Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Day Serum

I received this complimentary bottle of Anti-Aging Day Serum, SPF20 from Marie Veronique Organics a few weeks ago for review. Called Sun Serum in the past, this is a new formulation and comes in light tint, medium tint and no tint. The one I received is the light tint version. This is a product described as providing defence against premature aging with a unique combination of natural humectants, emollients, anti-oxidants, and sunscreen. It contains powerful anti-oxidants such as coffee fruit extract and Calaguala fern. Because this is a serum, I understand that it can be used in conjunction with the Marie Veronique Moisturizing Face Screen.

The Anti-Aging Day Serum cost US$60 and like all other Marie Veronique Organics products, this serum does not contain harmful chemicals, nanoparticles, parabens, fillers, waxes, or fragrances. And if you review the ingredient list, the formulation contains many beneficial skin ingredients.

Full ingredient list

Active ingredient: zinc oxide, 18%
Ingredients: Camellia sinensis (green & white tea), zinc oxide, emu oil, Rubus idaeus (red raspberry seed oil), Calodendrum Capense (yangu oil), Prunus avium (cherry kernel seed oil), Brassica oleracea (broccoli seed oil), Punica granatum (pomegranate seed oil), Polypodium leucotomos (Calaguala fern extract), vegetable glycerin, potassium sorbate, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Coffea arabica (coffee fruit extract), Cosmocil CQ*, lecithin, pearl powder, silk powder, Avena satire (beta glucan), n-acetyl glucosamine, Lonicera japonica (honeysuckle) Rosemary oleoresin, xantham gum, Helichrysum italicum (helicrysum essential oil), Cistus incanus (cistus) essential oil

The reason for the variation of Zinc Oxide listed on the bottle and on the list is because 16.6% is by weight, whereas 18% is by volume. Personally, I love the high concentration of red raspberry seed oil, which protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays while repairing cellular degeneration. Along with the coffee fruit extract, the other oils such as Yangu and Cherry Kernel Seed Oil also provide inherent ultra violet protection and antioxidant benefits.

Smell, texture and application
The Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Day Serum has a very strong scent, which I believe comes mainly from the red raspberry seed oil and yangu oil (yes, much stronger than the Moisturizing Face Screen). In terms of texture, this serum is lighter and not as thick as the Moisturizing Face Screen. Since this bottle I received is of a light tint shade, it does not leave a whitecast as you can see in the picture below. However, this serum is rather drying and not moisturizing on my combination skin. It does not work too well with my favorite Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Oil and the skin on my cheeks felt dry and tight after a few hours of application. I have to use a normal cream moisturizer with this serum for my skin to feel normal and comfortable. While I love the ingredients, I found this product a little confusing in my skin care routine and have two concerns that I’ve discussed below.

Concern number 1: over or under moisturizer?
This is a serum, and by logical deduction, I should use this under my moisturizer since its texture is also lighter than my moisturizer. However, because it contains quite a substantial amount of Zinc Oxide and is also tinted, I’ve been using it over my moisturizer, which is thicker in texture.

Concern number 2: layering might cause dryness
Although it is said that this serum can be used in conjunction with the Moisturizing Face Screen,  I couldn’t bring myself to do that. First of all, the Moisturizing Face Screen at SPF30 already comes with 20.6% Zinc Oxide and this serum contains another 16.6%. The combination would be too drying for my skin. The second reason is that it doesn’t make sense for me to layer my non-tinted Moisturizing Face Screen over this tinted serum. I suppose the non-tinted version would work better in this case.

Overall summary
The Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Day Serum would work better for people who live in a colder climate and want some level of sun protection when the UV index not as strong. I say this because I use this serum on days when I’m indoor mostly or when the sun isn’t as scorching. However, the UV index is very high for us throughout the year here and hence, given a limited budget, I am happy to just use my Moisturizing Face Screen daily, which comes with SPF30 and already contains many beneficial ingredients. As mentioned, I am very impressed by the ingredients of this Marie Veronique Anti-Aging Serum because many of them offer UV protection and antioxidant benefits. However, for this product to work effectively for me, I would think the Zinc Oxide needs to go. When that happens, I would be most happy to use it under my Moisturizing Face Screen.


  1. Vivi says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I’m not using the Anti Aging Day Serum, but I agree with you. I think it’s just a lighter version of Moisturizing Face Screen.

  2. sesame says:

    Hi Vivi: The texture is indeed lighter but the ingredients are actually better than MVO Moisturizing Face Screen. I would love to have this under the Face Screen without the zinc oxide. It’s be a potent combination against UV damage.

  3. Swathy says:

    I would love to try Marie Veronique. But, they are not available in India.

  4. Farah says:

    Hi, Sesame #k8SjZc9Dxk__#k8SjZc9Dxk
    This question is not concerning this post. But I want to know how the North African skin is, I mean you wrote about Asian skin… I couldn’t find any info myself. By the way North African skin is mostly olive in color, and we look Hispanic, well I look partly Asian but that’s not the point. Maybe I should look up Hispanic skin on google. Could you please help me with this, if you can?
    Thank you in advance =)

  5. AtelierGal says:

    This is probably the first time I’ve seen some good ingredients in one single product – green & white tea, emu oil, pearl powder, silk powder etc.

    The serum resembles an illuminating product, but why would a serum be tinted?

  6. sesame says:

    They ship to limited places in Asia at the moment…think it’s only Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. My friend Leon had to make special arrangements for the products shipped to her in India.

  7. sesame says:

    Hi Farah: the only info I could find was this piece by Dr Osei:

    Not sure if it applies to you but I assume that perhaps yours will be somewhere between Asian and African skin type.

  8. sesame says:

    Actually, all their products have good ingredients that are natural…that’s why I picked their Moisturizing Face Screen as my HG sunscreen and have been raving non-stop since I started using it. It doesn’t even have plant alcohol.

    As for this serum, the resason why they added tinted versions is because of the zinc oxide. The non-tinted one does leave a whitecast, so not suitable for those who have darker skin tone.

  9. Miss Vinny says:

    Hey, I hate to sound like a fickle-minded woman but here are 2 questions: the Ecobeau bb cream contains Oxybenzone and yet you wear it. Why?

    And so, it is okay to wear bb cream on top of sunscreen as long as the sunscreen is physical and not chemical. Otherwise, there may be a reaction?

    Totally split between Jason’s sunscreen and badger face stick. Then there’s the problem of Eco beau’s BB Plus cream that is a little uhh… as the entire list contains dimethicone. Then I’ve got Baviphat bb cream which i’m eyeing has got dimethicone, zinc dioxide, titanium dioxide, beeswax + chemical uv blocker and oils and so on… which would be a poor addition to badger face stick(which has beeswax and oils)… LOL. I want to control the oil from sunscreen using bb creams and not too keen on mineral makeup.

    Talk about confusing! =D Sometimes, I just want to give up sunscreen for good. ?

    One day, when I make enough, I will get MVO for sure but not now.

  10. Miss Vinny says:

    And oh… for this moisturiser, wouldn’t some people look like a ghost if they apply it below their sunscreen? Yeah the zinc definitely needs to go if it’s supposed to be worn under the sunscreen because some people with darker skins will probably start looking like a geisha with 2 layers of Zinc! And if they’re really dark or tanned, then it’d be even worse.

  11. sesame says:

    Haha…because I have no other concealers that work well for me at the moment. ?

    Okay, not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m not a 100% natural skin care adopter yet. I use natural/organic for skin care but for makeup, I struggle and still use the normal grades. BB cream is a makeup to me and in that sense, I try not to scrutinize the ingredient list so much since it sits on top of my sunscreen. Anyway, I only use this as a concealer at the moment and not every day…and the sample is running out anyway.

    All the BB creams are made with many ingredients that we do not desire and that’s why I’ve been avoiding them. I do feel guilty whenever I apply such products but just try not to think too much. *pray that I won’t need a concealer soon*

  12. sesame says:

    That’s why they offer tinted versions – both light and medium. Their zinc is even non-micronized but they’re much better than Badger or Jason’s when applied. Very slight whitecast. So I can use the non-tinted version without issues.

  13. Miss Vinny says:

    Oh well, I think my next option is Devita’s. ‘Cos seriously I’m not too keen on pouring layers of stuff on my face. Ugh!

    I wonder if it’s okay to mix coated zinc oxide with a sunscreen to improve its performance? =P Cos I recall someone’s post on this blog!

  14. Audris says:

    Devita Solar Protective 30+ is really good. I’ve been using it regularly since I got it and my dad who hates sunscreens because of the white cast and grease factor has been using it even more religiously than I have. He’s 1/2 Peranakan so very dark for a Chinese, I’m lighter than him (medium to tan) and there’s really no white cast at all. Absorbs in pretty fast and doesn’t grease too much.

  15. Miss Vinny says:

    Hi, thanks for the info. =) I wonder if this is sweatproof because I sweat a lot. If it isn’t, then I’m back to looking for yet another sunscreen.

  16. Miss Vinny says:

    Tell me about it! Just look at the Eco Beau BB Plus ingredients list or the Baviphat Magic Girls listing! Yikes…

    My worry is if the BB cream(esp. if it’s physical + chemical) will interact with the physical sunscreen… lol.

    Yeah natural or organic makeup is so expensive! I wonder why people can’t formulate a no-frills formula… lol.

  17. Marie-Veronique says:

    Hi Sesame–thank you so much for reviewing the product so carefully. You are very astute to point out that the AADS is location dependent. For where you are and for your age MFS by itself is a great choice. But as you say, for people who live in seasonal locations where they are not getting as much sun year round, AADS is the perfect choice, because they are getting anti-aging support and protection from UVA rays, which you need year round. Our philosophy is that we want to provide sunscreen protection that people will actually USE, because sun protection is so important. For a young person in a sunny climate MFS is perfect. For people who don’t need as much protection AADS is fine. For people who want anti-aging support and sun protection MFS and AADS in combination works really well. We strive to provide the choices so that everybody can find some combination that works for them with our products.
    Thanks for being a loyal supporter of our products, and I am glad MFS works so well for you!

  18. sesame says:

    Hi Marie: Actually AADS is great if I can get it to work with the Anti-Aging Oil Plus. But unlike MFS, it’s not as moisturizing so my skin still feels dry. So for now, I’ll stick to using MFS and leave AADS for times when I’m mostly indoors. But like I said, it’s got great ingredients!

  19. edrienne says:

    hey sesame, previously i remembered you mentioned about MFS and MFS Plus. I want to go and purchase the MFS Plus but I noticed that on their website, there’s only one face sunscreen. Is it the same as MFS Plus?

  20. sesame says:

    It seems they’ve changed the name slightly and removed the word “plus”. It’s this one for sure:,_SPF_30_-_No_Tint

  21. edrienne says:

    thanks! ?

  22. GADEL says:

    It’s quite funny for me to ask this though, Is it a females only product? Thanks.

  23. sesame says:

    No…men can surely use this. I know someone who purchase their Moisturizing Face Screen for her husband. But it leaves a whitecast if you don’t mind.

  24. EcoBeauty says:

    LOl, I’ve just reviewed the old one, the Anti-Aging Day Serum. I don’t think they are completely the same based on the ingredients’ list. Something interesting I noticed is that the texture seems better when I use the Anti-Aging Oil Plus underneath as compared to using just the Anti-Aging Oil. I think it could also be due to my skin being more on the dry side so I need a more potent oil to completely moisturize my skin and provide better canvas for the AADS.
    EcoBeauty last post is: Review: Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Day Serum (Everyday Sheer Coverage)

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