A love that grows gradually: EDM Flat Top Brush

I don’t know about you but when it comes to love stories, I’m not one who is sold on love at first sight.  Well, not that I don’t like love at first sight or that I don’t believe it but I think a love story that grows gradually, especially out of dislike or hatred at the beginning comes across as more heart wrenching and poignant. Like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice:

Jane Bennett: ‘My dearest sister, now be serious. I want to talk very seriously. Let me know every thing that I am to know, without delay. Will you tell me how long you have loved him?’

Elizabeth Bennett: ‘It has been coming on so gradually, that I hardly know when it began. But I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley.’

Before you start to think that this is a post about literature, I’m just being emotional about my Everday Minerals Flat Top Brush. A year back, I reviewed this brush and kind of dismissed it as an average performing brush even when everyone else was raving about it. Yeah, there was no love then. I didn’t like it much but as I started using it more and more, I realized that I’ve fallen deeply in love with this brush.  It’s the one brush I’ve actually been using on a daily basis now.

I think it didn’t work so well for me initially because I was using it with mineral foundation and the brush gave me a very sheer coverage.  I then tried this brush with compact foundation and the initial reaction was still so-so. However, over time, I started to like using this brush more and more because it really yields a more natural coverage without streaking or caking compared to my other kabuki brushes.  It also does not accentuate my pores like the others. And today, this is one brush I can’t live without now!  What a change of heart right? I don’t even know when that started but it must be at least some six months after I started using it. This must be true love then…for a love that grows gradually will be strong, steady and lasting. HA!  I am now even considering purchasing a second one because I can’t use this whenever I take it for a wash.

So my dear VivaBellas, do you believe in love at first sight or a gradual kind of love? And do you also have a beauty product that you’ve grown to love very much over time?


  1. flym says:

    My ecotools brushes – love at first use and still loving it.

  2. rinaz says:

    I love this brush too! Mainly because its faster to apply foundation with this because of its flat shape

  3. Raelynn says:

    being a little more far-sighted thinking that i’m going to stick to mineral foundation for life, i bought 2! hahahaha. i too like to use the flat top with compact foundations and pressed powders. but i tend to gentle sweep the face with either the itahake brush or long handled brush just to make sure everything’s evened out. i think the itahake has it’s potential and merits but i cant exactly pin point it yet, despite finding myself reach for it more regularly now.

  4. Audris says:

    I only have mineral makeup now, except for eyeliners and mascaras ? The 3 EDM Flat Tops I purchased 2+ years ago are still functioning very well. Good value buy indeed.

    Contrary to your experience, I actually find these flat tops giving me a heavier coverage. Kabukis and duo fibre stippling brushes on the other hand help me with a lighter coverage. Might have to do with the amount of loose mineral foundation I pick up, I guess.

    For skincare, they’re most gradual love experiences ? since time is required for the effects to be seen.

    For makeup and makeup accessories, more of a love at “first use/sight” for me.

  5. Di says:

    definitely believe in love at first sight! Love my Suesh brushes…i love the stippling brush the best & the mini kabuki brush ?

  6. sesame says:

    I haven’t got down to trying Ecotools. Only have one of them.

  7. sesame says:

    I hadn’t realized but yeah, it’s faster to apply.

  8. sesame says:

    I use the itahake brush to apply my blush now. It works well for me that way. Haven’t gone back to using it for foundation powder.

  9. sesame says:

    It’s really interesting that everyone gets different mileage with the same product. Kabuki gives me a heavier coverage but it also accentuates my pores more. I think the Flat Top evens out the powder better.

  10. sesame says:

    Haha…you’re the passionate sort then? ?

  11. Grace says:

    Hi Sesame,

    thanks for your post.

    may i know where did you buy this brush for S$10?

    more importantly, may i know what mineral foundation powder are you using and in what colour tone? i am still trying to find one that matches my skin tone and doesn’t give me that powdery look. thus, have stuck to liquid foundation.

    thanks for your tips.

  12. sesame says:

    I got it direct from Everyday Minerals when they had a sale. And I was using LA Splash. You can see my review here:

    I think they’re now selling the product at some Guardian stores.

  13. Dia says:

    definitely ?
    I get very giddy just by buying skin care stuff! My friends always liken me to a kid with a new toy…:)

  14. sesame says:

    It’s a good thing IMO. ? Cos it’s definitely something that brings you joy.

  15. va says:

    You are very inspirational to me and others in the fact you are sharing the beauty of natural cosmetics and skincare . Thank you for sharing your views !

  16. sesame says:

    You’re welcome! I hope you’ll find natural cosmetics and skincare to work for you too. ?

  17. va says:

    Hi Sesame ,

    I have found some companies such as 100 Percent Pure , Peacekeeper Causemetics , Nvey , etc .

    Unfortunately at this time I can’t buy any of those natural brands unless I purchase online . Since I am in India , they don’t have any natural makeup brands here which is very frustrating to find .

    There are natural soaps available at the malls but not at common shops ane the companies which are partially naturally are Biotique , Ayur , Hesh , etc.

    Thanks Sesame !

  18. sesame says:

    Yes, I understand natural products are not available in India. I have a friend in India who buys mostly online and she mentioned that she orders some of her products from Lovelula (click to the website) as it has reasonable shipping costs to India.

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