipping the bottle into hot water and use a cotton cloth strip (any new or recyled 100% cotton cloth).
    Spread the melted wax on the area with an ice cream stick, place the cloth strip and leave it for a few seconds before stripping it off in an opposite direction of your hair growth and voila… you can easily pluck off any remaining fine hair if you do not wish to repeat the stripping. And finally, remove the wax with olive or any skin beneficial oil and shower off. To me, it’s been a breeze when it comes to hair removal and I’ve never look back since…

  12. sesame says:

    Sounds really good. I would like to try this when I have time maybe…but not sure if it’s that easy to get wax here as I haven’t checked it out. At the moment, I’m happy with the DIY wax strips cos it’s easy and doesn’t require any preparation.

  13. Adison says:

    just curious it could be used on face too ?

  14. sesame says:

    Yes, the small sized ones are meant to be used for the eyebrow area and also around the mouth. But I didn’t try so can’t comment specifically.

  15. amanda says:

    any idea where can i get cleansing oil in singapore to remove the excess wax after use?

  16. sesame says:

    You can get the cheap one – Muji cleansing oil – at Muji store located at Marina Square or Paragon. They have a small bottle costing less than S$6 and I find it works to remove wax pretty well.

  17. Amanda says:

    Thanks alot! (:

  18. yonghui says:

    hey, i am considering buying the Parissa Epilatory Wax Strips for Face & Bikini online, and i was looking for reviews and came across yours! from singapore too so thats a bonus!

    anyway i wanted to ask – i’m a first timer so will this product be difficult to use? also are you supposed to wash the area first before using? i read a review that the instructions were not to wash, and i’m wondering if it’ll have any adverse effects.


  19. sesame says:

    I didn’t wash the area and just apply and strip…no adverse effects. I took awhile to do it correctly the first time…not too difficult. But you still need to tweeze off the small ones.

  20. yonghui says:

    okay, thanks a lot ?

  21. hello says:

    do you wash the azulene oil right away or do you wait for a couple minutes. if so, how long do you leave it? thank youu

  22. sesame says:

    Just rub and wash off for me…

  23. rantika says:

    where i can get this?

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